Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 18: Running Again

The second my knuckles hit the door it flew open. Tyler bolted out wrapping his tiny arms tightly around my legs. Quickly I crouched down hugging the child closely to me. I felt more complete with him there, I had missed him so much. Only one person was missing.

As I looked up to search for her, I noticed the pained expression on her face. I could feel her inner turbulence as she battled to figure out what she was supposed to do. I knew she had never thought it would hurt Tyler so bad to push me away.

“Um, hello?! Ty-ty I’m here to play.” Avrily announced stomping her foot and crossing her arms.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as Tyler looked up embarrassed.

“Are you leaving?” He asked me desperately.

I made eye contact with Myra silently asking her the same thing. When she didn’t respond I took the initiative, “No I’m going to hang out and talk to mommy for a bit.”

“Okay. I’m gonna go play, don’t leave!” Tyler commanded.

“Yes sir.” I said attempting to look as serious as possible.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Myra crack a smile. Then the kids ran inside heading back towards Tyler’s room. I entered the apartment, closing the door slowly behind me. I met Myra’s gaze for a split second before her warm brown eyes fell to the floor. I followed as she headed into the kitchen silently.

She started fidgeting with stuff on the counter, so I slid onto a bar stool to wait.

‘Damn it Rich, say something!’ Brooke snapped at me.

‘No. She needs a minute to gather her thoughts before this conversation. I’m not going to rush her.’ I responded smoothly.

Brooke was much more aware and active back in her presence.

“I’m sorry about this morning.” Myra finally murmured reluctantly.

“It was nice to hear from him.” I admitted with a shrug, “I missed him… I missed you both.”

“I know,” she sighed, turning to look at me. “I got an offer, I didn’t… still don’t know what to do though.”

I froze, confused, this wasn’t what I had been expecting.

“An offer on what?” I finally asked.

“A safe place for people like us. Where we can be with others similar to us and fit in. I know that others with our particular abilities are rare but there are other more common ones.” She explained this quietly. She frowned as if she wasn’t sure she believed what she was saying.

I on the other hand had heard the speech before and felt my anxiety rising. I couldn’t believe Azreal had gotten a hold of her so soon. She hadn’t excepted the mate bond yet. What if she believed this load of lies over me.

I nodded dumbly unsure what else to do.

“Apparently a lot of wolves with abilities and their families have formed this community. It’s their own pack.” She said still unsure.

“It’s not real Myra…” I finally said after a long pause.

“How do you know?” She snapped, crossing her arms.

I knew how badly she wanted to believe this. Hell, I had wanted to also and I already had a pack I was devoted to when I was told.

“It’s the same lie I almost fell for, and trust me it’s dangerous.” I pleaded nonverbally that she would heed my warning.

“Why should I believe you? It could be different.” She sounded as if she was trying to convince herself as much as she was me.

“Because I know within three guesses who told you about it.” I admitted sadly. “Zachary Hicks, Damon Smith, or Azrael Black.”

She sighed defeated as she sat slowly on another stool.

“Zachary…” She admitted. “What do they want?”

“Warriors they can control. They believe werewolves are a superior species and should conquer and imprison humans…” I felt glad that she seemed to believe me. However the pain I felt, knowing all she wanted was to fit in, wasn’t only mine.

She nodded both unsurprised and unphased. I once again realized that with what she had been through almost nothing surprised her. With that thought in mind I was shocked when she suddenly gasped and stared at the phone in her hand.

Her eyes widened, her heart raced, and her breathing ragged gasps. She threw her phone hard against the wall and I watched, shocked, as it busted into several pieces. Suddenly she was crying. She slid down onto the floor pulling her legs tightly against herself.

For a second I just stared unsure how to react, but then Brooke took over rushing to Myra’s side defensively.

“What’s wrong?” His words escaped my mouth in a low growl.

At first she just sobbed and I sat next to her wrapping my arms around her. Her small form trembled as sobs racked her body.

