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She was always on my mind.

There was no one else that could take her place and no matter how many women I fucked, I couldn't forget about her. It had been four years since my father forced me to leave her and I couldn't find her.

I didn't know where she went.

I didn't know if she was well or if she had found another male.

It wouldn't have been a surprise if she did anyway. Blair was a beautiful female who stood out in the crowd. I was always proud of her because she was mine. My girl. My strong, stubborn beautiful girl.

But she was no longer mine, thanks to my father.

He never did support my brothers and me when we got a girlfriend. Even when Theo was a 7-year-old kid, he never was a fan of Emily. Of course, he protected her from her abusive mother but that soon changed when he had a taste of her blood.

I let out a sigh and ran my hands through my hair, taking a large gulp of my drink. It burnt all the way down to my stomach and I heard a chuckle from beside me. I glanced at the female sitting at the bar next to me.

"Bad day?"

I scoffed and took another drink, "Try years."

"I'm Honey,"

I begrudgingly shook her hand, "Max,"

She smiled widely at me and moved closer, "Well, Max. What do you say to forgetting about the pain and having some fun?"

I blinked away my memories and looked around at the faces of my brothers. Callum and Dylan were still missing in action but in a way, I was happy they were with Blair. She needed protecting and Dylan was uncontrollable when he lost his temper and Callum could hold his own. Even though he was always smiling and happy-go-lucky, he was one of the best fighters out of the brothers.

Callum just hated to fight.

"Xander," I said and my brother looked at me, "Am I doing the right thing?"

"You know my opinion on her,"

"I know but I'm trying to get my family back,"

Xander exhaled heavily and looked at me, "I warned you about Honey. Just like her name, she sticks to you and will always come back no matter how many times you wash her away. There is a reason why no one touches her, demons included."

"I know," I whispered.

"Do you?" Xander narrowed his eyes, "But, I do agree with you. She is the only one who can help us get past the black magic our father is using. However, once she has done her job she is to leave and never come back. You will never speak to her again, are we clear?"

"I am," I said, "I have Blair. There is no need for me to mess around with her anymore,"

"Hmm," Xander said, "I'm sure she doesn't feel that way, Max. She has become quite infatuated with you and once she has had a taste, there is no getting rid of her."

"Why do you know so much about her?" Aaron asked and Xander lost all expression from his face, "I've always wondered why you don't like her,"

"You have to trust me," Xander said standing up, "I will be in my room. I won't be around here so don't bother coming to get me. Her presence makes me sick,"

When Xander left, Aaron looked at me, "It has to be something bad for him to leave. Did you get anything?"

"I've told you that I can't read him," Willow said, "There is nothing there to be read. It's very eery,"

"Ugh," Leila said, "Not only does her normal scent smell funny, but I can smell her perfume from here,"

I grimaced, "Yeah, she likes her perfume,"

"If she is a siren, I'll have to kill her," Leila said, still pinching her nose.

Leo came into the room with Honey. She smiled widely when she saw me and rushed over. I jumped to my feet and grabbed her wrists to stop her from hugging me, making her frown in confusion.

"I don't understand," She said, "I thought you called me because you were feeling lonely,"

I shook my head, "No. I need your help and not in a sexual way,"

"I see," She said, her smile faltering, "What do you need?"

"Black magic," Willow said and Honey looked over at her, "There is no pretending that you don't know what that is. I have witch blood running through my veins but black magic is something I will never touch again,"

"I promised myself that I wouldn't touch it again," Honey said and looked at me, "You called me for this? To use something that goes against the Witches Code?"

"Goes against nearly all witches," Willow said, "But you are a free-witch, are you not?"

Honey clenched her fists and glared at Willow, "Whether or not I am a free-witch, I don't dabble with that anymore. Black magic is dangerous and-"

"I know how dangerous it is," Willow rolled her eyes, "You still need to use it to help us."

"Baby, you can't make me do-"

"Stop," I said, "Don't call me that. You know I hate it. Honey, I need you to find my brothers and someone very important to me,"

"A woman?" She whispered.

"Yes," I said, without hesitation, "The only female I could ever love,"

I saw the heartbreak in her eyes but she knew that I could never hold any feelings towards her. Deep down, she knew that I was using her and I feel bad for that but she was available.

Honey blinked away her tears and nodded, "On one condition,"

"Name it," Aaron said.

Honey lifted her eyes and stared at me, "I get to spend one more night with you. If not, then I won't help you,"

"No," Xander said and I saw Honey tense. She slowly looked over her shoulder, "You have no right to lay down conditions, Honey."

"Xander?" She whispered, "You are still-"

"You will find our brothers and his love, or you will truly regret messing with my brothers and me," Xander said and the golden hue to Honey's skin faded, "What will it be, Honey? Help us or live the rest of your life in fear? You can be smart sometimes, so you should make a very wise choice,"

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