Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 6: Burnt

As we walked through the doorway Myra inhaled sharply and froze. I knew she was feeling the immense amount of combined power from the other five wolves in the room. All of the leaders lived in the pack house and we all met up for dinner.

Only Trish was absent, being seven months pregnant she was probably napping. Everyone else stopped and looked at Myra for a moment before adverting their eyes. All except one.

“What the hell?” Rowan said, stomping over to me.

I felt Myra flinch behind me, but I just watched the petite blonde. Her curly hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. Her honey-colored eyes were piercing as she glared at me.

She had no makeup on but with her flawless, fair skin she didn’t need any. Rowan was in one word cute and had been like a little sister to me for years. We had met in an orphanage before my father found us. He had been astounded to find werewolf pups in a human orphanage. He took me in and found a home for her in the pack.

“You didn’t even give her proper clothes before bringing her to meet the pack leaders?” She continued, her bright eyes piecing me.

I suddenly remembered that Myra was still in nothing but my now blood stained t-shirt. How had I forgotten that? I guess after everything with Azreal it had slipped my mind. I felt a flush rising into my cheeks.

I shrugged suddenly embarrassed, “I… didn’t..”

“Think? I noticed.” She glowered rolling her eyes before adding to Myra, “I’m so sorry, come with me hon. I get you both something more comfortable. We are about the same size.”

Myra glanced at me and I smiled encouragingly. Though I wasn’t sure why she was suddenly taking cues from me, I wasn’t complaining. I would take whatever I could get, and if she started taking cues Tyler would see that and hopefully get more comfortable around me as well.

“What’s the story?” Logan asked.

His black dreads were thrown up in a loose bun. With his dark skin and black eyes he always appeared dark and dangerous, but I knew better. He was like a big brother to me, and had always been completely reliable.

“I don’t know. She is being hunted. The kid let slip that they knew the other wolf’s name, so it wasn’t some blitz attack. He’s going to be afraid of you due to you being alpha, that’s really all I got.” I said slowly Logan frowned but nodded.

It was getting more and more common that Alphas abused their power. As much as he hated it he knew that the fear wasn’t unfounded. I knew he would do everything in his power to put them both at ease.

“And Rowan said the woman is your mate?” He asked, smiling slightly.

“Yes, she is.” I smiled back brightly.

“I’m glad.” He spoke earnestly.

“I bet ten bucks Rowan forgets to introduce herself.” Jason said suddenly.

His bright hazel eyes shimmered and he laughed. He was always making bet’s and playing pranks. The only time he was ever serious was during a crisis.

Layla, his mate, glanced up to glower at him before tucking a strand of brown hair behind her ear and turning back to her book. She was the opposite of her mate. Always quiet and thoughtful, you rarely saw her without a book in hand.

I chuckled at Jason’s bet. I didn’t doubt for a second that Rowan would forget. She was by far the most forgetful person I had ever met. She had the habit of ignoring minor details, like names, and diving head first into relationships of all kinds. That tendency had gotten us both into a lot of trouble in the orphanage.

“No,” Zane defended her. “She’s not that forgetful.”

Zane’s honey colored hair bounced as he shook his head. His eyebrows furrowed over his light brown eyes. I had the feeling he knew he was going to lose this bet, but he still stood up for his mate. I couldn’t have picked a better man for Rowan if I tried.

“What’s that babe?” Rowan asked, skipping back into the room with Myra and Tyler right behind her.

Myra wore a red tank top and a pair of black jeans that hugged every one of her curves perfectly. Tyler wore a huge men’s T-shirt that I recognized as Zane’s. I frowned, suddenly possessive and jealous that the young boy wasn’t in one of my shirts.

Brooke growled possessively in my mind.

‘What was that?’ I asked.

‘I’m not sure…’ He responded sheepishly.

“Oh. Hey, babe.” Zane said, kissing Rowan lightly on the cheek as she giggled and flushed a deep red.

“I was making a bet that you never actually introduced yourself to the poor girl.” Jason grinned, flipping his fawn colored hair so it fanned across his forehead.

Rowan’s mouth popped open forming a perfect O and her eyes were wide. She spun on her heel looking back at Myra.

“I’m so sorry. My name is Rowan and this is my mate Zane. We were the ones in the forest with you earlier.” Rowan said frantically.

Jason and Logan laughed out loud as Zane pulled out his wallet muttering something incoherently. I couldn’t help but smile. This was my family, and I was eternally grateful to have them.

“I’m Tyler!” Tyler exclaimed while eying everyone cautiously.

“Nice to meet you Tyler. I’m Jason and this is my mate Layla.” Jason, still chuckling, smiled at the little boy.

“Hi!” Layla waved, setting her book aside. Her bright blue eyes shone with excitement.

“And I’m Logan.” Logan stood walking towards them.

I knew he was the same height I was, but next to her he looked like a giant. She was at least a foot shorter than him and so thin I was worried for her. I was shocked by the urge to get between them, but this was Logan.

“You’re the Alpha...” Tyler said, shying away.

“That’s what they tell me.” Logan smiled at him before turning to Myra.

Myra flinched and bowed her head submissively. Her whole body trembled and she eyed Tyler anxiously. The way she kept her head down in submission was the same way they sometimes trained servants to never look at the king. It infuriated me.

“What’s your name?” Logan said, taking a small step back, trying not to scare her more.

“Myra, sir.” Her voice was stronger than I expected and when she looked up there was a strange fire in her eyes again.

“Nice to meet you Myra. None of that ‘sir’ stuff, if you need anything, let me know.” Logan said, offering his hand.

After flinching slightly, she reached out to take it. Her hand shook like a leaf and she seemed to be focusing on it. It was like she was willing her own hand to not do something.

“Shit!” Logan jerked back the second her fingers touched his hand.

‘Richard, she burned me. She is a maitre de fue.’ Logan linked me.

‘That explains a lot.’ I responded before heading over to where she stood.

“I’m so so sorry. It was an accident!” She cried stepping back against the wall.

She pulled Tyler behind her and her hands outstretched as if to surrender. Her head was lowered again and she seemed to fold into herself as if trying to disappear. It broke my heart to see her so afraid of us.

“It’s okay.” Logan said, as I reached out grabbing one of Myra’s shaking hands.

“No, don’t!” She said urgently.

She stared down at our hands as fear, then confusion, crossed her face. It burned but I willed myself to absorb the heat and cool her down. She looked back and forth between our hands and my face. I was able to watch her begin to relax and confusion spread slowly across her face. Finally she met my gaze with a more relaxed and awed expression.

Logan was definitely right; she could create and control fire. I could do the same with water but maitre de fue’s are so rare. She was probably the only one in existants right now, while there’s always four or five people like me alive at a time. She was amazing in more ways than I could have ever imagined.

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