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This story is about a girl that is odd and is on a journey to find who she truly is. But don't let the little thing fool you.

Fantasy / Erotica
Alaijah Criswell
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1. Do nothing


She woke up in a beautiful heap of sadness and distress her pale blue eyes were clouded with newfound tears and sudden dread her almost white hair was in a knotted disarray of mess. I wish that I could help her, but I was sent to destroy her, so I could do nothing.


I woke up from a horrid dream I have been having for the past 3 years now, ever since my parents died. It always starts with screams everywhere surrounding me then a dark orb-like cloud appears it’s a man’s voice husky, darkly alluring, seductive, and commanding he tells me to come with him, to breathe but I always stop trying, he tries but he never gets to me on time. I then realized I was sobbing hard I had to stop or I’ll wake up Unni, that’s my older sister and she hates me I know it because of the beep of the hatred In her eyes, they’re just for me. I turned my head to the right and looked at the old beat-up nightstand to look at my alarm clock it read 5:05.

I got up and tiptoed to the bathroom to take shower I ran the water and slowly took off my clothes. I hated doing that !, every time I looked at myself bare l saw the mark and how translucent and chalky my skin looked. I looked in the mirror before me and grimaced at my delicate shoulders and tiny waist with no muscle. My small perky breast and pink perked nipples then at my full pink lips and into my pale misty blue eyes and little button nose to my long white hair. Unni wanted me to cut it all off but mother my sweet caring mother didn’t let me after I had begged her and my father to. To stop my sister’s wrath?

My sister’s bed springs were enough to get me jumping for the showers and snap out of my thoughts I washed quickly and made an escape to my room with a little green towel wrapped around me and my toothbrush in hand I had not seen a thing leaving the bathroom but soon I know I would hear 5:30 now I had to get dressed because I heard Unni and she would want me to present in her presence that’s was the first rule never break it. I scrambled to the other side of my clean little room to my dresser and found a blue sweater and some black pants and the proper underclothing. I reached into my little pile of shoes and reached for the old worn-out black boots I knew It would be colder now in this coming October so I had to dress to it.

I grabbed my old book of poems and my favorite pen and my journal that I write in and my book bag off the floor that was by my shoes. I looked over at my bed with the baby pink sheets and the little white pillows on the floor I would have to fix that so I put my things down and fixed up my bed. As I put my pillow on my little bed I saw the gold locket that my father gave me and quickly put it around my neck and tucked it into my blue sweater. I picked up my things and left my little pink room.

I went to the kitchen to greet Unni she was standing at the stove talking quietly on the phone unlike me Unni had thin lips and big breasts with a black short bod cut that sat neatly against her white satin blouse with long sleeves and a big ugly bow sitting at the top of the skinny neck that I so wish to snap paired with a black leather skirt that I thought was to tight on her lean hips and those lacy stockings that I knew wouldn’t be any help against the cold and black pumps she was whispering something about how she couldn’t spend the night I tuned her out I don’t like hearing her conversations with her many men so I waited for her to notice my presents it was now 6:20 and I wanted to go to the park before school.

She turned around and looked at me in the eyes hers aren’t like mine I have my father’s eyes she has my mother’s brown eyes unlike hers they are hard and mean I looked down, if you stare into her eyes for too long you can hear her speaking those nasty foul word, she so wishes to say but today she only nodded and turned away from me that was my queue to go I walked out of the small apartment and closed the door behind me and start my long walk to the park I love. I wondered why I was made the way I was and why I could never be like Unni. She was always so bright I am me but I don’t show it much I’m just a quiet little mouse that’s trapped in a cage full of sorrow.

I could only do nothing.

I walked to the park in fear of some mean people yelling nasty things at me through the car window It sometimes happens because of my odd look on mornings like those I wish I would have cut it up and dyed it so I would look like Unni and not an outcast. I finally made it to the park it was refreshing to see all the green I found my usual bench by this big tree in the shade even though the sun didn’t show I was glad to retract into the darkness with which I once came no one would notice me except for the bird that made its home in the branches above me. I pulled out my books and journal and started to write. At about 7:30, I started to put my books away when I looked up from my book dag he was looking at me who he was question.

The tall muscular man with these black beautiful eyes like a raven with a sharp jaw and a straight nose his hair was long enough for someone to run their fingers through it and just enough to grab just in case I have to slam his head in the dirt and run like hell he was wearing a black trench coat and nice shoes the pointed ones you see businessmen wear with black slacks. I realized that he was still starring so I mustered up the courage to ask

“May I help you sir” it was as quiet as I have ever been I was intimidated by him and pulled in by his presence he smirked as if he had found out the inner workings of my mind and could feel my uneasiness

"Iv been looking for you,” he said in a dark and hungry voice it was somehow smooth to my ears just as it was animalistic.

I sat frozen in my spot school was the farthest thing from my mind he had all of my attention good and bad, he walked closer now till he was right in front of me and knelt I flinched why didn’t I move sooner I could have run anything and now I was truly trapped and could do nothing.

Hi this is the Author, I am here to announce if you couldn't see this is the end of the first chapter comment please what ya thoughts are what you think could be done better stuff like that
ok much love


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