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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Viyan

“Wakey Wakey…” I heard someone whisper at me. I could feel someone poking at my cheeks as I slept. I slapped the hand away in what little consciousness I had at that moment.

“Oh! Someone is grumpy first thing!” the cheerful voice rang out in my ears. It was a voice I never heard before. My eyes shot open to stare the man in the face. He was laying on his side in a relaxed manner.“W-who are you?” I asked pulling the sheets instinctively up to my chest, to cover my body. I was only in my pajamas after all.

“Viyan your majesty.” He said resting his hand on the side of the bed, in a flirting manner.

Viyan had long hair that reached to his shoulders; it was jet black with red streaks. He had red eyes and piercings over his eyebrow, and ears. He had a playful air about him, like an excited child on Christmas… except all the time.

He grinned at me, “Nice to see a fresh face for once. It’s a sausage fest in here.” He said sighing, laying down on the edge of the bed, with his face towards the ceiling. “You’re kind of cute… for a homely kind of girl. You know, like one of those girls you see who don’t have a lot of fun and just read all the time. Those are fun!” he said grinning at me.

He was like a sugared up ten year old, all over the place, not really taking anything seriously.

“Thanks… I think?” I said confused. It was true, I had nothing striking about me. I was always the ugly duckling in school. I never had a boyfriend in my life. Mostly because I didn’t want one. I had chocolate brown hair, and green eyes. My face was kind of full and round. I looked heavy, but I wasn’t really. I am size 10, which I guess in the fashion industry is rather heavy. But still, nothing to consider big. I guess I’m kind of cute in an innocent way, but in no way sexy or beautiful.

“You’re welcome!” he continued, now sitting on the other side of the bed with me. Placing his hands on his face, kind of like a girl swooning on her bed. “You know… you’re rather interesting. Taking a job all the way out here. Seems kind of silly don’t you think? Can’t you do anything else other than clean?” he asked me.

“Of course I can! I can write, and sing…” I then stopped myself. “But… not much else.” I really am pathetic…

“Oh! Well at least you have something going for you. And here I thought you were just some boring fuddy duddy.” Viyan grinned at me again.

“Fuddy Duddy??” I said giving him a strange look. “W-what?”

“Nothing.” He said suddenly getting up and looking out the window. “Hey!! It’s snowing!! You wanna build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be snowman!”

“W-wha?” I said confused. I still was at that point. I don’t know what inside me decided to converse with him… he was so weird. He was like a child, but he spoke like an adult with some of the things he said. “What time is it anyway?” I asked, not answering his question.

“Only 5 AM! Bardou should be making pancakes by now!” he said stretching.

“Bardou cooks?” I asked.

“Well sure. Someone has to! I certainly can’t, knowing me, I will just burn everything, because I get distracted easily.” He said smiling at me.

‘At least he’s self aware…’ I thought to myself. “Right… um… do you mind if I get dressed now?” I asked.

“Sure go ahead!” he said folding his arms. “I can wait.”

He stood there for a good minute before I cleared my throat. “Um… I mean you go outside. I don’t change in front of strange men. Especially those who I just met a few minutes ago.” I said annoyed.

“Oh no, I met you sooner than that!! I watched you sleep through the night!” he said grinning at me.

“GAH!!” I cried. “You watched me?! What is the deal with you!?” I yelled now, embarrassed.

“What? I was curious! I won’t do it again, promise! Besides, it’s boring!” he smiled at me innocently. “Don’t worry, I didn’t have pervy thoughts or anything. You aren’t really my type you know.” He said smiling even brighter.

“Gah! Just go! Let me get ready please!!” I said pushing him out the door. “Alright! But if you need some help let me know! I am good with colors!”

I felt my face blushing as I stood against the door embarrassed. I locked the door as fast as I could and got dressed. I decided to wear something simple for now. Wait for Bertrand to give me instructions. Because I didn’t want to bother him with petty details so early in the morning. I got downstairs to the kitchen, and met with Bardou, who grinned at me as soon as he realized I existed. “Hey!” he said happily.

“Hey! So… I just met Viyan…” I said giving him a confused look.

Bardou gave me a sympathetic look, “Yeah, he’s always been rather… cheerful.” He said laughing.

“Yeah, um… I might have to lock my door from now on.” I said scratching my head.

“That won’t really stop him you know.” Bardou said suddenly.

“Huh? Why not?” I asked confused.

“He has ways of getting in.” he smiled at me suddenly.

“Wha?” I said shocked. Is he crazy? No human can do that! I shook my head out of it when Bardou placed pancakes in front of me. He smiled at me genuinely, “Here you are miss.” He said with a chipper tone.

