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I shifted on my seat trying to get comfortable but no position was working. I tutted and punched the cushion behind my back trying to fluff it up.

β€œWhy can’t I get comfortable?” I muttered.

β€œJesus,” Aaron said, β€œI thought I was the only one.”

β€œSame,” Callum sighed and got to his feet, β€œIs anyone else on edge or is it just me? I feel like an elastic band that is ready to snap.”

β€œOh, shit!” Leo groaned, throwing his head back, β€œI’m so horny!”

β€œWillow is upstairs,” I said, β€œGo to her.”

Leo's eyes went wide and he looked over at me, β€œWhere is Blair?”

β€œIn her office. Why?”

β€œFuck!” He said and ran out of the room.

β€œWhat just happened?” I asked, leaving the room, β€œLeo? What the hell is-ugh. God damn.”

It felt as if I was punched in the gut from the smell and it almost knocked me to my knees. My fangs grew in my mouth and my jeans suddenly felt tight on my crotch. A wave of lust hit me and I walked forward, following the smell.

β€œMax,” Xander said suddenly in front of me, β€œYou need to leave. Aaron and Callum are leaving.”

β€œFuck off,” I growled, β€œI’m going to-”

β€œGet yourself into trouble with her boyfriend,” Xander said, β€œI’ve called him and he is on the way.”

My eyes went wide, β€œNo! You can’t do that! I want to help her! She is mine and I’ll kill him if-”

β€œSorry, bro,” Dylan said and I felt something sharp in the base of my neck, β€œYou’ll sleep for a while. This is for your own good.”

My body became numb and I dropped to my knees, to see Leo carrying Blair away from the basement. I reached out to her with my hand but my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I’m sure I face-planted the floor.


I whimpered as Leo placed me on the bed and he stepped back wiping the sweat from his face, β€œI’m sorry.”

β€œDon’t say sorry,” He said, β€œIt can’t be helped. If you want to be sedated tell me now before I lose control.”

I groaned as another wave of lust hit me and I saw him panic, β€œI-I don’t know.”

β€œFuck, Blair,” He said grabbing his head, β€œTell me now! I need to bury myself into my mate!”

I managed to laugh and I curled up into a small ball, β€œGo to your mate. I’ll be fine.”

Within seconds, Leo was out of the room and I heard a small scream. I closed my eyes and sniffed the air when someone else came into the room.

β€œI have called your boyfriend,” Xander said and the door closed. I felt some sort of relief but there was a feeling of dread that I couldn’t get rid of. Kain had helped me before but why wasn’t I looking forward to it?

β€œFuck,” I growled and stripped my clothes so I could lay back on the cool sheets. I had no idea why it had hit me so soon. I was sure I had a few more weeks before I was fertile. This had never happened before and once it was over, I was going to find out why it happened.

The door flew open and I saw Kain standing there.

β€œBabe, are you ok?” He said, closing the door and coming over to me, β€œDid you want me to sedate you or-”

β€œNo!” I snapped, β€œJ-just help me. P-please!”

Kain stripped his clothes and leant over me, kissing me hard. I groaned at his hands touching my body and he knelt between me, not taking his lips from mine. His hands slipped between my legs and I shivered at the touch, pulling away from the kiss.

β€œC-condom,” I whispered and he nodded. One was already in his hand so he rolled it over his erection, β€œPlease, stop stalling!”

Kain chuckled and he rammed his hips forward. I gasped at the feeling and dug my fingers into his back as he rolled his hips back and forth. His quiet grunts in my ear made my body burn even more and I rang the tip of my fangs across his shoulder. I felt him tense but he moved his head letting me have better access.

β€œFuck,” He shot out as I bit into him. His hips snapped forward quickly and I pulled my mouth away, licking the wounds so they would heal.

β€œOh, god!” I cried out as my body felt like it was set on fire and I arched my back trying to get more friction.

Kain held onto the headboard as he fucked me harder and it was just the thing to get me to reach my orgasm.

But what shot through my head shocked me and made my climax reach me quickly. I opened my mouth crying out a name. But it wasn’t my boyfriend’s name. I couldn’t hold my tongue and I could see the hurt on Kain’s face.

He slammed his hips forward and he grunted as he finished. Warm tears ran down the side of my face and they weren’t just mine. We laid in silence for a while before he pushed himself off me.

β€œKain, I-”

β€œIt’s ok,” He whispered and sat on the edge of the bed, β€œI understand.”

β€œI’m sorry, I don’t know-”

β€œNari!” He said firmly, β€œIt’s ok. You don’t need to apologise.”

β€œI do!” I said grabbing his arm, β€œI’m with you and-”

β€œBut you were never with me,” He said finally looking at me, β€œBlair, I know that you love me. It’s clear that you do. We’ve been through a lot together but you have never been in love with me. I had my doubts but I didn’t want to ask you.”

β€œKain, please, you-”

β€œI love you, Blair and I always will,” He said, standing up, β€œYou made me feel confident and loved. I wish I had met you first but I didn’t.”

β€œPlease don’t-”

β€œI’m sorry,” He said, getting dressed, β€œI don’t have your heart. You have met your mate and I won’t stop you from going to him. Blair, please don’t hate me for this. I promise to look out for you and if he ever hurts you, then I will kill him.”

β€œPlease,” I said, tears running down my face, β€œI want-”

β€œBlair, baby, please,” He said, β€œWe had an amazing relationship. But we aren’t meant to be. I won’t be a stranger. You’ll still be my main girl but you aren’t in love with me. I...I hope you work things out and let him back into your heart. You deserve to be healed.”

And just like that. Kain walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

Fresh tears filled my eyes and I cried into my pillow.

Why the hell did I scream Max's name?

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