The Noble House Of Black

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In a world where everyone's fate is destined by their ancestors that share the same name and blood as them, follow the journey of Astoria and Insane as they venture out looking for missing diaries that may be the beginning of a new era or the destruction of the hidden kingdoms.

Fantasy / Action
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A queen forced to watch her kingdom crumble to ruins and warn her descendants by writing in enchanted diaries, if she survived. Two uncontrollable emotions set free to destroy the world and will soon be joined by more. A hybrid considered a mistake was abandoned by her parents and struggled to survive. A princess forced to live up to society's expectations discovers she has an ancient curse. A girl who grew up to become a queen was forced to give up everything and forced to watch as her family slowly turned to her enemies. Sisters that grew up as friends, but turned to enemies because of their mother's influence. A group of people from different backgrounds, race and status decided to "fix" things. In today's world they are known as the Unknowns, they are everywhere and have knowledge of what's happening around them and what will happen. Time periods do not exist in The Hidden Kingdoms as a punishment for the actions of the Seras and a king that has the whole universe held hostage. A war threating to unleash and destroy everything in its path to allowonly one ruler to rule.
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