Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 25: Setting the Trap

The next day I packed up Tylers stuff and waited as he said goodbye to Myra. When he was buckled into the car I turned to her. She surprised me by jumping into my arms.

I chuckled, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her closer. I breathed in her scent and had to remind myself I would be with her again tonight.

“Please make sure he is safe. I am trusting you completely right now.” She finally choked out, tears thick in her voice.

“I won’t let anything happen to him.” I pulled away brushing a tear off her cheek. “Keep yourself safe, I’ll see you soon.”

She nodded before leaning into my hand.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too.” I responded then smiled trying to comfort her. “This will work, it’s Alison’s plan, remember?”

She chuckled, “Yeah, okay.”

“I’ll see you soon.” With that I kissed her forehead and climbed into the car.

The first half hour of the drive was silent as I allowed Tyler to try to process his feelings.

“Are you excited about your sleepover bud?” I finally asked when the silence seemed deafening.

He shrugged.

‘Ask him what is wrong?’ Brooke suggested after another long silence.

“Are you okay Ty?” I asked instead.

He shrugged again. This time I didn’t push any farther. He clearly didn’t want to talk, and I wasn’t one to force it.

Time seemed to crawl and I was surprised to look at the clock and realize only an hour had passed. Then Tyler spoke. His tortured voice interrupted my thoughts and made my heart ache.

“Are you and my mommy leaving me forever?” His whisper was barely intelligible.

“No Ty, we just have to take care of something and we want you to be safe.” I replied, surprised that even knowing his insecurities his words hurt. “We will be back in a couple of days tops. You’re going to have fun with Avrily.”

I knew it didn’t matter what I said. It would take years of proving my words to make him confident in his own self worth. The anger that built in my chest, made me happy that I would be able to fight the man who caused Tylers doubt soon. Never before had I harbored so much hate for somebody I had never met.

Leaving Tyler with Rowan and Zane turned out harder then I had expected. I was surprised to find, as I pulled back onto the main road, that I was crying. While I had never been told boys don’t cry, it was a very rare thing for me.

However, having to drive away knowing he didn’t believe I would be back killed me. I swiped at my eyes pushing the emotions away for now. I had more important issues at hand than my feelings.

When I got to the house we had agreed to meet at, I found Alison sitting on the porch frowning. When I followed her gaze I saw Trystan and Myra arguing by the tree line. Myra was talking adamantly and pointed at him. In retaliation he smacked her hand away from her and tossed his hands in the air exasperated.

As I watched her flinch at his quick movements I fought the urge to step in.

“I wouldn’t if I were you. She’ll just get mad that you’ll take his side.” Alisons voice distracted me.

“What’s it about?”

“She wants him to talk to her about his feelings toward their father. He wants to protect her from details therefore won’t open up to her.” She smiled looking exhausted.

“That seems like his choice,” I shrugged, frowning at the siblings. “If he doesn’t want to talk he doesn’t have to.”

“Hence why I said you should stay out of it.” She sighed, laying her chin on her knees.

“Are you okay?”

“Just tired. Watching anyone 24/7 is exhausting, but trying to watch the whole situation and alter bad endings is even harder.” She shrugged.

I suddenly felt guilty. I hadn’t even realized how much effort she was expelling for this plan to work.

“Is there anything we can do to ease the pressure?” I asked hopelessly.

She chuckled humorlessly before glancing at me. She studied me for a minute then smiled brightly.

“What?” I asked, feeling as though she was looking straight through me.

“I’m just glad she found another giver.”

I nodded unsure how to respond as I looked back up at Myra who was still arguing with her brother.

“Do they do that alot?” I finally asked after another minute.

“They are siblings.” Alison shrugged.

I nodded before changing the subject. “So how did the contact go?”

“Good Trys was able to tell his dad the good news.” Her voice had a new icy tone.

“Good news?” I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer, but with the fierce concern that burned in Alison’s eyes as she watched Trystan, I had to know.

“That Trystan found his long lost sister and she is perfectly safe.” Alison shrugged, leaning back against the step behind her. “Their father pretends to be worried about her but reports back to Victor.”

I nodded, trying to ignore the anger clenching my jaw.

Alison chuckled, “Soon, don’t do anything stupid now.”

“Like what?”

“If you try to intercept him, she will follow and she will find him first.” Her voice was more urgent than I had expected.

“She could take him.” I forced a smile.

“No, he knows too much about her weaknesses.” Alison muttered, staring at the siblings bickering. “He studied her for years. He knows exactly what it takes to strip her of all of her power. I never even told Trystan this but Victor has made Ember disappear for a month straight before.”

“That’s impossible.” I gasped, suddenly afraid for my mate.

“It’s not. You two may be some of the most powerful wolves out there, but everyone has weaknesses. You are both more reactive to those weaknesses.” She explained then turned to look at me.

“What if he told other people about these weaknesses of hers?” I sounded as panicked as I felt as Asriel’s face flashed in my head.

“He wouldn’t.” Alison smiled knowingly, “His pride is his downfall. He will never give up the dream of having a weapon only he can contain. He wants to use her against everyone. He would never give up that power.”

“How do you know? He could have already told…”I responded feeling somewhat less concerned.

She laughed tapping her temple, “I know him better than you can imagine. The choices people make reveal a lot about them.”

I nodded, and we sat in silence for a while. If I was tracking the argument right, Myra worried about Trystan and he was annoyed.

I laughed at the absurd normality of it. Overprotective little sister and overly annoyed big brother, I had seen it played out a million times. Granted the fights weren’t normally over the emotional stability of a man having to talk with his previous abuser.

I shuddered at the thought. I had always been told that the strongest of people often had the hardest pasts. With that I looked over at Alison wondering suddenly what kind of life had shaped the unphased, confidant, and determined woman sitting next to me. She hid her fear so well I wondered if it was something she had to do often.

“My talent was not allowed at my house. If I foresaw something, I got blamed for it. I learned to hide my reactions to my insights.” She shrugged. “I figured I would avoid the ten minute pause while you debated whether to ask or not. He’ll be here soon. We need to stop them now.”

She stood up bouncing on her toes graciously.

“Will I ever get used to that?” I asked rhetorically.

“Two years and 3 months.” She grinned widely, “Approximately.”

I laughed then stood to join her as she walked towards Myra and Trystan. Before we met them however she froze wide eyed and spun suddenly.

“No,” She said, looking confused and terrified.

I turned towards the woods where a man with tan skin, thick black curls, and bright green eyes stepped out from between the trees. He was my height and would have been good looking if not for the crazed look that burned in his eyes.

He walked boldly into the clearing as if he had no fear in the world, and I had to admit it unnerved me. Myra squeaked terrified behind me.

Victor held a gun up and I stared dumbfounded. Bullets would only sting any of us, if that. Had he lost his mind to the point he had forgotten obvious truths.

“NO!” Alison screamed.

As Victor pulled the trigger I remembered what she had said about him knowing Myra’s weaknesses. Tungsten, I realized too late.

As the bullet struck Myra’s arm though something even more insane happened. There was a small explosion and the bullet liquidized. Myra fell to the ground shaking as her lips turned blue and her body temperature visibly dropped.

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