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{Mature} "I heard what you did Lucille. Very brave. You need to watch yourself. And watch who your sleeping wit-"I cut him off mid sentence "Oh I don't know what you think of me Malfoy. I haven't slept with anyone since the party." I spoke with a hint of sarcasm "I'm willing to test that theory Lucille. Tonight I'm gonna see if that pussy of yours is still as tight, warm, wet as it was at the party. Get to the dorm at 6 sharp!" He lets go of my neck and storms off.

Charlotte <3
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1~Leaving Beubaxtons

Lucille Emerson

"Stupefy!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

The masked deatheater fell to the floor. I continued running. I had no idea if I was running towards or away from Beubaxtons. But I just needed to be safe.

I apperated to the front of Beubaxtons and ran through the doors slamming them behind me. Madam Olympe Maxime was stood in front of me. As she was largely taller that me and my 5'4 shortass she towered over me with her head was hung low sighing at my actions.

~Later that Night~

This was in-fact my last night at Beubaxtons. I packed my trunk ready for departure tomorrow morning. I have been fighting off deatheaters for a very long while now. You see I have magical blood. I have pure blood but the elixir of life also runs in my veins. This makes my blood tainted crimson. It is very rare as it only comes in the ancestors of merlin himself.

Deatheaters want me so the can drain me of blood so the Dark Lord can live for ever. I cannot live forever I can only gift my blood to make another live forever. This will continue until my Great-great-great grandchild then the line stops.

Thoughts have been running wild through my head, unable to be tamed. I wonder what mother and father will do? One,I was in the coast of France and my parents were in the midlands of England. I had to get a carriage to get back. And two I didn't want to go back. That place wasn't home. My mother a lovely woman who chose alcohol to replace happiness and my father a manwhore. My home was Beubaxtons. Well not anymore. I got expelled and for what? Protecting myself. My parents wouldn't want a dead daughter would they?

Another thing is that my blood can't be tainted. It would cause major grief for the carrier. This means a pureblood line. You see my family is rich and as their first born child I shall get everything but my husband would get all of it. I don't understand why. My family was quite keen on arranged marriages. They have promised I can pick a groom but he has to be wealthy and Pureblooded. There wasn't many. (That were attractive). So it was a lot with family pressure.I wasn't happy at all. I was 16 with a small but significant choice.

Charlotte x
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