“You sure are treating me like a guest. Aren’t I supposed to be the maid here?” I asked jokingly.

“Nonsense, you live with us, might as well treat you with respect.” Bardou said smiling at me softly.

He was very sweet, I have to admit… I didn’t expect that. I was expecting some snooty rich family. But so far they are far from it.

“Hey Bardou?” I suddenly had the urge to ask.

Bardou looked at me now, “Hm?” I had his full attention now.

“Why aren’t you guys… you know more flaunting with your money? If you don’t mind me asking.” I said kind of blushing from the boldness of my question.

“Oh, well that’s a bold question.” He said laughing. “I suppose it’s because-“

“It’s because we don’t flaunt it. We use it for good.” I heard a voice say behind me. It was Bertrand, he was finally awake, with a book in his hand.

“My dear, one thing you will learn about us, is that we don’t flaunt anything. We prefer privacy and seclusion.” He said giving a strict and stern look.

“I see… I was just curious.” I said shyly. Did I make him mad with my question?

Bertrand noticed my reaction and retracted. “Madam, please do not think me rude, I never intended to come off as angry. I am upset over something else. I just found out that Viyan was watching you last night. We do not accept that kind of behavior!” Bertrand said slamming down his book.

“Geez, I would think that Viyan would scurry off somewhere far away from you. Knowing him, when he misbehaves, he runs off.” Bardou said with a chuckle.

Bertrand sighed, “I’m sorry madam. I know you don’t want to alarm you. It’s just my brother is very unique…” he said.

I giggled softly, “It’s fine. I could use some excitement in my life.” I said smiling at him.

Bertrand nodded, “Well, I’ll make sure he doesn’t do it again.”

Bardou looked like he was lost in thought, “Say, how did you find out about that anyway? I didn’t even know about it until Solange just told me.” Bardou sounded a little offended.

“I just found out minutes ago myself.” Bertrand said folding his arms. Bardou automatically served his brother pancakes as he sat at the table.

“Thank you Brother.” He said acknowledging him. “Anyway, I found out from Fatir.” He said sighing.

“Fatir?” I asked curious.

“Our brother.” Bardou said answering any questions I had. He turned to Bertrand shocked, “Wait, Fatir is actually out of his room?” He asked.

“Surprisingly, yes.” Bertrand said cutting the pancake in front of him.

Just then, a young man walked into the kitchen. He had crimson red hair, that was parted to the side. Cerulean blue eyes, in a shape that looked sharp and calculating. He dressed in a very dark style. As in not an ounce of light color was on him. He was handsome just like the rest of his brothers. Which surprised me. Everyone in this family is gorgeous. Sheesh, what a weird family.

Fatir noticed my stare and snorted. “Are you so awe struck by me that you can’t turn away?” he asked suddenly.

“No need to be rude brother…” Bertrand said slightly annoyed.

“Yeah, alright. Nice to meet you and whatever.” He then turned towards Bardou who was still cooking. “You got my coffee?” he asked.

“Coming up Fatir.” Bardou said catching a quick glance with me.

I looked at Fatir again briefly this time, realizing something, that him and Bertrand looked a lot alike. Then it hit me. “Are you two twins?” I asked.

“Good going Sherlock, took you long enough to realize something you can notice at first glance.” Fatir said with a groan.

Bertrand glared at his brother. “Do you have any civility towards your fellow human?” he asked.

“Not really. I’m a recluse remember? I don’t really like people.” Fatir said sitting down at the other end, staring at me with his calculating eyes.

“Now you’re staring at me…” I said annoyed.

“Yeah, well it’s my house.” He said with a smirk.

Bardou handed Fatir and Bertrand their coffees, then handed me one too. “I hope you take your coffee black.” He smiled at me.

“Yes, I do actually…” I said smiling at him. At least Bardou is rather normal. He’s really sweet.

Bertrand turned his attention to me. “Now then, after breakfast, I shall go over your duties. I imagine you want to start work as soon as possible.” He said smiling.

“O-oh! Of course sir! I would be an honor!” I said smiling at him.

“I’ll even get your uniform ready for you.” He said nodding at me.

“I hope it’s a French Maid outfit.” Fatir grinned at me.

“W-wha?” I said shocked, blushing.

“Ignore him, he hits on anything with a skirt.” Bardou said rolling his eyes.

“Well at least she’s not bad looking. I could have worse.” Fatir said grinning devilishly.

Bertrand cleared his throat, “I shall retire to the living room. Meet me there when you are done, Miss Solange.” He said standing up and bowing.

I was really excited to start. That’s what I came here for after all.

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