Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 24: The Plan

We spent the day playing with Tyler, running the woods and all together getting to know each other better. I had never seen Myra so happy. I could feel the joy radiating off of her. She had everyone she cared about and trusted together under, and she was radiant.

That night, after Tyler was asleep, the four of us sat down around the kitchen table.

“We have to come up with a plan. If we just wing it no matter what, we lose to some degree.” Alison said, all playfulness leaving her voice.

“What do you suggest?” I asked calmly.

“We have to leave Ty somewhere safe and draw Victor to us. The longer we wait the more time he has to try to find sympathetic wolves. Last we heard he was alone and had lost all credibility.” Alison said with a wicked grin.

I shivered, ‘Why is it that all the small statured women in my life could appear so terrifying.’

‘They’re women, they are always terrifying whether you can see it or not.’ Brooke responded with a purr. He had been inordinately content to remain quiet the last twenty-four hours. ‘Why is Victor alone?’

“Why do you say he’s alone? We were of the belief that he had joined a group determined to enslave humans.” I asked, glaring as Azreal’s face flashed through my mind.

‘We’ll deal with him after this is all over.’ Brooke growled.

“He had, but his main goal had always been to find Myra and get her back. When he tried to convince them that she had to be a priority, he revealed how insane he was and they kicked him out. Azreal may want powerful allies, but not so badly he is willing to keep a liability around.” Alison frowned clearly thinking about the bigger threat we would eventually have to face.

I looked around the table seeing everyone had similar expressions. With some effort Trystan grinned, “His own pack overthrew his leadership. He’s lost everything.”

“And for that very reason is still a threat. He has nothing left to lose and after years of…” Alison bit her lip searching for the right words, “Studying Myra, he knows all your weaknesses.”

Myra shuddered next to me glaring down at the table. I could feel the vulnerability and shame flooding off of her.

My blood boiled in my ears and Brooke growled loudly. It wasn’t until everyone looked at me that I realized it had been out loud. Trystan looked as if he returned the sediment, Alison looked sympathetic, and Myra seemed pleasantly surprised.

“So shouldn’t Myra stay back with Tyler?” I asked, suddenly stressed.

“No,” Alison said just as Myra was about to argue. “He knows her weaknesses and how to control her if she is captive. However, I assume you guys have been working on her control?”

I nodded.

“Then he won’t know her strength, he’ll never get close enough. The main concern is what he tells others, we have to deal with the problem before it grows.” Alison concluded.

I didn’t like how much sense she made. I wanted Myra as far away from all of this as possible.

‘Idiot. Look at her. She needs this.’ Brooke snapped as I thought this.

When I looked over I saw a fiery determination I had never seen burning deeply in Myra’s eyes.

‘What if she gets hurt?’ I thought, desperate that at least my own wolf was on my side.

‘Ask her that.’ He challenged.

‘She’d burn me to a crisp.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘My point exactly.’ His satisfactory tone made me want to hit him before I decided it would hurt me more.

I sighed loudly.

“So are you on board?” Alison asked, stiffly.

I got the feeling she wasn’t used to being doubted. Her annoyance amused me, but I bit back a sarcastic retort. This was a serious discussion and I would hate for any one of them to think I was taking it lightly. I had spent years trying to find my family, now it was time for me to defend it.

“So what’s the plan?” I relented, leaning forward on the table.

Alison nodded and smirked, I had the feeling she had known what I almost said. It felt so weird talking to somebody who knew every direction the conversation could or could have gone.

“As I said first we need a place for Tyler.” Alison replied.

“Rowan?” I asked questioningly at Myra.

She nodded, “I can’t take him there though can I?”

Alison looked uncomfortable as she shook her head. “Your scent is too familiar to him, if he crosses it he will follow it and…” She trailed off.

“I’ll do it.” I offered, “He doesn’t know me at all.”

“That is the best course.” Alison nodded.

“God just tell us!” Myra snapped. “These guessing games are annoying.”

Alison sighed, “Fine. Richard takes Tyler to his friend’s place then meets us at cabin number three in his own pack’s territory. We set the trap and wait.”

“How do we contact him?” I asked.

“We know somebody who used to be in close standing with Victor and would do anything to get back in his good graces.” Trystan surprised me by answering.

“Do you have contact with him?” Myra’s voice was shocked and somewhat pained.

“I haven’t contacted him but he asks after you regularly. I will give him what he wants. He won’t even know he’s setting up his own master’s demise.” Trystan said seriously.

Myra nodded and Alison laid her hand on her mates knee in a comforting gesture. The ache in his eyes made me more curious then ever. I wasn't sure I wanted to know who they were referring to, but I needed to know.

“Who?” I asked, feeling completely left out.

“The man who sold me to Victor in the first place.” Myra said before looking up at me. “Our father.”

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