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I bit into my lip holding back my moan and quickly covered the girl’s mouth as she shook beneath me. I wasn’t sure how many times we had sex, but it helped me release a lot of tension.

My body fell to the side of her and I caught my breath. She stretched her arms above her head and smiled at me. I gave her a forced side smile and stared at the ceiling.

“So what’s wrong?” She asked running her finger up and down my stomach.

“What makes you think something is wrong?” I said, yawning.

She sighed, “Whatever. If you don’t want to talk to me about it then fine. Just lock the door on your way out,”

“What if I don’t want to talk about it?”

“You wouldn’t have called if you didn’t want to talk. I am not an idiot, Max,”

I shook my head and climbed out of bed, looking around the room for my clothes.

“There is no point in looking for your boxers. They were ripped off and I’m out of spares,” She said turning her back on me.

“Honey, don’t make me feel guilty,” I said yanking my jeans on, “Ugh, I don’t know how people go commando,”



“Do you love me?”

I hesitated as I pulled my shirt on, “You know I love you, Honey. What makes you think I don’t?”

“No reason,” She said. I walked over to her and lifted her face up with my finger, “I love you,”

“I know,” I smiled and kissed her gently, “Don’t talk to strange men,”

“I talk to you, don’t I?”

“Honey, I’m being serious,” I said, “There are more demons hanging around,”

“They aren’t after me,” She said, “I’m not a vampire,”

I shrugged, “That doesn’t mean shit right now. I’ll talk to you soon,”

The front door closed behind me and I locked it, then walked over to my car. I sat behind my wheel and ran my hand through my hair. The guilt running through my body was almost unbearable but I didn’t let it take over.

Honey knew I didn’t love her the way she wanted me to. I did love her but my heart was taken away from me when Bair left. I had wanted to run after her but father made sure that didn’t happen. It took me a few years to turn those emotions off and know that Blair would never walk back into my life.

I started my car and sped away from the house, finally heading home.

Blair had stolen my heart and I was the one who broke our hearts. I should have run away from home as soon as I had control over my vampire tendencies but no. I was too scared of my father and stayed. I should have known better.

It was difficult having her at the mansion for the last 4 months but she was Emily's midwife. She had always spoken about becoming a midwife and I was proud of her for getting through university.

Blair was smart, sweet and beautiful. Seeing her again made me remember the love I had for her when I was 16. Our first kiss using tongues and having sex for the first time. Blair had really blossomed and she was gorgeous. She still had the sexy curvy body and her boobs were just...yeah. More than a fucking handful.

I shot around the corner and up the road towards the mansion. It probably wasn’t good to be thinking about getting my hands on her body and I was sure that it was as perfect as it was in my memory.

When I spotted her car I groaned in frustration.

“Again?” I muttered and slammed on the breaks. I slammed my door shut and walked into the house, blocking out her smell so I didn’t get a boner. I was getting bored with sorting myself out with my hand and I knew Honey wasn’t ready for more rounds.

“Hello, Max,”

“Hello, Emily,” I said lifting my eyebrow at her, “Are you trying to look like an evil villain?”

Emily smiled and tossed her teddy away from the chair she spun around on, “We haven’t seen you for a few days and we were getting worried,”

“I was with a friend. I needed a break from all this...madness,”

“You haven’t heard the good news then,”

“Are you moving out?” I grinned at her and she rolled her eyes at me. I sniffed the air and looked at her, “Where are the others? Are you here alone?!”

“No. My midwife is here. She is running some checks on my blood. She said that there were some abnormalities from my last test,”


“Anyway, let me show you the good news!”

I let Emily take my hand and drag me upstairs to her room. She pushed the door open and swung her arm around.

“Right,” I said, “What’s different? Holy crap. Theo still has those boxers?”

“What? Oh. He won’t for much longer. I’m getting rid of them,” Emily said.

“They have holes in them. He should have thrown them away ages ago,”

“They are his lucky boxers. I call them the lucky boxers that haven’t strangled him in his sleep,”


“Shh,” She said, “Look! Your brothers made access to the spare room next to us so when the baby arrives we will have a room for it!”

“That’s good news?” I teased.

“Huh. I did want you to be the godfather but now you can stick that in your pipe and smoke it,”

“You want me to be the baby’s godfather?” I asked, in surprise.

“Of course,” She said swinging our hands back and forth, “Theo and I spoke about it. Jack, you and Willow will be baby’s godparents,”

“Wow. Thank you,” I said quietly, “I thought you would have picked Xander. You two are closer,”

“We wanted you,” She grinned, “Anyway, I’ll let you shower and I need to head to the basement to see Blair,”

“I’ll shower later. I can go with you,”

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