No Looking Back Now

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A girl called Arishka faces unearthing challenges with her best friends, if there are any mistakes please let me know. Hope you enjoy it

Fantasy / Other
Cassandra Carboni
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Chapter 1

A few centuries ago, there lived a child named Arishka with her family of twenty. She had a happy childhood until she was accused of being a witch. If you know your “accused of being a witch fact” you know you get burned alive, but rumors have it that she took her own life before the burning of her soul. Yet our heroes are not convinced that. This is a story about a few kids on a quest to find this mysterious mythical creature.

Hi reader I’m Arishka I know that you are probably thinking “OMG she is alive and bla bla bla” but no I’m a different Arishka. I wish I were famous but I’m a common girl with that name. My parents wanted me to be a boy, so they gave me the unlucky Arishka name. Most girls in my village that have the name Arishka die at a young age, so I’m fated to die. But it’s okay. The reason why they die is because of the curse Arishka put on the village before taking her life. Anyway, enough talking about Arishka let me introduce myself. I’m Called Arishka Oyamel, I’m 14 and I have three best friends called Tyler, Casey, and Alexander we call him Alex for short. I mean no one has the time (especially me) to say Ale-x-and-er. Let me describe them to you. Tyler is a typical bad boy: Black hair with a purple streak and always wearing black clothes. Casey is a blonde pink princess however she hates that. Alex is the most boring man in the world. He has brown hair and wears noob-like clothes and I’m not sure why he is my friend. Me well I’m more like Ty (Tyler). My family hates me. If you watch those sad and depressing movies, then I would be the hated child, and my brothers -Luca and Lance- would be the perfect little angels. I hate that! My gang and I believe in mystical creatures. Okay, that is all the info you will need from now on with the story...

A sound of rustling hit the silence.

“What was that?!” asked Alex nearly shaking, how was I mean to know?

It’s probably a sheep or a fox,” I replied fearlessly.

“How do you know?!” he shouted back; I could tell a fight was going to break out.

“How am I meant to know. It was probably nothing anyway!” I exclaimed back.
I didn’t really know what it was, so I was a bit scared, to be honest, but I was not going to show my fear. If I did Alex would never stop teasing me and I’m not having a nerd tease me. No way. A noise. Alex needed to stop shouting before my ears would have started bleeding. Another noise.

“BOO!” a voice exclaimed.

I shouted so loudly my voice nearly went away but then I looked up and saw Tyler laughing madly and there it was my opportunity to beat him up. Hehehe. If you are asking no I don’t like Ty, he is just a really good friend. NO SHIPS. I was close to tears (not to mention Alex was close to a heart attack) and my best friend was laughing this was a joke.

“Ty you are so dead!” was all I could manage to mumble and then I got up and started to chase after him. Alex was still in total shock.

“Oh Alex, don’t worry,” Casey said, “It was just one of Tyler’s stupid pranks,”

“Really?” Alex asked,


“Can I kill him?”



“Because he is getting killed by his girlfriend,”

“Oh yeah. ship”

“Guys I can hear you!” I shouted from the other side of our campsite. We were so lucky that our parents let us go camping. The thing was that Alex and Casey clearly liked each other and me and Ty just couldn’t happen. He is too good for me. A howl. “Tyler, stop playing around,” I said.

“Ari it’s not me I swear. See I’m right next to you!” Ty said innocently. I realized that he was right but if he didn’t make that sound and no one in the group was able to make a sound then, what was that?

“What was it then?” I asked Ty, “Maybe it’s a-.”

“Werewolf!” me and Ty screamed so loudly that Alex ended up fainting. But I and Tyler just laughed, while Casey was super mad and screaming at us. Later that night, we all toasted marshmallows on the campfire. The golden flames made the fire look warmer and comforting. Casey and Alex were sat together and were holding hands and they probably didn’t notice, while I and Tyler sat next to each other, and by that, I mean nearly touching each other hand.

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