Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 13: Luna

That night I stayed up late getting caught up on my work. The past two days I had been focused on Myra and Tyler, and that was okay. However, I knew if I was so lucky as to keep them in my life, I needed to learn to make time for them and work.

Especially if what Logan had said was true, I had to do everything I could to protect my friends and family. I owed them everything, and knowing that I would possibly be the reason for their downfall killed me.

‘You can’t think like that Rich.’ Brooke sighed, ‘You know we would do anything to protect this pack.’

‘Yeah but if Azrael gets to Myra, I don’t think I could ever hurt her.’ I moaned.

‘Well you don’t have to worry about that because he will never get close enough to try.’ Brooke snarled.

“I’m surprised you’re home.” Trisha’s voice sounded from the doorway.

I turned slowly to see her standing just inside the door. Trishana was a couple inches taller than her twin Layla, otherwise they were identical. With the same light rose toned skin and straight brown hair. Those deep blue eyes that seemed to engulf anything they touched.

“Luna,” I nodded at her respectfully and she rolled her eyes.

“None of that right now please. I’m as big as a whale and exhausted. My patience is nonexistent.” She groaned walking into my room and sitting on the edge of the bed.

I swiveled in my chair away from my desk to face her. My cream walls blurred until my eyes landed on my navy blue bed set.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” I chuckled.

“I just wanted to tell you in person I am happy for you. I can’t wait to meet your mate, and her son. You got the package deal.” She eyed me nervously.

“I really did.” I grinned, “She is perfect, and Tyler.” I laugh out loud. “He is so smart and curious about everything.”

“So you aren’t mad she already has a pup?” Trisha asked, finally getting to the point.

“No, I mean I was a little shocked at first. Especially with how old he is, but I already love the kid. He is just as much mine as she is.” I said confidently.

“What about his biological dad?” Trish asked, leaning back on the bed and studying me.

“All I know is Myra took Ty and ran after his father coated his teeth and bit his shoulder. The scar is so close to his neck I wonder if it was an attempt to kill the child and maybe Myra got to him barely in time or something.” I frowned at the floor as Trish shuddered.

“God, that is horrible.” She gasped wrapping her arms protectively around her swollen abdomen.

I nodded grimly.

“Well at least they have you now. As well as a whole pack willing to do anything for you.” Trish smiled before standing with a groan. “We love you Rich, and I really am happy for you.”

“Thanks Trish.” I smiled half-heartedly.

I felt as though I had just been slapped in the face.

Yes a whole pack willing to do anything for me, while I was quite possibly bringing a bloodbath down on them. No, I would fix this. I had to fix this.

‘With Myra on our side there would be no contest.’ Brooke mused

‘I will not see her as a weapon, and I don’t want her anywhere near a fight.’ I snapped in return.

‘You’re right. You know I didn’t mean it as her being a weapon, just our partner.’ Brooke whimpered.

I sighed, I knew he was right. I would never try to use Myra to fight for me, but I would be willing to train her to fight with me if she wanted to.

However before I could even think of that she had to trust me. It was unbelievable how hopeless I suddenly felt, as if I had already lost the war. In all honesty I had done everything I could. It was her turn to make a move. No relationship could be one sided.

Next to me my phone pinged, Myra’s landline flashing across my screen. I picked it up quickly terrified something was wrong. I couldn't imagine that she was calling for any other reason.

“Hello?” My voice was too cloaked to portray the nonchalance I wanted.

“Ok…” Myra’s voice was low and unsure.

I was confused. What was she trying to say? However, before I could ask she sighed then continued slowly.

“But only if Rowan can watch Tyler, otherwise no deal.” Her voice was stronger than before but still shaken, afraid.

It hurt that she was so clearly afraid of me. I had to prove myself to her, and now I had a chance to start. I would not take that lightly. I knew it was hard for her to agree to this, and would be hard for her to follow through.

“Great, I’ll talk to Rowan. Do you work tomorrow night?” I asked, unable to stop the smile spreading across my face from coating my voice.

“No I don’t.” She sounded like she might be smiling too, or maybe that was just wishful thinking.

“I’ll pick you guys up at four.” I was already making plans.

“Ok.” She said before hanging up leaving the dial tone ringing in my ear.

“Ok.” I repeated, hanging up the phone.

‘Well it’s something.’ Brooke sighed.

‘No.’ I grinned widely, ‘It’s everything.’

Brooke rolled his eyes, ‘Since when are you such a romantic?’

‘I’m not sure.’ I admitted.

‘I am.’ He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes, turning back to my computer and began planning. I would make this the best decision she ever made. I couldn't leave any doubt in her mind that I would be good for them.

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