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Callum was sitting opposite me with his tongue sticking out as he concentrated on the task he was given. Of course, if I had done it, it would have taken much quicker but Callum had been spending over an hour on it and I could tell his brothers were getting annoyed with him.

I found it cute with how long it was taking him and I was patient compared to his brothers.

"Yes!" Callum said, "Finally. This one is done, Blair."

"Thank you," I said, "But would you be able to speed up a bit? I need to get these sent off to the lab,"

"You should have asked me to do it," Dylan tutted, "He writes slowly and I'm getting irritated,"

"That is because Leila doesn't want to have sex with you and your dick has been screaming out for attention," Callum smirked at his brother, "Or am I wrong?"

"I'd kill you if you weren't needed,"

I sighed, "If you are that bothered, why don't you just help?"

"I can't concentrate," Dylan said, "I was told to make sure you were ok anyway."

I frowned, "By who? Max?"

"No. Theo," Dylan shrugged, "I don't know why. He had a mild panic attack saying that you needed to be looked after and since Max is out, I'm the best person. Why don't you ask him why he is panicking about you?"

"I will," I said standing up and I grabbed my phone.

"Don't go too far," Dylan said, "Ok, Callum. I'm fed up with your slow pace. Give me a pen and those labels. I'll help you out,"

I left them in the office and walked down the corridor to get a better signal on my phone. Theo didn't take long to answer and he sounded out of breath when he answered.

"Have I interrupted you?"

"No, I'm at the gym. Are you ok? Has something happened?"

"Ok, what is going on?" I asked, "First Xander told me to be careful and now you. What is going on?"

I heard Theo sigh, "Blair, there has been an increase of bodies showing up at morgues and randomly tossed aside on the streets. Emily is with Kris because he is worried that my father will target her next but I don't believe he will. To be honest, I don't think he has any interest in her or our baby right now. I think, well, my brothers and I think you are his next target,"

"What makes you think that? I've not done anything wrong and I'm not exactly of any importance!"

"You have Crystal locked up in the basement and have drugged her. Ok, so we were the ones to keep her locked up and asked you to keep her drugged," Theo said, "My brothers are going to kill me if they find out I told you this but I don't want to lie to you,"

"You are scaring me, Theo,"

"You should be scared. One of the bodies we found recently was...well she looked like you,"


"She wasn't the only one that had a resemblance to you. The same height, build and they were nurses. Max is starting to worry about you even more because the next body might be yours," Theo said and I clutched the necklace Max gave to me, feeling my heart race in my chest, "This stays between you and me, ok? The body we went to recently was stripped naked and had your name engraved into her skin,"

"What?" I whispered feeling sick.

"I haven't told anyone because I don't want my brothers to try and hunt our father down before we have a plan sorted. Blair, I'm worried that he is seeking revenge on you because you are the only one that can kill him,"

"I don't understand. I'm just a nurse!"

"Maybe so but Leila couldn't kill him. Willow couldn't but you? You are more than just a nurse. My father isn't afraid of anyone but he is on the run. From you. He is scared and he is biding his time trying to think about what he can do to draw you out,"

I swallowed the painful lump in my throat and my eyes stung with tears, "Theo, I'm just a nurse. I'm not scary in any way. I just want to protect Emily and make sure that baby is born healthy and strong,"

"Look, I can't do much over the phone can I? Callum is good at cheering people up. He's too happy and that is terrifying. I'm training with Aaron and Leo, but I know Callum will help you out,"

"Are you certain their bodies had my name engraved on them?"

"Her skin was barely on show anymore. Your name covered her whole body with the word death under her belly button. I know he is after you,"

"I'm scared," I whispered and I quickly hung up, as I felt my head begin to spin. I caught myself on the wall and there was a painful throb behind my eyes making them feel as if they were going to explode.

It felt as if my body had been set on fire and I stumbled forward, landing on my hands and knees. I parted my lips to call for help but nothing came out.

What the hell was happening?

My eyes were blurry and shook in their sockets and I collapsed onto the floor, breathing heavily. I tried to lift my arm but they were numb and I couldn't feel my body. Fear shook through me but there was nothing I could do if my body was numb.

I just had to accept my fate.

A door opened beside me and I hear Callum curse. He dropped beside me and yanked his hand back away from me, complaining I was burning hot.

I looked up at his blurry face and Dylan was next to him talking to me, but I couldn't hear him. From the corner of my eye, I saw movement and I felt sick when I realised I couldn't warn them that someone else was here with us.

Before my vision went black, I saw the pearly white fangs of Salem Stone.

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