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I heard Blair's pulse quicken and my fangs grew as I felt myself get excited. I could see the panic behind her eyes and she pushed her chair away from me, jumping to her feet.

β€œNo,” She said as I stepped towards her, β€œMax, stop this,”

I smirked, β€œWhat’s the problem? I can feel your excitement,”

Her back hit the wall and I quickly pressed myself against her, burying my face into her neck almost sinking my teeth in.

β€œMax!” Blair said, putting her hands on my chest, β€œWhat are you doing?”

β€œWhat I’ve wanted to do since I laid my eyes on you,” I said.

Her eyes shot open as I slammed my lips against hers. I groaned and I felt her resistance slowly drip away and my blood burnt as she kissed back. I knew I was rough with my hands, but I had to feel her.

Blair gasped as I dragged my hands up her body and grabbed her face tightly. Her tongue flicked against mine and I could hear the tear in my shirt as she gripped it. My hands explored every curve that I had missed and when my hand grabbed her ass she shoved me away.

β€œWha-?” I started but then I heard Theo laugh. I pulled my jacket around my body when I spotted the rip in my shirt and Blair pulled her skirt back down to cover her ass. I pressed my lips together and ignored my fangs cutting into my bottom lip.

β€œA dhampir isn’t a common occurrence,” The guy said opening the door, β€œIn most cases, a dhampir doesn’t survive the change and...did we interrupt something?”

β€œNo,” I said, clearing my throat, β€œI came here to apologise,”


Blair nodded, β€œI’m ok. We...we had an argument just now,”

β€œMax!” Theo said punching me in the arm, β€œXander told you to be nice,”

I cut my eyes to him and my fang poked out, β€œDon’t piss me off, brother,”

Theo's eyes went wide and he stepped back, β€œSure,”

β€œI’m leaving,” I muttered and quickly left the room before Emily could ask if I was ok. There was no chance in hell I was going to stay in that room when all I wanted to do was strip Blair naked and worship the perfect body I loved.

I jogged up the stairs and didn’t stop until I reached my room. I slammed the door shut and pulled my shirt off, throwing it across the room. I ran my hands through my hair in frustration and kicked my bin.

β€œFuck!” I yelled and fell face-first onto my bed, β€œFuck, fuck, fuck.”

There was a knock on the door and I mumbled for them to come in.

β€œSup, brother!” Aaron said jumping onto my back and slapping his hands on my bare back, β€œI’m bored. Dylan is still fucking Leila, Lei won’t play with me and Willow is at work. Callum is at the bar going over inventory,”

β€œWhat about Xander?” I muttered.

β€œI can’t find him but he is boring. He won’t play with me and you are my only option,”

I sighed, β€œI’m not in the mood to do anything,”

β€œApart from Blair?”

I sat up quickly and Aaron grunted as he landed on the floor, β€œDon’t fucking start,”

β€œWhat? Did you kiss her? Did you? Oh my god, you kissed her!” He grinned widely, β€œIs that why I can smell her on you? Shit. I thought she has a boyfriend who she is in love with and what about-”

β€œStop talking!” I shouted, β€œYes she has a boyfriend, yes I kissed her and yes I wanted to do more than just kiss her,”

β€œWhy did you kiss her knowing that she had a boyfriend? You should worry about him now. You know how dangerous males can be,”

I tutted and walked over to my wardrobe for another top, β€œI wasn’t going to kiss her but...I felt my control leave my body when she told me she wasn’t in love with her boyfriend,”


β€œI know she loves him. It’s obvious but she won’t ever love him the way she wants to,”

β€œAnd why is that?”

I turned to look at my brother, β€œBecause she is still in love with me,”

β€œI don’t know why,” Aaron said, β€œYou aren’t exactly a knight in shining armour,”

β€œNo shit,” I scoffed, β€œI’m going to tell her why I had to break up with her,”

β€œNot a good idea. Xander has allowed father to leave his cell,” Aaron said and I could see the fear behind his eyes, β€œI don’t want to sound horrible but we have to make sure she doesn’t come here. Xander said we need to protect the girls that live here, especially Emily,”

β€œYou think I will let father hurt her?”

β€œThat isn’t what I said, Max. I’m just telling you what Xander said. I get that your heart broke when you were forced to leave her but can’t you sort your shit out once we deal with father?”

β€œAnd let her leave and mate her boyfriend? No chance. I have to make things right between us. I’m like an elastic band ready to snap and right now, she is the only one to stop that from happening,”

β€œThen pay a visit to Honey,” He said, β€œShe’s more than willing to help you out when you need it. Once you’ve calmed down, then talk to her. But not here. It’s for the best,”

β€œHow did you know about her?”

Aaron shrugged, β€œI heard you talking to her once when we were at the bar but that isn’t important and you know it,”


β€œOr you can work out and then we can play?”

I rolled my eyes towards my brother who was looking at me with puppy dog eyes. The bastard knew I could never say no to him.

β€œAre you that desperate?”

β€œYes!” He exclaimed, β€œEveryone is too busy to want to spend time with me and I’m feeling lonely,”

β€œAaron,” I frowned, β€œIs everything ok with you?”

β€œI’m feeling lonely,” He said quietly.

β€œAre you sure that is everything?”

Aaron nodded but I knew he was lying. I could feel how much he needed a brother right now and I nodded.

β€œOk. Set the game up and I’ll join you,” I said and he grinned widely, β€œJust don’t cry when I beat your ass,”

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