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Golden orbs stared straight into my soul. "Fuck off", was all I heard. How can someone save you and then abandon you in the same breath? To make matters worse, this black beast is supposed to be my soul mate, gifted from the moon goddess herself. "No.", I said. " Suppose I shall kill you then myself." , he replied, saliva dripping from his razor sharp teeth. Claire has always loved a good mystery, seeking to find the truth in everything. When a turbulent journey makes her discover her own truth, she is thrown into a world of love, sadness and regret. Kaine was a keeper of the dark, he lived for blood and revenge and feared the unknown about his past. When an injured Claire comes whirling into his life, he's left with decisions he'd never make and truths he'd left buried deep down and never spoke of. She will be his undoing... He will be her savior... Message from author - Please note that this book has some heavy sex scenes and is definitely not for anyone under the age of 18. This is an original story that I wrote and I definitely will know if it has been copied and posted somewhere else. Please enjoy this book and I do sincerely apologize for breaking your hearts in the future. T. L

Fantasy / Erotica
T. L
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A New Journey Chapter 1

Claire's POV

Sunlight streaming through my curtains, I stretch away my sleep and blink a few times. Today was the day. "I am going to be a praised journalist in my wolf pack after I discover this temple.", I said, thinking inwardly to myself. Kia, my wolf speaks up while stretching her body in my mind.
"You mean WE, you and I are one in the same you do know that?", she asks sarcastically.

Laughing out rather loudly, I made my way to my desk with the map and plans laid out. We were going to do this, it will be a great discovery for all wolves out there. A blessing in its best form. It was said that the Moon Goddess herself had built it as a direct connection to her.

I start packing a small backpack with enough supplies and clothes for the four day journey, needing it to be light weight as Kia will be carrying it most of the time. Quickly getting dressed I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

Bright green eyes and jet black curly hair, hugged my frame. I won't say I'm super model type but average in every way, with curves in the right place and sun tanned skin. Pulling my hair in a quick messy bun, I made my way out of my room and down the packs stairs. The smell of pancakes and bacon made its way to me, guiding me to a meal fit for a wolf.

"Morning mom, Morning Alpha!", I said in a teasing tone, kia snickering.

"Claire, you know I hate such formalities and I also know you are teasing me, only means that you must be in a good mood today, I gather its from your new lead you received yesterday?", my father, Jaxon, asked me, smiling softly.
" Actually yes, I have news as well", staring nervously at them, " I leave today." There, I said it. "Now we must wait for the tongue lashing from your father and the comforts from your mother." Kia said while laughing hysterically.

I swear she's sometimes crazier than me but I couldn't ask for a better wolf.
Kia has been by my side from the age of 10, when your wolf first appears to you, soon after your first shift comes.

Kia wasn't exactly supportive of the situation with my first change, shouting at me to stop being such a pussy and fooling me by saying if I resist the change, I will forever be stuck in a half human and half wolf form. After that I changed instantly, while she laughed like a mad wolf. I instantly knew that we would be inseparable.

Tension in the kitchen had me snapped out of my memory, I looked straight at my father, knowing what's coming.

" Alright.", he said.

"What? That's it? No resistance on the fact that I'm facing extreme dangers and going all alone?", I said dumbfounded. What has gotten into them?

" Claire," my mother started, " I have already spoken to your father about this, our seer has given word that you must do this alone. "

My father spoke up once again," I'm not saying that I am happy but if the seer sees your future then I know in my heart you will be alright, but only because the seer said so. "

What? The packs seer? This must be important if she has foreseen this? Is it weird that I'm overly excited? I mean, I'd be going into no man's land, unmarked territory, meaning rogues will be everywhere and that's something you don't want to mess with.

The rogues came around 15 years ago, out of nowhere, no one knows how they were made and where they came from, we do however know how dangerous they can be. All it takes is one venomous bite and you become your worse nightmare. Red eyes, very little lack of control, a desire to kill just about anything for no reason and smelling like rotting flesh, never able to go back to the person you use to be, only death can cure you of this or a blessing from the Moon Goddess. That's why I needed to find the temple, a solution to this festering disease.

Kia interrupted my thoughts, sounding annoyed, " Are we going to blast our minds today with all sorts of thoughts and memories, or are you going to get your shit together so we can focus at the task on hand? I mean, I don't mind skipping through memory lane with you but we need to get going and make camp before it gets dark. I don't know about you but I rather like my sanity and my scent. "

" what in earth are you talking about Kia? " I asked, matching her annoyed tone.

" Rogues. ", was all she said.

"huh, since when did you have any form of sanity?", I replied, laughing.

With that thought I grabbed my backpack and headed down stairs, saying my goodbyes. Looking back at the blood moon pack, it's name given for all the lives that were lost in the war, I smiled to myself, " we will see them again. "
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