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My half Demon

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Tiara is a young girl who had to pass many ups and downs in her life! She is strong and confident. For her, life is her routines and responsibilities! That much simple! But she is wrong! Her knowledge of her past is full of lie. But truth would not stay hidden for so long! All her simple world will change with icy eyes.  INTRODUCTION: Hello everyone. Just want to have couple words with you. First thing first my characters are not teenagers and they are adults. Second, I'm a new writer who English is her second language so I'm pretty sure you will see grammar errors and I apologize. I love writing and reading and this book is my first try. So if you read each chapter I would appreciate your comments, suggestions and criticism. I believe all of them even harsh ones, teach me something new so I can push myself to be a better writer. I would love to use your comments to improve the book. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy it!

Fantasy / Mystery
Bitter girl
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Chapter One


It was happening again!

I'm not too fond of it when it happens. I knew that I was dreaming, but I couldn’t help it! It was dark, and the only light was the moon. I heard the sound of water, but I couldn’t figure it which way it was coming from. Trees surrounded me. Then I heard them again... No... it was happening again.

I knew I was asleep but still, the poison of fear released into my body. They were howling.


Then I saw eyes... I wasn’t sure how many of them were there. Without having control over my body, I froze! I even wasn’t breathing! Then … it came … big black wolf with two icy eyes. He was coming closer, and I was having a hard time breathing …

“WAKE UPPPP. Ughhhhh″.

I woke up in shock, and I started breathing as all my body was begging for oxygen.

“Did you have a nightmare again?” Said, my sister.

I looked at her plainly. Then I just jumped and hugged her tightly. She was nagging, but she hugged me back too. I was so grateful that she woke me up.

“If you are hugging me for not making breakfast, I should tell you YOU WISH!” Said, my sister.

” Nah, I’m making breakfast, and I did dishes as well. You can rest all day,” I replied.

Her eyes sparkled, and she nodded.

My sister Tania and I were two orphanages, and we learned to stay on our feet at such a young age. She is two years younger than me.

I was just 15 when Cyrus, our village’s chief, told me that our parents passed away in a car crash. Ever since, Tania and I backed each other up. We were doing many different temp jobs in the village, such as selling vegetables for farmers, shepherding, cleaning houses, tailoring, etc. At the same time, we continued our education too!

Now I am 22 and Tania is 20 and we both go to college. I admit none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the chief!

From the beginning, he knew that I was so proud to accept money, so he kept finding small jobs for us to make sure we would have enough money! And for now, thanks to him, we both have a ride to go to college and come back. Otherwise, it would be such a disaster to travel 2 hours almost every day.

“Breakfast is ready!” I shouted to my sis.

“Jesus, Tiara! It’s not like we have a huge home or I’m deaf! Why are you shouting!” She said while she was sitting at the table.

I looked at her. Long Auburn hair that frames her beautiful face. Large hazel eyes resting under long, pretty eyelashes, button nose with uni_lip shape made her a natural beauty.

I guess I stared at her for so long that she held up her head and looked at me, confused. I smiled and sat.



Today was the first of the month, and I have to pay two payments for my and Tania’s classes.

I drowned deep into my thoughts.

“TIARA,” I jumped and shot an annoyed look at my best friend, Sierra. I mean, I love her, but sometimes I want to hit her head to the wall.

-“I don’t understand why you should scream when I’m literally next to you!” I told her in an annoyed voice.

“Oh, gotcha! Someone is in a bad mood today! Spit out! What’s wrong?” She said with concerned eyes.

She knew me better than I was able to hide.

-“I ran out of money, and now either I should pay for Tania’s classes or mine. Sierra, I don’t know what I should do!” I said with an exhausted voice.

“It is simple! I told you many times!! You and Tania should move to the city! My family can find a better job for you !” She replied.

“Sierra, it is not that simple! We are in a small village, and the chief is like our father, so no one can even think about coming close to us. Besides, I’m in my parents' house, so I don’t pay rent either. Now think if I come to the city in the best possibility I find a cheap house for rent and your family find great jobs for Tania and me I. Still I have to be worried for Tania’s safety. She is young and gorgeous, and I’m so afraid for her.” I said, arguing.

“Tiara, you can be my roommates, and I’m in one of the secure buildings. Besides, four years later Tania wants to go to university and for sure will move to another city apart from you! Then what? She is nothing 13 anymore and certainly can take care of herself. You are her sister, not her parent so stop parenting for her!” She said reasonably.

I should be honest with myself. Part of me knew that she was right! But I had a fear of cities and what ambushes it has inside.

I want to answer her, but she holds her hand to stop me.

“Let’s make a deal; I’ll try to find good jobs for Tania and you and a safe place. Then we can do some calculations to see whether that would work for you or not! And you promised to think about it, ok?!” She said.

“I’ll think about it,” I replied promisingly.



I saw Tiara walking back and forth in front of the home. Every inch of my body screams that something is not right! I should figure this out.

“Tiara, what is wrong?” I asked.

She looked at me with a lost look, like she looked but didn’t see.

“Tiara,” I called her again.

Her beautiful eyes focused.

“Sorry, did you say something?! I was deep in thoughts.” She said.

“I asked what was wrong?” I repeated myself.

“Nothing much. Just college and homework. Routine issues,” She said with a smile.

I am annoyed. Why does she still think that I’m a child? When she is going to learn that she can’t handle everything by herself and not talk!!!

” You know that I know you better than that. So please respect my intelligence and tell me what’s going on besides these bullshits!” My voice raised out of my control.

She looked at me, shocked! But in just one second, her shocks were exchanged with anger. Her wild eyes glared at me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off rude, but I’m tired of you keep acting like I’m a child!” I said innocently.

” Sorry, Tania, it’s not you. I .. uh... it’s Bruce. He, uh, stopped me today and just said some nonsense, and it pissed me off. We also have some cash problems, but for now, I bought time from college. They agreed to delay payment.” She said uncomfortably.

What did she say? Did Bruce say something nonsense?

” Bruce? The Chief’s son Bruce? Wth did he say?” I asked sharply.

"Don’t worry about that. There is something else that I need to talk to you about it. Your opinion and answer are really important for me!” She replied.

I still wanted to ask and figure out what Bruce said. I know he crossed the line that Tiara is this frustrated, but now I want to know what she wants to ask me about. So I shut up. But I know I will find out what that bastard told her!

“Ok. I’ll make dinner ready. You took a shower, and we can talk at dinner.” I responded.

She just looked at me gratefully and went inside.


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