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I was exhausted and I just wanted to go home and see Kain. When I had told him that I had to stay in the mansion for a few weeks he wasn’t happy. I could see how annoyed he was but he told me that it was ok and it was my job. We didn’t speak much after that and we hung up on a sour note.

I missed him and I told him that. I just wanted him to hug me until I fell asleep but what could I do? I had to keep a close eye on Emily. James had explained that dhampir blood is difficult to read as it didn’t show if she was human or vampire. Their blood was a different structure and her blood was completely different from what he was used to.

We had spoken to Xander about what we had found and all he could do was sigh. He explained that the number of demons sighted had increased and Emily was the reason. Her blood smelt different and that was what attracted them to her. He was still unsure why but he had a strong feeling that she was the key that could wipe out all supernatural beings.

Demons were the weaker beings in the world and always have been. Vampires and werewolves were at the top because they were the strongest and hardest to kill. Throughout the centuries we learnt to adapt and learn to ‘fit’ in with the humans. We went unnoticed and hunters slowly became extinct. Demons didn’t like that and decided to take matters into their own disgusting hands.

They began grabbing humans, turning them into beings that couldn’t be classed as humans anymore. They weren’t demons as such but they were more rabid. Angry. They started to slowly wipe out vampires and werewolves, plus witches and other creatures that humans read about.

There wasn’t much known about how they were going to wipe us all out but for some reason, a dhampir’s blood was special. Emily was the only dhampir that had survived in centuries and now she was pregnant, they would stop at nothing to use her against her own kind. I was worried that something bad would happen and she would lose the baby and her own life.

I wasn’t sure I could live with that.

I was a medical professional. It was my duty to protect those under my care and make sure they were well and happy. Kain was annoyed with me but I was under oath. I couldn’t tell him about Emily or her condition. Plus, Xander made it very clear that whatever was said or happened under his roof was to stay under his roof or face the consequences.

I ran my hands through my hair and stared at the screen in front of me. James had typed up notes about Emily's results and the words had become a blur. I was feeling sick with worry and stress. My stomach was hurting and I wasn’t sure why. I was being fed and watered so I didn’t know what was going on.

I turned the computer off and grabbed my phone, ready to head upstairs to my new room for the next few weeks. I closed and locked the door behind me when I heard a moaning noise that sent painful shivers down my spine. I was told I was alone down here but I wasn’t stupid. I knew that behind the wide metal doors at the end of the hallway, were cages or rooms for demons or other creatures that went against the brothers.

I stared down the dark hall as the moaning got louder and my heart began to race. My legs took over and it felt as if I wasn’t in control of my body anymore. I tried to fight it as much as I could but when my hand touched the cool metal doorknob I knew I couldn’t stop it.

It creaked as I turned it and my feet took me inside, into the darkness. Thin strips of light above my head flickered on and it suddenly felt cold, like all the air had been frozen as it drifted against my bare arms and legs. It was like the moaning was beckoning me to go to it and I did.

My fear was begging me to turn my back and leave, but my stupid body wasn’t listening.

The room where the moaning was coming from was suddenly in front of me. A heavy-looking key hung on the wall beside the door almost begging me to pick it up. But instead, I looked through the iron bars sitting close together in the small gap that could be classed as a window.

Something was in there.

The room was so dark that even as a vampire I couldn’t see inside. There was some sort of magic in there. Powerful magic that I hadn’t seen before. It was something you read about as a child or a story that one of your grandparents told you about when witches were the enemy.

Willow was the only one I knew and she said there weren’t many around anymore. So it must have been her that cast a spell on this room. I knew she was powerful but I didn’t know that she could use black magic.

I blinked and when I reopened them, a pair of dark red eyes were staring back at me. I didn’t have enough time to gasp in shock when their thin arm stretched through the bars grabbing my throat and dragging me close to them. I struggled against their grip and they chuckled slightly.

“You smell good,” It croaked, “You aren’t my type, vampire, but I will happily take your soul.”

My eyes went wide knowing what was trapped behind this door. My body was starting to burn and I panted, knowing what was coming. I had to fight her with everything I had to get away or she’d take me. No wonder she was calling me towards her.

She could smell my heat.

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