Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 19: On the Road

In only two hours we had packed up my car, dropped Avrily off with Zane, and left a letter for Logan explaining the best I could. I told Zane everything I knew when I dropped off Avrily.

I had been prepared to plead with him to pick up my slack while I was gone. Of course Zane had told me to go, do what I needed and come back. He promised to cover for me and slipped me a burner cell.

“It has our numbers.” He smiled sadly, “We all figured this might happen at some point. Logan won’t be upset. Call if you need us.”

I couldn’t help the burning guilt though. I felt especially guilty since Logan would have extra pressure with his new baby. I hated adding to his burden, but I couldn’t risk losing my mate or my son.

I surprised myself thinking the words, my son, as I looked at Tyler in the rear view mirror. I smiled at the child as his head lolled to the side in his sleep. I shifted my gaze to his mother. Myra stared out the window looking sorrowfully at the forest flying by.

I could only imagine the pain, fear, and guilt that fought in her own mind. Her inner turmoil had to be as bad if not worse than mine. I wanted to ease her conscience, tell her she wasn’t alone anymore.

‘Say something charming.’ Brooke suggested.

‘I haven’t exactly had a chance to plan something.’ I hissed silently.

I had no clue what to say or do and I could feel Brooke rolling his eyes as his deep sigh echoed around my head.

‘Helpless, worse than a newborn pup…’ He muttered, ‘Ridiculous.’

Okay, so I didn’t have a ton of experience with women. In fact I had spent most of my life focusing on controlling and strengthening my power over water. I didn’t have much time for dating.

However I felt his words were still incredibly harsh, and definitely uncalled for.

‘Watch it.’ I snapped defensively.

‘Let me talk for a second.’ He sighed.

Reluctantly I obliged.

He reached out our right hand intertwining our hand with hers, “ It’s going to be okay Myra.”

She looked down at our hands then at me. A tentative smile spread over her face, but she didn’t pull away.

“I’m sorry you got dragged into this.” She sounded so guilty, and the wave of sorrow that washed over me would have knocked me off my feet if I wasn’t already sitting. “I never wanted to take you away from your family.”

“You are my family now.” The response was both Brooke and I, and completely automatic. Neither one of us had to think about a response even for a second. “Don’t get me wrong I love them like brothers and sisters, but… you are my mate. I’ll do anything for you and they get that.”

She blushed the blood in her cheeks accentuating the red in her hair. She was stunning and I couldn’t help but smile back.

Myra turned away looking back out the window. We had come so far from where we had begun, but it still stung when she shut down and turned away. I wished she would tell me what she was thinking, what we were running from.

Normally within a week mates were marked and there were no more secrets. I had known from the start that these weren’t normal circumstances. That didn’t stop me from wishing she would talk to me.

‘She’s too stubborn and strong for her own good.’ Brooke grumbled.

‘That’s why she’s still alive.’ I reminded him.

‘I know.’ He purred.

‘What’s with that reaction?’ I asked, mystified.

‘Our mate is amazing.’ He sighed happily.

I chuckled out loud and shook my head.

“What?” Myra asked, frowning.

The way her lips puckered slightly, made me want to kiss her. The cute little v that formed between her eyes took my breath away. My attraction to her had only grown unbearably strong in the past months.

“Brookes just being bipolar.” I forced a smile.

Her returning smile was half hearted. She glanced into the back seat again.

“Thank you,” She said, eying me suspiciously. “This is much easier on Tyler than running, or even me carrying him. He’s getting too big for that anyway.”

She frowned as though that thought troubled her more than she wanted to admit.

I nodded then asked the question that had been nagging at me, “You never told me what scent.”

“I had a rough day at work yesterday so I went on a run. Rowan had Ty so I figured it was fine but…” she frowned out the window. “I crossed a scent that wasn’t from this pack. At first I couldn’t place it but last night I had nightmares about Tyler’s dad and his pack.

“He would never threaten a large pack like yours but he would sneak in. He is determined to get to us.” Her voice shook and she frowned, clearly frustrated about it.

“When we go back you should think about staying at the pack house. Far out of his reach.” I said, trying to hide my anger.

‘Why can’t he just leave them alone?’ I groaned angrily.

‘Let him come…’ Brooke snarled.

I sighed and stared out the windshield.

“Do you think it could be possible?” She asked quietly as she stared out her window.

‘What’s she talking about?’ Brooke asked.


‘You don’t have a clue do you?’ He sighed, ‘Smooth.’

‘You don’t know either genius.’ I snapped wishing there was a mute button somewhere.

“What’s possible?” I finally asked.

“A pack of people like us. A safe haven where we could be… normal.” She whispered.

“I think it could be, but it would take someone very powerful to lead such a pack. Someone would have to start it from scratch. It would be especially hard because most wolves with any abnormal power are forced to hide.” I frowned, “Even gifts as common as Psychics are hunted by alphas who want their power.

“Then there are the scams that make us all reluctant to believe in such a place. It would be hard work, and a lot of it.”

“Sounds like you have thought a lot about it.” She commented, glancing at me.

I shrugged. Everyone had dreams right. Mine however would be impossible on my own. Even if Myra helped me, we couldn’t do it alone. We would need a shadow. Shadows were nearly impossible to find and pretty rare.

A shadow is a wolf who can seemingly vanish in thin air. They are difficult to find and even harder to sneak up on. However they can sense the powers of other wolves and are often drawn to them.

The problem is when all the alphas went power crazy Shadow wolves were their first target. They wanted to force these wolves to lead them to other powerful wolves. In return wolves with other gifts often killed Shadows at first sight. Any that survived learned to run from any power they sensed.

Therefore two very powerful wolves would have a terrible time trying to locate a shadow. Much less get it to talk to us.

I sighed quietly and pushed down on the gas a little harder. I wanted to get there before sunset.

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