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Lucille Emerson

I wander out my bathroom to my massive bedroom where my skirt,shirt,coat and shoes lay on the bed. It had been two days at home. Nothing has really changed. Mother still drinks herself away and father has a new girl in his 'office' every day. Honestly these people are fucking disgusting.

Our house was wonderful. I loved it all the little passageways and all the small rooms and the massive library. I spend forever in there when I was little. I still did. Obviously I spent more time at school than I did at home but I had to make the most out of it. My mother was taking me to Diagon Alley. For I was going to a new school called Hogwarts. I have heard good things about Hogwarts it seems ideal. And it's not just a bunch of bratty, snobby and arrogant girls. I wasn't one of them of course. I have fucking manners.

I had to get my robes fitted. You see we had everything else it was just my robes. It was a few hours until I went. It was quite exciting. I had to look for a suitable groom. I was 16 and wasn't very excited. Honestly.It was indeed the day I went to Hogwarts. I got a pet cat,Lassa she was black and extremely fluffy. I had three trunks and a bag. It was a lot but I didn't have to carry it.

Draco Malfoy

I was touring a new student today. Probably another filthy little mudblood. I utterly despised the school for letting the mud bloods in. I think fucking half-bloods is pushing a limit. You see I am escaping from home life really. That's the only thing I like about this place.

S M U T W A R N I N G!

I was in the shower. I had been feeling rather tense lately. I needed a relief. I gripped my cock in my hands and moved my hand up and down my shaft.I felt my self over come by euphoria that I put a hand on the wall in front of me. A few grunts fell from my lips as I sped up. I felt myself coming close. I came. My cum spilling out from the tip.

I quickly washed my hair and myself . And ran to change into my robes. I doused my self in aftershave before leaving my dorm. I slammed the door for I went to the gates where a girl with long black hair stood.
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