Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 7: Not Alone

“You’re okay, You are safe.” I said, squeezing her hand lightly.

“How did you do that?” She whispered, shocked.

“Tyler, hunny, you want some pizza and we can go turn on a movie?” Rowan asked suddenly.

I felt Myra stiffen then said quietly, “She knows I need to talk to you. He’ll be right there, you’ll be able to see him.”

She relaxed slowly then turned to Tyler, “You can if you want to.”

“Okay,” He responded hesitantly.

Then he smiled at Rowan and walked slowly over to her. He froze halfway there then turned back to glare at me. His eyes burned with a protective anger.

“Don’t hurt my mommy.” He growled.

I heard a couple of people chuckle. However, the anger and pain in my chest stopped me from seeing any humor in his attempt at a threat.

“Never.” I responded seriously.

After a minute of scrutiny he nodded one quick jerky motion before he turned on his heel following Rowan into the living room. Myra watched across the room and through the archway while Tyler sat next to Rowan on the couch and she handed him a plate full of pizza.

I wondered if Myra had even noticed that everyone else had dispersed as well. I was sure they were trying to give us some space. Still I had to admit it felt strange being completely alone with her.

“He’s safe, you know. You both are safe here.” I said confidently.

“You keep saying that.” She whispered, still not looking at me.

“I’m waiting for you to believe it.” I responded smiling slightly down at her.

“Don’t hold your breath.” She pulled her hand back and chuckled humorlessly.

She wouldn’t meet my eyes, and kept shifting her weight uncomfortably. She looked around the room noticing that we were alone, before stepping back. I wondered when I would stop feeling so angry at whoever had hurt her so badly.

‘Never!’ Brooke snarled

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, flinching slightly away from my anger.

“No, I’m not upset at you. I am, however, going to hunt down anyone who ever hurt you.” I spoke quietly.

She studied me for a long minute before turning back to Tyler. Her protectiveness both saddened and excited me. I hated that she felt that she needed to, but her being such an attentive mother made me happy.

“I know what you can do with fire.” I said calmly. I reached out to brush my fingers down her arm, but she shied away from my touch.

“I have never been very good at controlling it. I am so sorry, I can’t believe I burnt the Alpha. I’m going to get us killed.” She spoke quietly. As she finished speaking she looked down at her hands with a fear, I recognized all too well.

“I can help you control it. Logan would not hurt you. You are far too important.”

“You cooled me down, you didn’t get burnt.” She met my calm gaze with her own almost frantically confused one.

“I can do what you do just with water, I’m called a maitre de l’eau. You are a…” I started but she interrupted looking back down.

I noticed she couldn’t hold my gaze for more than a few seconds. I wondered how long that would last. I hoped not too long, I loved staring into her warm brown eyes already.

“Maitre de feu, my mom used to call me that.” Her voice was low and quiet, but somehow still clear as a bell.

“Yes, so your mother knew what you were? Did she ever teach you anything?” I asked curiously.

“No.” Her sharp tone was such a change in direction that I actually started in surprise.

“Okay well,” I explained after I had recovered. “The most important thing is that you learn to control your abilities. They are linked directly to yours, and your wolfs, emotions. She will have to learn to control her emotions as well.”

“Why can’t I burn you…” Fear flashed across her face and I watched as she slowly relaxed. I wondered if she was talking to her wolf.

“What does your wolf say?” I asked, Brooke’s curiosity overwhelmed me.

“She…” She looked up confused, “She doesn’t think I need my defenses against you. She’s trying to convince me it’s okay that I can’t hurt you…”

I smiled widely at that, “Well then Brooke and I thank her, but you could hurt me. Since I can counteract your gift it takes an immense amount of will, or a very strong emotion to hurt me. However, if it makes you feel better, you could.”

“Brooke…” She murmured, smiling lightly.

Brooke bristled with excitement. Even I had to admit something about the way her lips formed the word was exhilarating.

“What is your wolf’s name?” I asked after clearing my throat.

“Ember.” She responded shyly.

Suddenly, she winced slightly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“What do you want from me…” She choked out, tears slowly filling her warm, brown eyes.

“I already told you Myra. I don’t expect anything from you. I… We just want to help.” I said sadly, as Brooke whimpered in the back of my head.

“I don’t have anything to give you.” She insisted quietly.

“All I want is for you to trust me when I say, we are not going to let anyone hurt you, or Tyler.” I said calmly.

“I can’t do that now, maybe not ever.” She said shifting away slightly before meeting my gaze. “Even if you are my mate, I won’t let anyone hurt him ever again.”

“You both feel that way?” I asked to fight off the hurt.

She winced noticeably, “We both want him safe, but for the first time we don’t agree on how to achieve that…”

I nodded slowly. “Then it’s just you I’ll need to convince.”

I could tell she didn’t believe me but I would prove myself to her if it was the last thing I did.

“Can I look at your injuries?” I asked after a long silence.

“No, I’m fine. I just need some sleep. They’ll be gone by tomorrow.” She shrugged.

“Then let me take you to your bedroom.” I offered.

“No, it’s only five. Ty wont sleep yet.”

My first thought was to suggest that she go to bed while we watch Tyler. However, I remembered what she had just said, so I changed tactics.

“Then how about you lay down on the couch with him? You can sleep and heal while he enjoys a movie.” I pleaded.

At that moment, I realized how exhausted she really was. The skin under her eyes was a deep purple and her eyelids drooped. I wondered how long they had been running and doubted she had slept more than an hour or two at a time for days.

“Okay.” She sighed after only a second of thinking it over.

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