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I didn’t need to read emotions or minds to know that Leo was uncomfortable standing in front of our childhood home and I know he wasn't the only one who felt like that.

This house was the last one we lived in before our mother disappeared and the house Emily lived next to. It held many memories and most of them weren't ones we wanted anymore. As a kid, Emily used to bring most of the happy memories for us but behind the smiles, we wore in front of her, it was pain and hope for a better life.

"He knows we are here," Leo muttered, clenching and unclenching his fists, "Can we get this over and done with? I can't be here for much longer."

"Just wait," Xander said, "The time will come,"

"Xander, please," Leo said, "I don't want to be here,"

Aaron grabbed my arm and I looked at him, "I agree. I'd rather not have to remember what he put us through when we lived here. I don't want to think about the times he beat me and left me in a bath of almost scalding water, with open wounds,"

"The door has just opened," Xander said, "That must be the bitch helping our father,"

I looked up to see a tall, brunette step out of the house and I grit my teeth as she smirked at us. Her white pant-suit was crisp and I was glad when I saw now sprays of blood and she walked forward.

"I wondered how long it would be until you found us," She said, trying to sound sexy but it made her sound like an idiot, "Who was the witch who helped you? I know that hybrid wouldn't touch black magic,"

"Hybrid?" Willow said, "Who the fuck are you calling a hybrid you ugly ass bitch? I'll show you what this hybrid can do and I'll even do it with my motherfucking eyes closed!"

The witch chuckled, "Oh, hello there Willow. How are your parents...oh wait, they died. I'd ask about your friend but didn't he get killed by a demon?"

I almost choked on the sudden drop in temperature and Willow lifted her finger to point at her.

"You are a disgrace to the Covens," Willow said coldly, "They will come for you and I will be there when they burn your flat-ass on the stake,"

The witches face dropped slightly but she shook her head, "By the time they find me, I will be long gone,"

"Dead and buried," I said and she looked up at me, "In different un-named graves. Dismembered, torn apart to be more precise,"

"You must be Max," She said "I have heard some interesting things about you,"

"And I don't care what you have heard. Where is Blair?"

She rolled her eyes, "Alive...barely. The same with the other two with her,"

There was a sudden movement and the witch was face down on the floor, pinned down by Leila in her wolf form. Leila shifted quickly and Oscar covered her body with a blanket.

"If you wish to speak again," She whispered, "You should choose your next words carefully. I am not as forgiving as everyone else and if don't like what comes out of your mouth, I will rip your tongue out, followed by tearing your jaw from your body. I will keep you alive as I tear the skin from your bones and I will leave you for the animals to feed upon,"

The witch's eyes went wide and she nodded.

"Good," Leila said yanking her head back by her hair, "Where are they and if you lie, I will make your screams of pain be heard for miles,"

"Witnesses," Aaron muttered to me, "There are humans still living on this road,"

"Don't worry about that," Willow said, "Xander asked me to put a protective shield around us. No one can hear or see us. Unless you aren't human,"

"They are alive and in the basement," The witch said, "D-Dylan is locked in a tiny room barely enough space to move and Callum is ch-chained to the wall with pure silver,"

"That bastard," Leo growled.

"And Blair?" Leila asked and the witch didn't say anything, "Your eye seems to be more fitting than your tongue,"

No one moved, probably in too much shock, to see Leila pluck the witches eye from her socket. Leila looked at the eye in her palm and crushed it, making my stomach roll. Aaron gagged beside me and quickly covered it up with a cough.

"I warned you," Leila said getting to her feet. She bent over and wiped her bloody hand on the witches pure white suit. The witch was howling in pain, covering the empty socket in her skull, blood pouring through her fingers.

"She is alive," Leo said looking at me, "We need to move. Now."

Xander nodded, "Oscar. Take the witch somewhere that no one can find her but keep her alive,"

"I'm sure I can find a place," Oscar said.

I pushed past my brothers and ran into the house remembering everything about it. If we were a normal family, the house would have been perfect. It was a good family home but with a father like ours, it was hell.

"Leila," Xander said, "Take Aaron and go to Dylan. Leo, go to Callum and take Dean with you. Max, Blair is upstairs,"

"How did-"

"It doesn't matter how I know," Xander said, "Just remember that I am the eldest and was in this house the longest."

I nodded and followed him upstairs feeling sick the further I got to our father's room. Xander put his hand on my chest and pushed the door open, stopping me from rushing in to help Blair.

"Ah, there you are," Salem said getting to his feet, "You aren't as strong as I thought. Not that it is a surprise. You are lucky to still be alive after all this time,"

I looked at Blair tied to the bed and my blood ran cold, my emotions slowly vanishing. Xander looked at me as I gently moved his hand away from me.

"If you have done anything to her," I said, "I will slaughter you,"

Salem grinned, his fangs elongating, "You don't have the courage to kill me, boy. You couldn't even remain by her side after I told you to dump this stupid bitch. You have always done as you were told and nothing will change that,"

I laughed with no emotion and I looked up at Salem, "Then you truly do not know me, father,"

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