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I wrote something in Emily's folder and closed it letting out a sigh. Since she was dhampir, it was harder to understand the science behind her blood. I wasn’t an expert so I would have to get someone else involved in reading her results. So far, everything seemed normal but as there were some abnormalities I had to call in an expert to help me care for her.

Everything was going as planned. The baby was growing nicely, the weight was spot on and Emily seemed to be coping quite well considering. She did express her concerns about being a mother, but it was common for first-time mothers to feel like that. I reassured her that she would be looked after and the baby would be healthy.

I had started to relax more whilst being here but knowing she was mated to Max's brother made me feel uncomfortable. Max had dropped me, making his brother dump me over text and I had moved as far away as I possibly could to get over my heartbreak. It took me years to ever accept a date again and now I had a boyfriend, I had to remind myself never to rekindle the love I used to have for Max when we were teenagers.

I took my glasses off and placed them on the desk. I spun around on my chair and smiled at the small office Xander had given me. Xander was always so sweet to me and I was happy that he still cared for me as a little sister. He told me that this office was my sanctuary whilst I was here and managed to find a hospital bed for when I needed to examine Emily. A desk was dragged from one of their many spare rooms, a comfortable office chair and even cabinets which they filled up with different medications and medical equipment if I was to need it.

They hadn’t changed a bit, well, if you don’t count how grown up and masculine they had become. They were still goofballs and Leo was still the moody vampire he was, even with a mate. It was lovely to see them again but every time I caught eyes with Max, I had to force myself to look away and pretend that I wasn’t in love with him all those years ago. It had been tough for me but I grew stronger. I became more independent and I didn’t need a male to make me feel good about myself.

I had been bullied in school because I had bigger hips and breasts but Max loved every inch of my body. I wasn’t fat as such, maybe slightly chubby, but my body structure was different from the other girls. As I grew up, my body slimmed out slightly, but I still had the curvy body I had come to love. I went to the gym to tone up my muscle and I loved the body my parents had gifted me with.

I was still shorter than Max but I had never been tall. I did feel very small around everyone in this house. Emily was much taller and reached Theo's shoulders. Willow only stood a few inches above me, but Leila was almost the same height as Dylan. She rarely spoke to me but when we did cross paths, she did nod at me. I guess that was better than being ignored.

There was a shift in the air and I knew who was coming down the stairs with Emily. The smell of chocolate was almost overwhelming but I swallowed hard and forced myself to smile as they opened the door.

“Hello, Blair!” Emily said and she walked forward placing a bottle of water on the desk, “I thought you might be thirsty. Would you like me to cook you anything?”

“I’m ok. Thank you,” I said, “Is everything ok?”

“Yes. I was wondering if you had found anything,”

“Ah,” I sighed, “Emily, would it be ok if I can call an expert in to help me analyse the blood test result?”

“Oh my god,” Emily gasped, “Something is wrong, isn’t it?”

I smiled, “No, everything seems to be normal with you, but I don’t know how dhampir blood is read so I will need to call my colleague who is a specialist with dhampir’s,”

“A what?”

“A dhampir,” Max said, in the smooth, sultry voice I was so used to hearing, “It’s what you are. Half-vampire, half-human,”

“Why have I never heard of that before?”

“Probably because we call you the weirdo,”

“Max!” I snapped, “Don’t be so rude,”

“It isn’t being rude,” Max rolled his eyes, “It’s the truth. You haven’t been around here long enough to realise how weird she really is,”

“It doesn’t matter. Show some respect, please,”

Max tutted and ruffled the back of his hair, “Sorry,”

“Um, I think I’m going to leave now,” Emily said standing up, “Blair, you can call anyone that will help you out. I don’t mind. I should probably get some sleep before Theo comes home and keeps me awake,”

“I don’t want to know that,” Max said.

“By playing his games or being the clingy little baby he is,” Emily smiled, “I can leave you to catch up,”

“Make sure you rest and not do anything,” I said, firmly, “I know what you are like. No cooking for anyone. If they are hungry then they can make themselves something to eat,”

Emily nodded and left the room, leaving a lot of tension between Max and me. He stood there awkwardly not knowing where to look and I sighed.

“You can sit down, Max. Just don’t bother me too much. I have a lot of work to do and some people to call,”

“If it’s awkward me being here, then just say,” He said, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,”

“It’s fine,” I said, turning my attention back to my computer.

“How have you been?” Max asked, sitting down.

“Well. Yourself?”

“So-so,” He said putting his hands on his head, exposing a thin line of skin above the waistband of his jeans, “ became a midwife,”

“So it seems,” I said, “And you?”

“I run a bar in town,” He said, “You know, easy work,”

“You have tattoos,” I said, “I like them. You always did want them,”

Max sent me the famous grin that won me over as a teen, “What can I say? I’m true to my word,”

“So, did you enjoy your time with your girlfriend?”

The smile dropped from his face, “Uh, sure. But she isn’t my girlfriend,”

“Ah,” I said.

“Yeah,” He said slowly, “I guess I just haven’t wanted to, you know, settle down,”

I frowned slightly, “Why is that? It isn’t like you can’t get a girlfriend,”

He smiled but there was sadness hidden behind it, “Because the only girl I ever loved took my heart with her,”

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