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the cursed petals; draco malfoy

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"Isn't it lovely how our souls are like two stranded pieces of a puzzle that are destined to find their way back to each other and fit perfectly?" - "I know what to do to a girl with a look, a word, a touch; and I want to do them all to her."

Fantasy / Romance
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The air turned black all around me. A shrill cry echoed in the mist. My head was spinning dangerously, my vision blurry. I struggle to find the energy to get up and as I do, I feel a sharp pain in my ankle. I take a few steps forward and hear something in the distance. Just as I reach for my wand, icy fingers gripped my hand in the darkness.


“Skylar!!“, Hermione called out. “We’re going to be late for class, come on now!”

“Coming Mione” I say as I scurriedly followed her. Hermione and I have been friends ever since first year. She is moderately hard to deal with, yes, but she’s always been there for me as have I. Maintaining friendship with her was particularly a horrendous job considering she was in Gryffindor and I was in Slytherin. I never really understood why I was sorted into Slytherin. Perhaps it was because of the pit of darkness I felt inside me, the part that could kill, but I wouldn’t cause any harm to anyone recklessly or it was simply just a mistake.

We entered class and I took a seat near the back with Luna. “Hello Skylar! How are you today?“, she asked. “Just fine love, you?“, she responded but I was distracted by a paper hitting the back of my head. I tried to ignore it as I heard a couple of boys snickering under their breaths, but eventually gave in. I turned around in a prompt manner, only to see him.

Draco Malfoy. He’s always been the type to recklessly bully people and enjoy it. He had a tinge of sadism erupting so profoundly from inside him. We never got along. I hated him and he hated my guts. But then again, charming he was. As much as I hated to admit it, he was extremely attractive. He had beautiful platinum blonde hair that would fall so perfectly on his forehead. He had big beautiful silvery grey eyes. He had plump pink lips and- wait none of that matters. He had made it his mission to bully Harry, Ron, Hermione and I since first year when Harry refused to shake his hand and we all so graciously stuck up for Harry, and ever since has tried his best to make life miserable here at Hogwarts for us. I snapped back to reality at the sound of his voice, “Like what you see Azazel?“, he remarked.

Shit. I was staring for too long. I found myself at a loss for words. “Don’t flatter yourself Malfoy”, I turned around not knowing what else to say. I was so embarrassed of myself. I decided to let it go because I didn’t want that ferret to be consumed in my thoughts.

“Miss Azazel !” yelled Professor Snape, calmness in his voice.

“Would you like to share with the class what entrancing thoughts have you preoccupied?” he asked, everyone’s attention slowly attracting to me.

“No Professor, my apologies”, I said, avoiding eye contact.

“Then I suggest you pay attention or I shall deduct points from Slytherin for your abysmal demeanor “,he said. I stayed silent trying to save myself the embarrassment from being called out, until he spoke up again, “Are. We. Clear” he stated, boldness in his voice.

“Yes Professor” I said, my voice slightly shaking. “Deep breaths Sky”, I hear Luna say and somehow just her soothing voice seemed to calm me down.

I look across the room and my eyes meet with Hermione’s. She sends me a sweet smile but a confused expression settled on her face. I could tell she was concerned and so I smiled back at her reassuringly.

Time seemed to fly by and class was dismissed. As I took my books in my hand and was ready to leave, someone bumped into me and consequently, I dropped my books. I got on my knees to pick my books up and suddenly felt a shadowy presence towering over me. I looked up and found myself in an extremely uncomfortable position. I saw him look down at me with a slight smirk resting upon his face. God, he was so disgusting. I knew exactly what was going on in his head.

He enjoyed seeing me like this as it made me seem vulnerable but he was wrong.

We looked at each other for about ten seconds before I decided to speak up.

“Fancy seeing me in this position Malfoy?” I paused. “Well too bad you wont be getting it” I remarked as I slowly got onto my feet.

Fuck. Why did I say that?

He was still towering over me as he was incredibly tall.

“Bold of you to think I’d ever touch you, you filthy little mudblood”, he spat and then walked away.

I stood there, tears brimming in the corner of my eyes. He knew no matter the amount of insults he’d throw at me, this one hurt the most.

No, I was not going to cry over Malfoy. No matter how bad his words hurt me, I was intent on staying strong. I noticed Hermione near the door and walked upto her.

My silence was enough for her to not dwell about what happened with Draco.


We made our way to the Great Hall and sat down for dinner. I was in no mood to sit at the Slytherin table for two reasons : the whole house hated me for I was the mudblood in Slytherin and I wasn’t ready to face him. Not after what he said. I switched robes with a Gryffindor junior and sat down.

On my left was Hermione and Fred Weasley to the right. Fred and I have always been close. I was closer to him than George. It was quite hard to tell them apart since they were so similar yet so different. Everyone mixed them up, even Mrs. Weasley. Over the years, it became easier to differentiate Fred from George.

The twins were absolute goofballs. This one time Fred and I had detention together and he left to the bathroom mid-way. When he came back, his charisma had changed and the way he did his hair did too. I remember being so confused when we were talking and then in the middle he paused and said, “Skylar it’s me!! George!!” grinning widely.

