Ember Rains (Book 1)

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Chapter 8: Alpha

After getting her settled I walked down the hall knocking roughly on the last door to the right. Maybe I was overreacting but I needed a private word with Logan. I knew he would most likely be in his office.

“What can I do for you, Rich?” Logan asked as I pushed open the door.

I noticed as he looked up at me he grimaced slightly, so my displeasure must have been obvious. He knew better than anyone the past I had with Azreal. I had to remind myself that he did not know I was bringing anyone home; much less anyone Azreal would take interest in.

“Cut the shit.” I spat, “Why didn’t you warn me?!” I yelled, throwing my hands up in frustration.

He sighed and ran his hand over his face. “Calm down, okay. I thought he would be gone before you got back.”

“Well, he wasn’t.” I let out an exasperated breath. “I walked my mate straight into the line of fire. What if he had decided to attack?”

Logan shocked me with a light chuckle. “You would fill his lungs with water while she burnt him alive.”

I couldn’t help but grin at the idea as I ran my fingers through my hair. Not only of Azreal’s demise, but the idea of fighting side by side with my mate. I didn’t particularly enjoy fighting, but there was something nice about the thought of us working in tandem on anything.

“Tyler almost walked right to him.” I shivered miserably.

Logan frowned, clearly disturbed by that thought. “So Azrael knows what she is? Is that what you meant by saying that explains a lot earlier?”

“Yeah, and I could sense something was different about her. Not to mention when her wolf runs its fur looks exactly like flames.” I grinned slightly, then sighed. “He knows she is something. He can’t know what, but with the amount of power she was withstanding…” I shook my head.

“Do you think she would go with him?” His eyes darkened slightly.

Brooke’s growl escaped my lips at the hint of a threat. Logan raised his eyebrows surprised and I took a calming breath thinking hard.

“Maybe,” I had to admit reluctantly. “If he can convince her and Ember that Tyler would be safer there.”

Logan nodded, calm as ever, “Your mate bond won’t stop her?”

“No,” I moaned. “She’s too guarded to feel it.”

He nodded understandingly then took a deep breath, “Okay then we have to make sure she knows they are both safe here, and you have to get through to her before Azrael decides to try.”

I nodded slowly, “I have a favor to ask from you.”

He cocked an eyebrow grinning at me, “Since when do you ask?”

I couldn’t help but grin back at him as I shrugged passively. This is how it was supposed to be with him. He really was my brother in every way, blood aside.

He laughed then shook his head as he spoke, “Go ahead and ask.”

“I need permission to offer them temporary membership.” I said, suddenly serious again.

“Why? Everyone here knows who she is. She won’t need it here.” He frowned at me confused.

“She doesn’t trust us. She is very independent and I doubt she’ll be happy just staying here and having everything handed to her.” I responded slowly.

“Well I could talk to her about it later.” Logan started then stopped meeting my gaze. “But she’s afraid of me… Right.”

He growled quietly then crossed his arms over his chest. His frustration was more then validated. It sucked to be judge by what other people have done, especially when it goes against everything you believe.

“I’m sorry.” I frowned, wishing I could help.

“No, I get it. I just hate the abuse of power and it is becoming so common. Werewolves are becoming even more greedy and power hungry than humans. We do more damage to, give in to the bloodlust and beat down anyone smaller than us. It pisses me off, and seeing it first hand…” He cringed, falling back into his chair with a groan, “It just makes it that much worse.”

“Hey, we do nothing like that. We are not power crazed like them. So, none of that ‘we’ stuff.” I sighed, sinking into one of the chairs across from him.

“I know.” He stared at me, “How are you Richard?”

“I’m…” I frowned unsure. “I don’t know man.”

“You want to talk?” He asked, leaning back and crossing his arms.

“I’m so happy she’s real, and she’s here but…” I sighed looking up. “I’m hurt that she can’t trust me, and I want to kill whoever…”

I groaned, unable to put the rest of my feelings into words. He nodded, “I’m sorry dude, I can’t even imagine.”

“Also I don’t understand why she was running from that guy when she could easily have beaten him.” I added looking back at him.

“Right, I never did get the whole story.” He said thoughtfully.

I proceeded to tell him the whole story. From when Rowan and Zane met me in the woods till I walked into the kitchen with Myra behind me. I expressed my confusion as to why someone with such power would run from a lone wolf.

“You should not have run ahead of Zane and Rowan.” He frowned at me. “Myra seems badly injured. She probably felt they had a better chance of out running him, as opposed to fighting.”

I nodded seeing the truth in what he was saying. Ember must have been very very weak if they thought they might not win. If that were the case I wondered how much farther she could have run.

‘What if we hadn’t run ahead? Would we have lost her?’ I thought painfully.

Brooke snarled in the back of my mind, ‘Don’t even think it.’

Logan apparently on the same line of thought frowned, “I guess it was good that you got there as fast as you did.”

I nodded, wincing at the image in my mind of a small fiery red wolf lying motionless on the forest floor with Tyler crying over her.

I shook my head and shivered violently. Fear and desperation replacing the anger that had been following me all day.

‘I want to see her! I need to make sure she’s okay?’ Brooke whimpered.

‘I know I do too.’

“I’m going to go check on her…” I stood shaking.

He nodded, smiling slightly, “I see the bond is still strong for you despite her walls.”

“Oh I can feel it just fine, and I think her wolf can. She keeps telling Myra they are safe here.” I smiled as I backed to the door then hesitated with my hand on the knob.

“Good, and go be with your mate Richard. You deserve that more than anyone I know.” He nodded as if something finally made sense to him.

“Thank you.” I said before pushing the door open and hurrying down the hall back to the living room.

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