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The Werewolf Beat Me Up in Center Hall

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Jessica Smith and her family move to a small town in Louisiana looking for a fresh starts. She meets loads of friends and even a love interest, but what happens when her whole life gets altered when a werewolf beats her up in the Center Hall of Old Towne Road High School?

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Chapter 1


My eyes flutter open as my father shouts my name. Oh no. I woke up late. Quickly I race downstairs, put the coffee pot on and start cooking breakfast. By the time I am done, my father and brother come down to eat the eggs and bacon I made. They don’t say anything as I grab a piece of bacon and run upstairs to get ready for school.

I make it to my room and quickly get dressed, choosing a yellow shirt, jeans, and my converse. I gather my boring blonde hair into a messy bun and look at myself in the mirror. I see my crystal blue orbs looking back at me. They look just like my mom’s. That makes me so sad. She died last year, but at least I have a piece of her still with me. My hair also comes from my mom. My father and brother have brown hair. I think that’s why it’s so hard for my dad to look at me. After mom died, he started drinking more and treating me badly. I had to fend for myself and my younger brother, Tyler. We just moved from our old home and the bad memories in New Jersey to Louisiana. Hopefully, this gives my family a fresh new start. I sigh as I grab my bag and take one last look at myself. This is going to be good, I know it. I go down the stairs, get Tyler ready and go to the car.

Tyler doesn’t really remember our mother. He just turned six this past July. This move has been nothing but exciting for him. He has been the only light in my life. Pulling up to the curb of Olde Town Road Elementary school, I drop him off to his first day of first grade. He gave me a big hug before putting his backpack on and hopping out of the car. He’s growing up so fast. I drive away to my new school five minutes away; Olde Town Road High.

I pull into a parking spot and get out of the car. A few people look at me, but I don’t mind. At my old school, people would look at me in pity because of my mother, now they just look at me in curiosity, as if to say Who’s this new girl? I make it into the building and go through the maze of hallways trying to find the main office. I see groups of many different cliques and I suddenly feel nervous that I won’t fit in. The nervous feeling goes away when I make eye contact with a girl standing by the lockers. She flashes me a smile that gives me the confidence that I need as I strut into the main office. I walk over to the woman at the front desk and try to check-in.

“What’s your name sweetie?” she asks.

“Jessica Marie Rose Smith.”

“What grade are you in?”

“I’m a senior.”

“Alright honey, here is your schedule and a packet with extra information,” she says, as she hands me the papers with a smile. “Now to give you a tour of the school, this is our student body president, Sarah Williams.”

Just as she says that the girl from earlier walks into the office. She has curly brown hair, cascading down her back. She’s wearing a white t-shirt tied in a knot with a pair of ripped jeans and a pair of converse. She comes over to me and gives me a big hug like she’s known me her whole life. She introduces herself and grabs my hand as she drags me out of the office and into the world of high school.

“Hi, I’m Sarah. You must be Jessica. I can tell already that we are going to be best friends.”

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