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I walked down the quiet hallways of the palace feeling overwhelmed. I needed some air being a queen is too soficating. as I got closer to the lake outside I could hear singing, I hid behind a tree as I saw him sitting by the lake with his daughter laying in his lap. His beautiful voice soothing the little girl as she sleeps in her father's lap. " if you need something your highness speak now" he said the warmth fading from his voice now matching the coldness of the snow around and I know that I was in trouble.

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Chapter 1

king's study

AlPHA Sam's pov

Sam swirled the scotch in his glass as he contemplated what the king just asked, he knows it was an order from his king but to even consider doing this is wrong.

He clenched his fist in anger to banish your son was extreme the boy messed up he agreed.

He already got the punishment for his crime that scar will be with him forever but to banish him when he's barley more than a pup is wrong and his father knows this.

And so his old friend rises from infront of him one last time. He watches his friend looking at him awaiting his opinion on the jougment.

Sam drinks the scotch before placing down the glass. He gazes at him " No I won't vote to banish a helpless pup no matter his crimes but" he knows the laws of their kind and further punishment is required even if the king wanted to save his son he can't.

Hurting a pack member is forbidden but to kill a another wolf that's not a rougue that's the ultimate sin a wolf can commit so he knows the pups chances are slim.

Unless there's only one thing he can do to save him " I'll take him" Sam thinks to himself he can't tell the king this of course he'll sneak the boy out right from under the king's nose.

Sam took a deep breath " I'll take the boy as my own son" he thinks to him self.with his wolf encouraging him " that it's the right thing to do" his wolf tells him.He walks towards the door and glances at his friend one last time he knows he will be punished as well.

" If the boy survives he will hate you william mark my words the moon goddess makes sure justice Is done and with that he walks away and closes the door.

Time to find the boy and get out off here.

" Kai's pov

I laid down in the cell whimpering in pain the cut across my face still burning. How could he do this to me I though to my self.

My father dosen't love me I don't understand why but that's what I've been told by the other pups as well as the adults.

I don't understand why. I've given up on trying to earn my father love along time ago. Some will think that being a prince meant that I lived in loxirery but it was the opposite.

I lived in a common room used to host guard wolves, the luna said she didn't want to see a bastard every day for the rest of her life once she married my father.

Since I moved down here I've been sleeping anywhere I can find a nap, sometimes outside other times, I sleep with any guard wolf kind enough to let me sleep in their room's.

This was my life until today I changed for the first and I trailed off at the memory.


I was sitting in the room me and the other pups used as we played. liana sat beside me as she braided her long hair. Derrick and my half-brother wrestled in their wolf forms.

A maid sat down in a chair reading her book while keeping an eye on us and the other children as they played.

My little sister mia walked over to me holding a book. " Could you read this for me please?" she said giving me her puppy dog eyes.

I smiled at her, her mother has warned her to stay far away from me tried and failed because no matter where I go she's always with me when I don't get any dinner she finds a way to sneak some of her dinners to give me.

My half-brother I and I have a subdued relationship at best while he doesn't mistreat me in any way, he doesn't speak to me Derrick's the same.

And as for liana every time we looked or glanced at each other, we can't help but blush or smiling or when our hands touch we feel a connection.

Mia has teased me, of course, none stop I should say all the other kids stay away from me but sometimes I can hear them whisper the curse I don't have a wolf a cursed one as the elders told everyone.

That's what they call me it's not much better than a bastard, to be honest, but the stoic mask I've been practicing was always plastered on my face.

No matter what insults or anything they or anyone say I don't react I never do not when father punished me I don't cry only when I'm out of his or anyone's presence to do I let my true feeling's show.

Mia found me crying and instead of teasing me she knelt and placed her little hands over mine and stayed with me.

I took the book from her and she sat beside me as I read it to her as soon as the maid went into the kitchen the problem's would start.

Rielly an alpha's son who was jealous of me and liana soon began to harass me. I blocked him out as he continued calling me names.

He snatched the book from my hands and tore it causing mia to cry I held her and tried to calm her down. John growled at him but his friends quickly blocked john from coming any closer.

I stood up but he pushed me down, mia tried to stop him but when he pushed her causing her to hit her head that's when I lost it.

I slammed my hands against the tile cracking it before launching myself at him he dodged with a laugh before hitting me in the stomach knocking the wind out of me.

I curled into a ball holding my stomach he kicked me again causing me to cry out in agony.

" Your pathetic," he said, " really that's enough!" Liana shouted he scoffed "you're defending him," he said pointing at me.

As I laid there thinking about everything I've been through it all suddenly fades away replaced by only a single thought.

* Kill Them All*

Muscles snapped and popped as white-hot agony shoot through me it was like nothing I've ever felt before.

It felt as if something was trying to tear me apart I cried out in pain and soon my voice turned into a growl. As I stood there transformed I let out a growl as I looked upon the figures in the room.

Before my eyes locked into the one that caused me the most pain, my eyes glazed over as drool dripped from my fangs as stalked towards him.

My racing heart soon beat at a steady beat as I looked at the little figures scurrying away from me there was only one thought that made sense.

* Kill them all!".

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