Rose River

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She is strong, because she needed to be. They needed her and she was there to be a guardian, putting her life on hold and thinking of everyone else. Now it is her turn to be looked after and taken care of after she is saved by a man who isn't a man at all, but an Alpha werewolf who pulls her from her life of taking care of her sisters and thrusts her into a mythical world of good and evil. He shows her love she didn't know existed. Along with heart ache and pain greater than anything she has ever experienced.

Fantasy / Romance
Natalie Jean
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A/N- disclaimer

Hello beautiful people!

I am excited to share my first EVER story. I have never written anything this big or really been at practice at all, so I really enjoy constructive comments and encouragement. Just plain criticism will not be appreciated, so please keep it to yourself and don’t continue to read- thank you.

I apologize in advance for the overall spelling and grammar errors that are bound to happen. Ironically I can’t spell anything, thank God for auto correct because this story would not be happening without it.

In this book there is talk about grief of deceased parents and other violent fights that may be a trigger to some people so this is your warning for that. Along with dark points for the characters, involving depression and anxiety issues. There may also be more steamy scenes to come. If any of that is an issue I’m warning you now.

For a few years now I have loved art, painting and drawing whenever I have a chance. I have always been a huge bookworm so this was my chance to try and expand my love of art to more forms. As an (self proclaimed) artist I like to use other people’s creative ideas to inspire me to make and shape my own, that is a huge reason I wanted to try writing a werewolf romance book. Kinda funny to start here but what can I say, I love them.

There is also a bit of a twist with this werewolf book. These werewolves have no moon goddess. Yes, there are a lot of similarities to the whole universe of these mythical shifters though. Such as the mating bond, pack dynamic and the existence of vampires! I absolutely love the books that involve this and so many other werewolf books that I wanted to try to write my own, and that’s what I’m doing.

In my werewolf version, they are created by God. I did this because a huge part of this book is based on my actual life things, like my sisters that I actually have and the main character being very close to who I am. As a christian I thought it would be fun to put this spin into the world. If you are not a christan, don’t let this scare you off. I don’t believe in a moon goddess and still love the other books that include her, same thing applies for you here. All are welcome to this book and I thank you for reading this far!

Werewolf creation story(Not necessary to know or read but if your curious, here it is):

During the time of Noah (Noah and the Ark-bible story) (Genesis) God looked at his creations and was sad and asked Noah to take two of every animal and go to the ark because he was going to flood the earth and purge it of its evil. What the bible doesn’t talk about thoroughly is that God did this because the devil(Fallen Angel Lucifer) was creating evil beings from God’s pure creations (Animals and humans). So God flooded the earth to get rid of this evil and the devils creations.

(Where my story comes in about werewolves and vampires being made.)

The story that isn’t told is that God was upset with his people because the devil and his demons were having children and breeding more evil through humans and animals. This is what led God to flood the earth and purge it of this evil. When God was flooding the earth he heard the prayer of a young woman to save the creature called a Lycan because he had saved her from being used and killed. God was just and merciful so he allowed the woman and Lycan to live if they pledge their loyalty and love for him. They did and with them all werewolf creation was born in Gods conditions of their offspring being half wolf half human shifters with less power. Two of God’s natural creations becoming one.

However with this he also would take some of their free will(the right to choose)(Very big deal in the bible) and give them many wolf instincts. This included the mating bond that forces them to feel the protection and love a regular wolf would even in their human form. He would also instill leaders in werewolves like a regular pack with an Alpha and Luna, Beta male and female, and Gamma male and female, making the others obey and submit to their rule and command. It was also made that the only way to continue their werewolf bloodline was to have children with their one true mate or second chance mate, through the process of marking, marrying and mating. With the mark of each werewolf mate it will turn humans into stronger humans that can feed off of the werewolves’ power but will not change them into a werewolf. The mark and finishing of this process will change a human mate enough to have werewolf offspring. So God allowed the werewolves their power and sees them as his strongest warriors against evil(Vampires/Witches) with the conditions of their natural laws.

The woman who asked God to save the Lycan was Selene, and she is confused in folktales to be the moon goddess but in reality she is the Saint of the moon. She is a Saint that only werewolves know of and pray to, mainly under the full moon for which they were saved and transformed by God.

Vampires are of the same story of Noah but instead of being saved by God they were saved by the devil. He made vampires immortal and inhuman, seeking blood to live and embodying his evil. Only the original vampire holds the strength to kill all werewolves. He can transform people into lifeless and soulless monsters who mindlessly do his bidding but are no match against the werewolves’ strength, and that is when witches come in to help the demonic and evil forces.

END of creation story. (Should get interesting, right?!)

All of this book’s copyright belongs to me. Any production of this book is illegal and I will come after you! I have no problem with that and lots of free time and resources.

There will also be original drawings of this book and characters shown so please do not use my drawings in this without my permission or credit, that is also illegal and I will come after you!

If you want any updates to this book you can follow my instagram I will also be putting drawings of the characters and other plot sneak peaks on there as well so please check it out!

Everyone else enjoy the book! I love comments so please like, share, comment and vote!

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