The King's Crystal Queen

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Cynthia Lopez, the original hire to the throne of Zariya one of the 4 kingdoms of the crystal world. Betrayed by her sister for the throne and sentenced to death, she only has one chance to prove herself innocent and to get her throne back. Alexander Brian Williams, the King of Lycans, Demons and Vampires , he is the first Tribid known to exist. Ruling alone for more than 2 centuries he is now forced to choose a Queen. But who would be able to love a monster?

Fantasy / Adventure
Mystery writer
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“Hurry up, we don’t have all day” mom has been chanting the same lines more than 10 times , today is the day when the foundation of Zariya was kept by my Great Great Grandfather Bernard Lopez , we are celebrating the 1678th anniversary of Zariya, mom and aunt Rose are a mess , dad and uncle John are preparing for the arrival of the Kings of the other three kingdoms.

There are four Crystal Kingdoms:

The first is our Kingdom , The Kingdom of Zariya, like I said it is 1678 years old, it was born after the battle of Asgerdur it was one of the most brutal battles in history. Many lives were lost and many families were destroyed. It was war between the dark crystals and the white crystals, my great great grandfather was the leader of the white crystals , he fought against the dark crystals as they were using black magic to bring the death to life by the help of the witches , they were trying to give birth to a powerful dark crystal which could destroy the world.

The second is the Kingdom of Nethilor, it is the second oldest Kingdom, it was formed after my Great great Grandfather divided the land equally among 4 groups after ruling for about 3 centuries , it is ruled by the Abiscer family.It is considered that their kingdom favours the dark crystals, but the accusations are still not proved.

The third is the Kingdom of Alynthi, it was also formed after the division and is considered the second most powerful kingdom after ours, it is ruled by the Demorris family. This is one of the kingdoms that is very close to Zariya , you can say that it is like our second family.

The fourth is the Kingdom of Ellesmere, it is a really bright kingdom surrounded by water on all sides, the crystals here are favoured with the power of water and are considered as the most traditional kingdoms of all. It is ruled by the Beckham family for centuries.

“Mom calm down everything is in place, we would do just fine” I tried my best to calm my mother with my words as dad was busy.

“Of course everything is well, Do you have anything better to say or have you just by hearted those words?” Annalise my younger sister said rolling her eyes, damn she is so annoying I am a year and half elder than her so the throne rightfully belongs to me, but she is hell bent to make it hers, we even had a fair trial maybe a month ago, and the whole kingdom saw I was more capable of ruling than my sister ever was but she just can’t accept the truth.

“Well dear sis, I atleast know how to comfort people with my words, try doing it sometimes little sis, and if you can’t I will be more than happy to teach you.” by the look on her face I knew I made her angry but I can’t do anything about it , she asked for it.

“Oh hush you too, always bickering like two wild cats, you can fight later, we have more important tasks ahead.” my mom like always saved my sister from further embarrassment in front of our guests.

We all went towards our rooms to get ready. I wore a rose gold colour gown which had a noodle strap and looked stunning. I kept my make up light as I don’t like wearing make up so much, it suffocates my skin. My hair was let loose and had it’s natural wavy pattern and looked gorgeous. I went down and saw Anna has still not arrived. Like always. The girl takes more than two hours to get ready excluding her make up.

The guests had arrived an hour ago so I didn’t bother to check on them anyway we will eventually meet in the hall. I sat near the bar and observed everyone. Most of them looked excited for tonight were as some looked nervous, well the nervousness was obvious as many of them were seeing royals for the first time.

“What is a beauty like you doing all alone?”

I turned around and saw Liam my best friend standing there with a grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and got up and hugged him.

“You don’t look so bad either.” Liam and I grew up together so you can basically say he is a brother to me.

“SO, anyone who caught your eye. Damn look at those men they look so...” and just like that he went to his dreamland. Liam is gay but no knows about it apart from me and his parents.

From the corner of my eye I saw Victor the crown prince of Nethilor making his way towards us well more precisely me. He just wants to get close to me so that he can get his hands on Zariya and that won’t happen anytime soon. I shook Liam and whispered in his ears,

“Well come out of your dreamland we still need face some demons in real life.”

“Hello princess.” I looked at Victor and saw he had a charming smirk on his face which was enough to bring any girl on her knees, well but I am not any girl so he can keep those tricks to himself.

“Hello to you too Prince Victor.” and then I had to talk with this arrogant good for nothing prince just to seem polite.

TIME SKIP********************

It was time for the rose dusk crystal, it is considered as a pure crystal and is often used as a sign of good future , back then people even used it as a sign of protection and during wedding people usually dance around it.

Just as we were going start loud noises started coming from the main entrance of the palace , everyone was screaming and running helter skelter.

“Mom, Dad, Anna” I started screaming as we all got separated in the mess, suddenly something hit my hard really hard and then everything went black, the last thing I remember is my mom screaming for my dad.

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