Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 4: Broken

“You don’t have to believe me and I don’t expect anything from you. I just want to help you get back on your feet.” I explained cautiously, hoping I hadn’t just scared her off.

She stared at me dumbfounded for a minute before nodding. I sighed as relief washed over me. I didn’t know if she believed me, but she wasn’t running away screaming. I would consider that a win.

“How did you become Beta? Who is the Alpha? Is he mean?” Tyler shot off another round of questions as I stood and we started walking again.

Myra sighed but didn’t say anything this time. She seemed resigned to deal with the chatterbox. I wondered suddenly when the last time styler had talked out loud was. If they had been running in wolf form long then it would explain his rapid fire questions.

“Logan is the Alpha, his dad was the last Beta.” I started.

Myra shot me a confused look before looking back down at her feet. It was clear she was listening more intently now. Though she hid her interest well, I watched her head cock slightly to the side.

“The previous Alpha lost his mate, never remarried or had any children. However he did adopt me. I was offered the position of Alpha but I passed it on to Logan and assumed Beta instead. No he’s not mean at all. You’ll like him.” I smiled at Tyler.

“Why didn’t you take Alpha?” Myra asked so quietly that if I hadn’t had wolf hearing I wouldn’t have heard it at all.

“Not what I wanted.” I shrugged looking forward. “I’m different from most wolves and I had enough to do just learning how to control that.”

She nodded as if this made perfect sense, and I absentmindedly wondered what her gift was. It had to be strong to match mine. Artemis only paired wolves with similar abilities to provide stronger generations.

It started to rain again and I started focusing my energy on repelling the water from the three of us. I didn’t want them getting sick. Not to mention the T-shirt Myra wore was in fact white.

“All the power,” Tyler said in awe, interrupting my train of thought. “Dad would kill for that.”

Myra winced, dropping his hand and suddenly wrapping her arms tightly around herself. It almost looked like she was trying to hold herself together. Fear flooded over both of us and tears suddenly rimmed her brown eyes.

Brooke growled angrily in the back of my head. I, however, was suddenly stunned. The idea of Tyler having a father bothered me. To my surprise, it wasn’t just the thought of Myra sleeping with someone. It was the thought of someone having a claim on Tyler himself.

‘Dad?’ I questioned feeling like an idiot.

‘Duh, you think the storks dropped him off?’ Brooke mocked

‘That’s not what I meant, I just want to know who it is. Apparently he’s a power fiend.’ I thought sarcastically.

‘That narrows it down to two major packs and about a hundred small ones.’ Brooke groaned.

“A lot of people would, but I believe self control is more important than power. Most of those people don’t even think about that.” I explained out loud.

“But…” Tyler started.

“Tyler, that’s enough.” Myra’s voice broke as she wrapped her arms tighter around herself.

She glanced sideways at me. Her expression while still slightly pained was also confused. I knew she wanted more answers as badly as the boy, maybe more so.

I was grateful though. While I wanted her to know and trust me, I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk anymore about my lack of interest in power with them. It was hard to explain something that didn’t always make sense to myself, much less everyone else.

If she asked I would tell her, no secrets or lies. I got the feeling she would have more than enough of those for both of us, in the beginning at least. I hoped I would get the whole truth eventually.

“Wow!” Tyler said, jumping up and down. “Mommy, it’s so pretty!”

He was right. We had just entered a large clearing surrounded by a lush dark green forest. The clearing was full of freshly cut grass and a well maintained flower garden in the back.

A three story pale blue house with white trim stood in the center surrounded by flowers of all types. The gravel drive was to our left and ran straight to the front door. It was lined with rose bushes that were blooming with hundreds of different colored flowers.

I had thought it looked like a fairy tale when I had been brought here at about his age. Back when I had believed completely that I was cursed and had no future.

To this day I hated the word cursed, I had been convinced that’s all I was. Now I knew it wasn’t true and it was in my mind the worst insult ever. As I thought this I looked up feeling grateful again that my dad had been willing to take me in before he even knew how different I really was.

The rain ran down my face and I could feel my body repelling the water. I knew we would be completely dry as we entered the manor. It would raise questions but I did not want that white t-shirt to get soaked and cling to her bare skin.

Brooke purred and I smirked as my heart raced to the image my brain was painting. Her hair was wet and dripped down the see thru fabric. As she bit her lip seductively, motioning happily for me to join her, I forced myself to snap out of the day dream.

‘I would love that.’ Brooke growled hungrily.

‘You want everyone to see that?’ I asked.

His next growl was furious, ‘I’ll kill any male who looks!’

‘Exactly.’ I chuckled, earning a confused glance from Myra.

She shifted once again trying to block Tyler from me. I wondered why she felt the need to do that. I hadn’t threatened them in any way and he was just a kid. Clearly not a threat.

I opened the door and smiled as I held it for her. She froze and I could hear her heart racing. After a second she walked in pulling Tyler behind her and absently sliding her hand against the door.

‘Does she expect me to slam it on her or something?’ I wondered.

Brooke whimpered in response.

“What took you so long, Rich?” The dark cold voice echoed around the large entrance hall.

I automatically felt Myra’s anxiety increase and knew that this time at least she had a good reason. Myra’s wolf growled low and strong, a clear warning as she fought to hide Tyler from view.

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