Between the sheets/D.M Fanfiction

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Lucille Emerson

I stood admiring the wonderful view. It was gorgeous. I loved it. Imagine if I got a room so I could see all of this. As I turned around a platinum blonde boy stood looking at me. His eyes were an icy blue and his lips were pink and plump.

He walked over to me and put his hand out.

"I'm Malfoy,Draco Malfoy."
'I'm Emerson,Lucille Emerson.' I put my hand out and shook his.

On each finger apart from his right ring finger had a ring on it. His uniform was green and he had shiny dress shoes. I walked to pick my stuff up.

We walked in and he appointed me to a corner where I put my belongings. Malfoy took me down a long and dull corridor. We got to a stair case it's was a phonix. Draco stepped on it and it began moving I was amazed until he grabbed my wrist. The staircase started to move with us on it.

After a few moments there was a man with long white hair and a beard. He took my hand and walked me over to a stool in the middle of the room. A teacher who wore a long green robe with her hair in a bun and a witches hat was holding a dusty old hat.

"Ahhhh! Who do we have here? Magical Miss Emerson. Well this is hard? Brave,ambitious,wit,cunning. Slytherin!"

My robes changed green and Malfoy was stood smiling.The hat moves from my head and I stand up. The man with long white hair walks towards me.

'Miss Emerson, as a member of Slytherin house. I can put you in the safe hands of Mr Malfoy. And Mr Malfoy. You father will be informed that he will not have to pay for your room as you will have a new room mate.'

Draco nods his head. He grabs my wrist and leads me into a cold and dark corridor.

'Pureblood!' He yells making me jump a bit.

Draco let's go of my wrist and sat down. He shook his head to the sofa opposite him. We sat and he discussed rules and schedules. I felt safe and secure in his presence. It was cold but comforting.
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