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I had never seen Leila smile so much and even in a time like this she was smiling. It made me very uncomfortable to see her smile.

It was strange and I wasn't the only one to feel uncomfortable because Aaron was hiding behind Xander who as usual, had no care in the world.

"You are aware of the rules?" Xander said to the new guests and they nodded, "Make sure you don't break them because it won't be up to Leila what happens to you,"

"We have been warned already and we made a blood oath. If we break it, then you have every right to kill us,"

"Oh, I won't kill you," Xander said with a smile, "Introduce yourselves and we can get down to business,"

The wolf nodded, "I'm Oscar. This is Dean and Hayden. Leila said you needed help and her father sent us in his place."

"You're aware of what is going on, correct?" Xander asked and they nodded, "So you know who you are going up against?"

"We are aware of who we are after and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to bring your brothers and female home," Dean said, "Of course, Leila has explained what will happen if her mate is harmed."

"And Blair," I said, and they looked at me, "If anything happens to her then more bodies will join my father,"

"Ah, you must be Max," Hayden said, looking me up and down and he scoffed.

"What the fuck was that?" I snapped.

"Hayden," Leila said and Hayden lowered his head, "Has that bitch found anything yet?"

"Which bitch are you talking about?" Willow said, "Me or the other bitch?"

"The other one?"

"I'm about to find out," I said, "Xander, she is taking her time on purpose."

"I know. Which is why I will talk to her. Max, you can come with me and tell her that after this is over, you will never see her again,"

"I wasn't going to see her again anyway," I muttered.

Honey was sitting in the chair Blair normally sat in and my eyes drifted to Blair's white lab coat hanging on the wall. My heart began to hurt and I had to calm myself down before I ran out of the room in search of her.

"Are you here to tell me to hurry up?" Honey said bitterly.

"Yes," Xander said, "Don't forget that you aren't welcome here,"

"How could I forget?" Honey asked, "You keep reminding me every time you fucking see me."

"Honey," I said, "Please. We need you to hurry up because-"

"I get it. You want the new bitch back," She said, glaring at me and I grit my teeth, "What is so special about her that you have to forget about me?"

"Everything," I said without hesitating, "She is better than you in every way and I fucking love her,"

"You told me you loved me!"

"I have never told you that I love you," I said, "Just do what we asked of you...please."

Honey shook her head and tapped the table in front of her, "I have found them. They aren't in town and I'd say it will take a few hours to get there by car. But as vampires, you can be there in seconds,"

"Address. Now," Xander said and Honey turned her back on him making him growl in anger, "I won't ask you again or shall I tell everyone the real reason why I don't want you in this house? I'm sure everyone will see you in a different light,"

Honey looked over her shoulder with tears in her eyes, "You promised you would never speak of that,"

"No, I promised someone else I'd never speak of that. As for you? You mean nothing to me and I wouldn't care if something happened to you," Xander said catching me by surprise, "So start speaking or at least write down their location,"

"Fine," Honey whispered and quickly wrote something down, "As you will be gone within the next few minutes, I have something to say,"

"Your words mean nothing to me," Xander said taking the paper from her, "Honey, I never want to see or hear from you again. If I find out that you have tried to get in contact with Max again...well I think you know what will happen,"

Honey nodded and Xander walked out of the room.

"Um, what happened between you two?" I asked and Honey looked up at me, "Come on. You can't tell me it is nothing,"

Honey shook her head, "I'd rather not talk about it but we used to be close when we were younger,"

"Oh great," I said, "I fucked someone my brother fucked. Whatever. I'm don't care. You can leave now and Honey?"


"Look after yourself," I said and I left the room as she burst into tears.

"Don't fall for those," Xander said as I reached the top of the stairs and I frowned at him, "You have to trust me on this and don't question me. She isn't safe to be around."

"But why?"

"Why should it matter? You have Blair to think about now come on. I know this address like the back of my hand and I now have to break the news to everyone," Xander said grabbing my wrist and pulling me along behind him, "I can only imagine what Dylan is going through right now and Callum is probably suffering like he used to. And Blair? I dread to think what he has done to her,"

"You're worrying me,"

As we walked into the room, Leo jumped to his feet with wide eyes and began to shake his head furiously.

"Tell me it isn't true," He said and Xander didn't say anything, "I said, tell me it isn't true!"

"I'm confused," Aaron said.

"He has taken them back to that place," Leo said, "I could read Honey's thoughts from here and I was hoping that it wasn't fucking true."

"It is. I'm sorry," Xander said.

"He...he took them back there?" I whispered.

Xander nodded, "Yes. Salem took them back to our childhood home. The home where it all started,"

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