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When life for the Parkinson twins, the Malfoy twins, and their friends seems to be amazing, a new student arrives causing things to start unraveling, becoming unreal for everyone. Will friendships and love start dissolving or will they stand together? To the readers: This book will be a slightly slow burn, with hatred, smut, etc. This book takes plenty of turn of events. I do not own rights to any characters other than SkyraParkinson, Rayleigh Malfoy, Katelyn Crossley and a few others. The rest are credit to J.K. Rowling, along with a lot of the plot, but most are from my own creative writing. MATURE CONTENT: Viewer Discretion is advised. Once the Mature Content Appears, it Happens Frequently. 18+ is highly advised. • Blood Kink • Toxicity • Degrading with aftercare • Aggressive • Violence • Vulgar Language • Mention of suicide, rape, strangulation • Mind Torture • Alcohol and drug use • Explicit Sexual Content

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1. Backstory

Skyra’s 1st-4th Year Backstory

Being a Parkinson has always had its troubles growing up, dad hasn’t been around much, so mum basically raised me and my twin sister Pansy alone. Now that Pansy and I are starting Hogwarts things will be different... I hope. I’m glad that I will have my best friend Rayleigh; her and her twin brother Draco Malfoy have always been in our lives. Pansy has had a crush on Draco for a while, but he brushes her off as if she doesn’t exist. Me and Draco have an odd friendship. If you can call it a friendship, we are continuously arguing over stupid stuff. My mum and his mum, Narcissa, say it’s just a guy thing.

The first year at Hogwarts was pure misery because of Draco; although me, him and Pansy are all in Slytherin together. Rayleigh was shockingly sorted into Ravenclaw; she is the first Malfoy to ever be sorted into a house other than Slytherin. Lucius was immensely furious while Narcissa didn’t think anything of it, she still loved Rayleigh. Draco thought I would be a Ravenclaw, so when I was sorted into Slytherin he was quite shocked, more so impressed.

Mum and dad were obviously proud of me and since Rayleigh was sorted into Ravenclaw, Lucius has treated me more of a daughter than Rayleigh and I hated it for her.

“Rayleigh don’t worry, I don’t care if you’re not in Slytherin, you’re still my best friend and you can always come to mine and Pansy’s dorm. Fuck what Draco says, he’s an ass anyways.” I say releasing her hand

“Oh, you think I’m an ass, have you looked in the mirror lately?” I heard a familiar voice say. It was Draco. I turned and rolled my eyes, ”Fuck off Malfoy.” He wraps his arm around my shoulder, softly but with extreme attitude, “You wish you could fuck me Parkinson. Both you and Pansy want to.”

I look at him and with the rudest tone I’ve ever had, “Pansy may want to, but not me. You’re sadly mistaken there, once again Malfoy.” He got pissed and brushed his tongue on the inside of his cheek then stormed off. “Don’t listen to him Skyra, he’s just mad, you aren’t going to give in to him like the rest of girls.” Blaise says as he walks off

“Sky, it’s just Draco. You know how he is. You’re the biggest challenge for him and he won’t stop. He’s secretly liked you since we were kids, but he won’t admit it. You being my best friend and always around made it hard for him not to like you, despite how he acts. Between us, Pansy is the ugly twin of you two. She’s a lost puppy trying to find friends and thinking that every guy wants her. She’s just like Millicent.” Rayleigh explains

I let out a huff and roll my eyes, “Ray, your brother hates me; there’s no way he would ever like me. Pansy just wants attention. She’s my sister and I love her, but sometimes she tries way too hard to get guys to notice her. I do what I want and not give a shit what people think.”

“That’s why you’re my best friend. You don’t care what others think of you. You do what you want to when you want to, saying fuck everyone else. You’re a total badass.” Rayleigh says hugging me

Author’s POV

In fourth year, the year of rumors. Rumors spread that Adrian Pucey had told Blaise he has a thing for Sky but knows that he doesn’t stand a chance due to who her family is and the bloodline she has to uphold, and that the Pucey family may be Purebloods but do not meet the standards for a powerful bloodline for the Parkinson’s or Malfoy’s.

“Sky, look, here comes Adrian. He’s been eyeing you up for a while now.” Rayleigh and Pansy say.

Adrian Pucey, the hottest Slytherin Chaser. He’s a 6th year; him, Blaise Zabini, Tom Gaunt, and Gregory Goyle have been my best friends since coming to Hogwarts. Me and Adrian have been really close close friends since first year. I’d love to date him, but I know that my parents, more my father than anything, wouldn’t accept it. Adrian’s mum is known as a blood traitor, which makes it worse for Adrian, regardless of being in Slytherin. I wear his spare quidditch jersey when Mr. Malfoy and my father don’t attend the matches.

Adrian sits down next to me in class, “Hey Sky, how are you?” I smile at him, “Oh, hey Adrian. I’m good, how are you?”

“I’m good now that I’m sitting next to you. I was wondering if maybe you’d want to hang out later?” He asks. I secretly glance over at Rayleigh and Pansy as they smirk at me. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot. Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there.” I smile at him, as he puts his hand on my arm. Merlin’s beard did Adrian just ask me out?!

As the year presses on, me and Adrian become closer, and have been hooking up for a while now. We aren’t dating, we are just friends with benefits, nothing more, nothing less. I like Adrian, but I can’t see us being together.

I love going to the Quidditch games to see him play. Draco is also on the Slytherin Quidditch team; he’s the Seeker. Regardless of how much Draco and I fight, he is an amazing player, and really could go pro. I enjoy watching him play Quidditch. The best Quidditch games are against Slytherin and Gryffindor, especially since Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived or the Chosen One, is the Gryffindor Seeker.

One thing that me and Draco actually agree on is that Potter is overrated and should be out of this school just like that mudblood Hermione Granger. Every year Potter swears that Lord Voldemort is trying to kill him, and of course Dumbledore believes him. I wish the Dark Lord would just kill him already.

Fifth year is going to be the best year and she can feel it. She will do whatever she has to, to make sure it’s great.

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