Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 17: Let Me In

‘Hey Rich, how’s it going?’ Zane’s chocolate brown wolf came to sit on my left.

I huffed a reply laying my head back down on my front paws. We were in the clearing with the trampoline and it was four in the morning. The moon was a mear sliver in the sky but the stars shone as brightly as ever.

It had been a whole week since I had kissed Myra in the living room. While she wasn’t avoiding me completely, she had managed to avoid being alone with me. This time however it wasn’t her fear of me that made her push me away. She knew she was safe with me. It was her fear of us that challenged me now.

She knew we were meant for each other. I know she felt that, but she is too afraid to try again. I don’t blame her. She went through hell the last time she was close to someone.

Logan’s golden red wolf came and sat on my right.

‘Richard, talk to us.’ Logan gently, his tail brushing my hip.

‘I thought once she realized we were mates she would trust me.’ I sighed and Brooke whined quietly, ‘But she is fighting more than ever. I don’t get it, she knows I won’t hurt her.’

‘Maybe it’s more about Tyler than herself.’ Zane sighed, allowing himself to fall to his stomach.

‘That’s irrational. I have shown no threat to him, I try to be good to him.’ I snapped, pinning my ears back

‘A mother’s love can be irrational.’ Zane shot me a look.

He looked like he was about to say something else but we were interrupted by Rowan breaking into our link.

‘Logan! Trisha’s water broke, Layla is taking her to the pack hospital.’

We all stood and Zane and I looked and Logan who stood looking scared even in wolf form.

‘Go!’ I snapped at his back leg forcing him to move.

Then he was gone in a flash.

‘Oh, and Rich. Myra’s blowing up your phone. Do you want me to answer?’ Rowan asked.

‘Yeah, I’m on my way.’ I said as I took off.

I could hear Zan right behind me but I couldn’t think of that. All I could think about was Myra. Something had to be wrong, for her to be calling me. What if she was hurt, what if Tyler was hurt? I picked up my pace and Zane fell behind.

‘Everything is okay, but you should get here quickly.’ Rowan’s voice seemed choked. I couldn’t tell if she was trying not to laugh, or cry.

‘I’m here.’ I responded as I bolted up to the house.

Rowan walked outside and rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her hips. “You can’t hold the phone in that form, genius.”


She looked away as I quickly changed threw on a pair of basketball shorts.

“You boys have it so easy.” Rowan rolled her eyes, handing me the phone.

“Hey Myra. Everything okay?” I gasped, ignoring her.

“Mr. Richard?” I breathed a sigh of relief as Tyler’s voice came over the phone.

“Hey Ty. How are you doing buddy? Where’s your mommy?” I asked as I sat down on the steps.

“She’s mad I stoled her phone and locked the door.” Tyler admitted sheepishly.

Now that I listened closer I thought I could hear Myra banging on the door.

“Ty that’s not a very good thing to do buddy. Why did you do it?” I asked calmly.

“I miss you. I want you to read me a nigh-night story again.” His voice was quiet but the banging in the background had stopped.

I wondered what Myra thought of what she was hearing. I knew she could hear everything if she was trying hard enough. With that thought in mind I took a second to plan my answer.

Finally I took a deep breath and spoke. “I know buddy I miss you too. I have just been busy with work this week.”

I hated lying to him but he was too young to understand and I wouldn’t pin the blame on Myra.

He was quiet for a long time. When he did speak it sounded like he was crying. “It’s because you don’t want me isn’t it…”

I almost started crying right then.

“No baby boy. You’re my buddy.” I hesitated then decided I had to be honest here, “I love you Tyler, and I would do anything to be with you right now.”

“Then come be here.” He cried, “It’s not too far away.”

“I’m so sorry Tyler. I wish I could.” I felt so helpless.

I wanted to wrap my arms around the little boy and comfort him. All I could do was listen to him crying.

“How about this? I’ll ask your mom and see if I can come tuck you in tonight.” I submitted

“O-ok-Kay.” He sniffled.

“Tyler I need you to know this has nothing to do with you. I love you and only want you to be happy. I need you to say sorry to your mommy and give her phone back though. Okay?” I spoke gently while trying to maintain some assertion in my tone.

“Yes, sir.” Tyler said with a more even voice then he had before. “I love you too Richard.”

My heart swelled in my chest, and broke at the same time, as I hung up the phone. I sat staring at the small black object in my hands replaying his last words over and over in my mind.

I knew the days I had stayed there while they were sick had taken a toll on me. I missed tucking Tyler in and seeing them both every morning. I missed taking care of them. What I hadn’t expected was for it to have affected him too. He missed me as well.

I sighed and stared down at the phone. I couldn’t decide whether I was more happy that he had bonded with me as well, or sad that that bond was hurting him now. I sighed again, laying my face in my palms.

Suddenly a small hand gripped my shoulder. “It’ll all work out Rich. You have to believe that.”

I nodded slowly. “I have to talk to her.”

“I’ll see if Avrily can go over for a play date. You can give her a ride right?” When I looked up Rowan was smiling mischievously at me.

She pulled out her phone and after a few taps of the screen she put it to her ear.

While I was still debating whether or not I should stop her she started talking again. “Hey Myra I have a favor to ask of you?”

“What’s going on?” Myra sounded tired.

Brooke whimpered in my head, he never did much more than that these days.

“Trish is having the baby and I want to go to the hospital. I could leave Avrily with Zane but she has been begging to play with Ty.” Rowan said in an exhausted, concerned voice.

“Of course she can come over. Honestly I think Ty could use the pick me up.”

“Oh thank you so much! Rich will bring her over, I’m desperate to get to the hospital.” Rowan said excitedly.

“Oh… okay.” Myra said, sounding unsure again. “Let me know how it goes with Trish.”

“Of course! Thank you so much! I’ll let you know if I can still do coffee tomorrow morning also.”

“Sounds good Ro.” Myra sounded happy again.

“Okay bye!” Rowan hung up the phone and grinned down at me.

“I didn’t know you were so anxious to get to the hospital.” I mused.

She rolled her eyes waving a dismissive hand at me. “Are you kidding, labor takes hours and Trish won’t be ready to see us for even longer. I’m going to take a nap.”

I laughed, “I never knew you were such a good actress.”

“Oh hun. I know you didn’t.” She grinned at me before skipping up the steps, her blonde curls bouncing behind her.

For such a tiny innocent looking woman, there were times I wondered if maybe she was more dangerous than I was.

Avrily burst out the door, “Let’s go let’s go!” She cheered excitedly.

“Okay princess, lets go.”

I reached in the door grabbing my keys. Then I slid on a red T-shirt and some flip flops from the trunk of my car. Reaching down I grabbed Avrily's hand and led her to the car. I knew I had to talk to Myra, and now I had the means to do that. Only problem was I had no clue what I was going to say.

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