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She was going to fucking kill me.

Everything she was doing was making me horny and I was starting to think I was a teenager again. How can someone be so fucking sexy?

I bit into my bottom lip as she chewed on the end of her pen, staring at her notes in front of her. But when she ran her hand through her hair, that was it for me. Blair knew what that did to me and it was almost as bad as her biting into her bottom lip. The worst thing was, she had no idea she was doing it.

I shifted in my seat as she muttered to herself and I had to distract myself. She was working and I couldn’t jump her bones.

“Max,” She said and I looked at her, “Can you do me a favour?”

“Yes. Anything,”

“The cupboard over there has a pot with mercury in it. Can you pass it to me please?”

“Where did you get this?” I asked, heading over to the cupboard.

“I have my contacts,” She said, “I also need some Batrachotoxin and Ethylene Glycol,”

“Ok,” I said, “Before I touch this shit, what the hell is it?”

“Batrachotoxin is a toxin that is found on certain frogs in South America and is one of the most potent toxins to man. A fully grown man could be killed by a dose no bigger than a few grains of salt. The neurotoxin causes paralysis and eventually death," She said with a straight face and I felt sick, "The Ethylene Glycol is also known as anti-freeze. If digested, the enzymes in the product target cells and kills them. The kidneys and nervous system are affected by this and-"

"Ok, I really don't want to know anymore,"

Blair chuckled, "Sorry. I probably put you off your food,"

"Almost," I muttered and carefully handed the vials over, "Can I ask what you are going to do with them?"

"Of course," She said, "I am going to mix them together with a few other ingredients. I am then going to test it on the demon I have sitting in the cell a few doors down. If it kills him then I have the measurements wrong,"

"And if it doesn't kill him?"

"Then it is good to go," Blair then sighed, "But I won't know if it works until Salem gets it into his system,"

"Do you know what Xander's plan is?"

"Yes," She nodded, "I have to inject Crystal with the serum and he will drive her out of town. Salem will track her down and when he realises that she is dying he is going to bite her and try to change her. We hope anyway. Once he drinks her blood, he will ingest the serum. It is much more potent for vampires, especially ones that are of royal blood,"

I nodded, "Are you not scared?"

"I'm shitting bricks," She whispered, "But I have to do this. I need to protect you and your family. Emily needs my help as well,"

"What if he doesn't try to change her?"

Blair bit into her lip, "I probably shouldn't tell you how. Can I just concentrate on making this, please? I need to make sure that everything is perfect or it could go terribly wrong."

I nodded, "I'll leave you to it,"

"Um," She said quietly, "You can stay. I need the company,"

"On one condition,"

"Which is?"

I smirked, "Stop being so fucking sexy,"

"Yes!" Blair cried out and jumped into my arms, "I did it! I did perfectly!"

"Now what?" I asked, looking at her.

"We wait a few hours to see the adverse effects on the demon and then we tell Xander that we are ready to roll,"

"Hmm," I said, linking my fingers behind her neck, "So we have some free time?"

"Yes," She said, "We still need to clean up, lock away the chemicals and-"

"Oh god," I said dropping my hands, "Whatever. Get your ass back into the room and get tidying,"

Blair rushed off and I watched her ass as she walked away from me. I heard a laugh from behind me and I turned to look at the siren bitch staring at me through the gap in her cell door.

"Why the fuck are you laughing?"

She grinned widely, "She doesn't want you. Can you not tell?"

"Fuck off," I scoffed, "Worry about yourself, bitch."

She laughed louder and shook her head, "Her heart was taken by her ex-boyfriend. She doesn't love you. She thinks you're pathetic and is in love with someone else. Why would she love someone like you? One who fucks others for fun. What about Honey? Do you think Blair wants a fucking prick like you? She is only using you. A little boredom is-"

I punched the door making her scream slightly and I reached through the bars, slamming her face hard against the bars. She screamed out in pain and dropped to the floor. She clutched her face as blood poured from the nose I just broke.

"You bastard!" She screeched, "I'll fucking kill you! I'll fucking tear the flesh from your bones!"

"If you ever talk to me again, my face will be the last one you ever see," I snarled, "You're lucky we need you, or I'd fucking stab you in the eye with the serum. Do you fucking understand, you worthless piece of trash?"

"I'll kill you!" She cried, "You won't get to do anything to me! I am going to fucking kill you,"

"Blah, blah, blah," I scoffed, "Bad-mouth her again. I fucking dare you,"


I turned to see Blair standing there, "She fucking-"

"I know," She said walking towards me, "She is only trying to get under your skin and she seems to have done that,"


"Is a crazy bitch who is going to die. She is going to do everything she can to prevent that," Blair said, "Crystal, come here. Let me heal your nose,"

"You can't do that!" I exclaimed and she looked at me and my anger vanished from my body, "You're right. I'm sorry. Heal her nose."

Crystal staggered to the door and glared at me, "Do you see? She has no interest in you."

Blair shook her head and reached through the bars. Before Crystal could do anything, she screamed out in pain as Blair stabbed her in the neck with a needle.

"This may hurt for a little while," Blair said as Crystal began screaming in pain, "But your nose will heal but I can't say much for your nervous system or organs. Don't worry. I won't inject you with anything else if you behave. Max, come on. I need your help to clear up,"

"Damn," I whispered, following her to her office, "You are one motherfucking sexy vampire."

Blair looked over her shoulder and smirked, "I try,"

"God damn, take your clothes off, right now," I said, locking the door behind me, "Don't give me that look. Get naked. Right now,"

Blair giggled and dropped her lab coat onto the floor, "Only if you get naked with me,"

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