“Oye, Azaz!” Fred exclaimed as he put jam in my palm. As a reflex for something sticky and gooey in my hand, I squeezed it shut. I was in a state of pure disgust before I saw Harry, Neville and Hermione laughing at me.

“Oh no Weasley you did not” I said to which he responded “I think I just might have Azaz”, laughing.

I noticed everyone laughing and without second thought I took my bowl of soup and poured it over his head. Seeing Fred this way, so confused yet amused had me cackling. Everyone was snorting and Fred decided to join in too. We were laughing with the side of our heads touching and our pinkies intertwined. We stayed like this for quite sometime.


“Breakfast is ready dears!” Mrs Weasley said and urged us to come down to eat.

“Good morning everyone” I said as did the others.

After breakfast, we decided to play some Quidditch. Ron, Ginny, Harry, George, Fred and I decided to play while Hermione decided to keep track of the scores.

After a few minutes into the game I made my way to score a goal but heard Fred behind me, “Come on Azaz, give up! We know you wont make it”

“Are you jealous we’re winning Freddie?” I say and hear him scoff, “Don’t mind me”, he said as he pushed me and I moved to the side with a jerk. Luckily, I didn’t lose balance and looked to the side to mock him but just as I did, I crashed into a wall and just as I was falling, Fred caught me.

He steered out of balance and we fell to the ground. His back hit the hard, concrete ground and i landed on top of him. We both groaned until we looked into each eyes out of pure concern. I stared into his brown eyes. They were like caramel mixed with honey, so purely beautiful.

In that moment I wanted nothing but to kiss him but I didn’t, but I swear, I felt the spark while we stared into each others eyes. It was weird but I shook it off.

The moment was ruined as Hermione came running towards us, “Oh my god, are you both alright? This is why I never encourage anyone to play this sport. Its extremely dangerous. You could’ve gotten killed!!” she exclaimed.

“Relax Mione I’m perfectly fine.” I got off him and stood up giggling. I held out a hand for Fred and he got up too.

“Alrighty then I’m going to head back to take a shower” he said. He then winked at me unexpectedly and walked away.

*End of flashback*

I instantly felt my cheeks flush and butterflies in my stomach at the meer memory only for them to be destroyed as I looked up only to see something strange.

It was Draco. He was compulsively staring with a dark and unsettling expression, glaring towards my direction.

“What did I do?” I thought to myself but let it go.


I decided to go to the library to study for a while and Hermione gladly joined me.

We entered the library and took a seat in the corner to stay away from the chaos. I sit down and opened my books and observed around. Everything was so peaceful. The atmosphere was filled with knowledge and peace. I still remember the first day I entered this library.

The broad daylight did not reach the room. Instead, it was hanging lights above them that lit the two tiered hall- almost like a cake mould. The room was filled with murmurs and whispers that floated above the heads of the students and the room. There were indistinct conversations between one friend and another, quite unable to comprehend the word silence, although, when you thought about it, nothing was ever silent in the room. There was a constant whizz of the printer; the constant scratch of a pen on a paper, the constant flick of a book.

I snapped out of my flashback only to hear some juniors making noise and laughing loudly. I urge them to be quiet and get back to my work.

Hermione and I discuss some of the problems we were facing and helped each other through them. We were extremely productive together and that’s something I admired about our friendship.

People repeatedly made noise and I persistently told them to stay silent.

For a while the silence lingered in the atmosphere, until a group of Slytherin boys made their way to the library.

I shut my eyes and sighed. I wasn’t going to react. I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction.

“Hey i’m going to go look for a book. I’ll see you later?” Hermione said.

“Sure! I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight!” I said and flashed her a small smile before she left.

I didn’t want to be alone, but my pride got the best of me as I watched her walk away.

I kept my head low, burried into my books and it was all fine until he approached me.

“Is this seat taken?” Draco asked. I kept my head low, my intention to ignore him.

He spoke up louder and much bolder, “I said is. this. seat. taken. Answer me Azazel.”

I flinched at the sound of his voice and shook my head as he sat down. As much as I hated to admit it, Draco did intimidate me. He intimidated everyone. That’s just who he was.

I notice his gaze on me through my peripheral vision but didn’t dare to make eye contact with him.

“Not going to speak are we?“, he paused and as a response to my silence, he said “Fine, have it your way then.” He then proceeded to snatch my book from me.

“Hey! Give it back Malfoy or I swear I’ll hex you!” I said.

His eyes showed slight amusement but washed away with his usual dark, cold ones.

“Watch that mouth of yours” he spat.

I didn’t hesitate to talk back. “You don’t tell me what to do asshole”.

He then did something shocking. He brought his hand and gripped my throat. I could feel his long, strong fingers. The cold metal of his rings sent fireworks down my spine.

I was taken aback by this and I was going to speak up but he beat me to it.

“Think you’re funny do you?” he said.

Funny? I thought to myself. What?

“What? Malfoy I swea- “. I was cut off as I couldn’t speak and he gave my throat a light squeeze.

“You’ve got some nerve talking back to me” he said.

I had enough of his bullshit. I raised my hand and slapped him. Hard.

To my unexpected reaction, he immediately let go of my throat and I got up.

“Don’t you think for even a minute that you can play me like im one of your little fucking toys Malfoy” I spat and noticed his jaw clench.

I promptly walked away making my way back to the common room.

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