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It is a trap.

You need to leave!

But why couldn't I scream that? Why couldn't I open my mouth and tell them that if they were to stay here any longer, that they would die?

I didn't have control over my body and I cried silently as I saw Max in the corner of my eye speaking with his father. I was numb and it felt as if that my body didn't belong to me. That I was a stranger.

"-don't know me father," Max said and I tried to scream for him but again, nothing. I could only breathe and blink...I wanted them to run. I needed them to run. My life wasn't worth all theirs. I could easily be replaced but they couldn't.

Salem laughed loudly, "Max, you seem to forget that you have my blood running through your veins. I am well aware of who you are and what you think you are capable of. I am a god compared to you,"

Move. Blair just move!


I needed to warn them somehow and I didn't know how to do it. I could barely hear what they were saying but then it hit me. They might not be able to hear me but I knew someone who could.

I closed my eyes and concentrated.

"Leo," Try harder Blair. This is a matter of life and death, "Leo!"

"I hear you. Are you ok?"

"Forget about me. You need to get everyone out of this house before it's too late,"

"What do you mean?"

"Crystal is in the garden and this place is rigged to go bang. Like explode and kill everyone inside. You don't have much longer,"


"Please...get Max out of here. Get everyone out and as far away as possible,"

"What about you? Do you think that we would come all this way just to leave you behind?"

"Leo, they have done something to me. I can't move. I can't speak. I'm an empty vessel. I don't know if I can be cured. I'm better off dead,"

"Shut the fuck up, Blair. You are going to be leaving with us. I'll send Leila to deal with Crystal,"

"Be careful. She has been injected with the serum I made. Don't let her blood make contact with your skin. It isn't safe for vampires or werewolves either,"


"Leo? Are you still there?"

"I can't speak to Max. Is he ok?"

"I don't know...there is something different about him,"

"Ah, fuck. Don't move,"

"I can't fucking move!"

"I am going to enjoy killing you," Max said and I saw him step forward, "Salem, I would wipe that smile off your face. It is has become irritating,"

"You are just as stupid as I thought," Salem laughed, "But it is too late to save her. She will die with you,"

"Max!" I heard Leo scream, "Get out of there!"

"What?" Xander said and I saw Salem step backwards towards the window.

"He is planning to escape through the window," I said to Leo.

"Let him. He won't get very far," Leo said and he rushed into the room, "Time to fucking go!"

"Not without him!" Max said.

"Forget about him. He won't get far," Leo rushed over to me, "I am not leaving you behind. How fucking dumb are you?"

"We don't have much time,"

"Listen here, I've been through a fire before and yes, it fucking hurts but you will heal," He said, undoing the knots on my wrists, "Max, help me with her. We need to get out as soon as,"

"What is going on?" Xander asked, "Why can't she speak?"

"They drugged her but she doesn't know what with," Leo said, "I don't have time to explain. Salem has set the place to explode with us inside so we need to do something to get out,"

Max pushed Leo out of the way and pulled me into his arms, expecting me to hug back, but my arms dangled at my side.

"What have they done to you?" He whispered, "I will-"

"Time to go!" Leo snapped, "Pick her up and leave!"

Max lifted me into his arms and Xander had to hold my head against Max's chest to stop it from dropping.

"We need to find a healer," Xander said, "They will know what has-"

There was a flash of burning white light, followed by an orange ball of fire shooting towards us. We were hit with the full force of the explosion and everything in its way hurtled towards us, slashing our skin.

Despite the pain, I couldn't scream in pain as we were blasted through the shattered window. The crash landing on the floor at least 80 feet from the house was just as painful. Xander and Leo screamed in agony, but Max didn't make a sound which made me feel sick and ignore the pain shooting through my body.

"F-fuck," Xander cried, "Fuck!"

"I-is everyone a-alive?" Leo croaked and I saw a bloodied hand, land beside me, "Blair?"


"Xander, Blair is alive," Leo said, and he coughed, bringing up blood, "Ugh. This is going to hurt in the morning,"

"Max?" Xander asked, rolling me onto my back and he looked at the body beside me with wide eyes, "Max?"

"Help!" Leo shouted, "Someone help!"

"Oh god. Max?"

There were sounds of shouting and footsteps approaching us.


"Max? Max, you better get the fuck up!"

"Stop playing fucking games!"

"Get Blair out of here," Xander said, struggling to breathe, "Get her the fuck out of here!"

"Leo, don't you fucking take me anywhere!" I said, "Let me look at him. Let me see him!"

"I don't think that is a good idea," Leo said and he swallowed hard before nodding, "Ok,"

Leo rolled me onto my side and if I could scream, I knew I'd pierce eardrums. My heart shattered in my chest at what I saw and there was no movement in my body even though I begged it to hold him to me.

A shattered steel beam was sticking out of Max's stomach.

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