“He’s working with them I’m sure. I was so stupid!”She sobbed.

This only confused me more. What on earth was she talking about?

“Hey it’ll be okay.” I soothed running my fingers through her hair.

We sat like that for a long minute. Until suddenly she took a deep breath and pulled away. She disappeared down the hall coming back with a duffle bag and my heart jumped. There were already some clothes in it, and I watched horrified as she started shoving in non-perishable food and reusable water bottles.

I stepped in front of her, crossing my arms stubbornly over my chest. “What do you think you are doing?”

“I told them what territory I was in, by now Victor knows for sure. I knew I recognised that scent yesterday…” She trailed off the last part not meant to be out loud.

“What scent?” I asked, frowning at the bag.

She stared at me for a minute before shaking her head, “It doesn’t matter, we have to leave.”

“You are not going anywhere.” I stated firmly.

“Yes I am.”

She glared at me in the most annoyingly stubborn way, only she could. I sighed, knowing arguing wouldn’t work.

‘You can’t just let her go!’ Booke screamed in my head.

‘No dip sherlock. Anything useful to say?’ I snapped in response, silently wishing he would shut up again.

‘If she’s leaving, we are going with her.’ Brooke stated confidently.

The idea was painful and I couldn’t help but grimace. On one hand everyone I knew and loved lived here, I didn’t want to leave them. However on the other hand maybe Logan’s fears of my ability causing the pack trouble didn’t have to come to fruition.

A look of concern suddenly filled Myra’s eyes, and she reached up placing her hand on my cheek. I knew she was feeling my pain, and in return I could feel her confusion. As her hand touched my face I realized that I actually could leave for her and Tyler.

“If you go, I’m going with you.” I stated confidently.

“You can’t do that, you’re the Beta.” She gasped, “You can’t just leave.”

I slowly warped my arms loosely around her waist as her hand slid down to my chest. “Try to stop me.”

“Logan won’t let you.” She frowned, refusing to meet my gaze.

“I’m the rightful alpha, he can’t stop me. Not that he would try.” I added the last part to comfort myself. I hated the idea of having to overrule Logan, though I knew I could.

“You were adopted, you don’t have alpha blood.” She stated this like a question.

“The alpha adopted me and saw me completely as his son, he passed the leadership to me.” I admitted, “It wasn’t until weeks later I passed it to Logan. Since I was given it by someone as they died, it still technically is mine until I die.”

I tried my best to explain but the confused expression on her face was proof I wasn’t doing very well.

I sighed, “Are we leaving?”

She frowned, staring down at the bag. “I don’t want to drag you into this.”

I rolled my eyes before using two fingers to lift her chin so she had to look at me. “Are we running?”

Brooke snarled, he hated the idea of running away from anything.

Myra met my gaze then nodded slowly, “I have to, but you dont Richard.”

“Let me help grab your stuff. We will take my car, so you can bring more. I have cash and a burner phone at home, untraceable. We will take Avrily home, grab my stuff, then go to a place I know. It’ll be safe. Leave your phone here. Do you have your money?” I asked, going over a mental checklist.

Myra nodded. Then to my surprise she threw her arms around my neck burying her face in my neck.

“Thank you.” She said, sounding slightly defeated.

I held her for a second before responding. “You are going to be okay. I won’t let anyone near either of you.”

After a couple minutes we pulled apart.

“Okay,” I said cupping her cheek in my hand, “Go get blankets, more clothes, and a couple books and toys for Ty in the car.”

Myra nodded then rushed down the hall.

‘This is ridiculous, she is safest here.’ Brooke whined.

‘She doesn’t trust that and you can’t blame her for that.’ I retorted

‘Then talk her into believing it.’

’And risk her disappearing alone into the night?’ Brooke and I both winced, ‘No way.’

‘Then we are really leaving…’ Brooke sighed.

‘Temporarily, think of it as a vacation.’

Brooke whimpered quietly and I sighed. Then I got to work collecting more food and filling jugs of water.

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