A werewolf love story (lesbian)

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Chapter three

All eyes focused on April, sweat started to form on her upper lip and palms.

We need to make a good impression April, come on you got this girl.” Belle said, she was always good at pep talking, no matter the situation.

Clearing her throat, April spoke up saying “nice to meet you all, I’m April I hope we can all get along.” She forced a small smile, her heart was pounding so hard that Africa could probably hear it if they tried.

Juniper suddenly grabbed her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, which April returned, with high gratitude.

“April is a guest in this house and I hope you’ll all treat her with the respect I know you can give, now back to work.” Juniper commanded with a softness lacing her words.

Everyone quickly ran out of the room, only two people remained, not including herself and Juniper. One had luscious red locks that came down to her waist, with a petite frame. While the other had short black hair that practically screamed the ‘I just got out of bed’ look with a strong build.

“April I would like you to meet Jack and Kimberly, my second and third in command.” The new acquaintances cast their gaze on April, both Jack and Kimberly had surprisingly vibrant forest green eyes.

Taking a deep breath, April said “Nice to meet you both.” Once again she forced a small smile. In all honesty she really didn’t want to be here, well who would, this certainly wasn’t what April expected upon being kidnapped.

Everyone was so kind, that single fact put her on edge. It was almost unnerving, she expected to be locked in a cell, being tortured for answer on some matter not know to her. Not this kind and friendliness, as well as hospitality that they showed upon her arrival.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, we've heard some much about you," Juniper shot Kimberly a warning glare, which did not go unnoticed, as well as the fact that the girl had said she had heard quite a fair deal about her, tucking away the information the girl continued "um anyway I well we were wondering if you would like to go shopping with us today or tomorrow." Hope gleamed in her eyes, making them pop and sparkle even more.

Quickly glancing at Juniper, April replied "I would like that, if it's ok with Juniper of course." She still wasn't sure if she was safe because who knows, one mistake could end up with a dagger in her back, as Aprils blood seeped onto the floor creating a puddle surrounding her.
"Of course, as long as you all stay together then I don't see a problem." Juniper replied, glancing at April as she said so, something gleamed in her eyes, making her blue green eyes sparkle some.

Kimberly clapped her hands excitedly, like a little kid getting their favourite sweet, "Alright then we'll go tomorrow, if that's ok with everyone." As if April had anything to do that would cloud up her schedule now that she was kidnapped.

Jack hadn't said not one word throughout the whole conversation, instead choosing to focus his attention on April, something gleamed in those mesmerising blue eyes, something dangerous but vaguely familiar.

Suddenly an image of her dream flashed through her mind, specially a pair of glowing green eyes, as soon as it was there it was gone like the lightening bolt in her dream.

Recognition dawn on Aprils face, Jack was still looking at her, straight in the eyes like he could see her soul if he stared long enough.

April was the first to look away and brake the intense trance, shaking her head April found that the conversation had died down and that both Kimberly and Juniper were looking at hers and Jacks strange exchange.

" Tomorrow's fine, I'm looking forward to it." April said, in an attempt in starting the conversation up and running again. With that Jack quickly left the room with a sorry excuse of having to do something he had forgotten earlier. Soon after, Kimberly quickly made her departure in the same fashion but not quite as rudely as Jack's.

Leaving the two ladies alone, the smell of burning filled the room.
"shit, the beacon." April cursed, quickly grabbing the forgotten beacon and shoving it in the bin along with the now charcoal black cooking pan.

Turning around April found her mate quite literally rolling around on the floor, clutching her stomach while she laughed. April crossed her arms across her chest and stood before her with a glare pinned on Juniper, before joining her on the floor in a fit of laughter.

As their laughing fits came to an end, the two soul mates stared long and hard into each others eyes, wondering what it would be like to have meeten on different circumstances but of course that was their mere imagination and was not real.

Juniper moved her hand so that it was playing with a piece of April's chocolatey brown hair. April mover her own hand until she cupped the cheek of her mate.

The sound of a camera taking a photo filled the peaceful silence accompanied with a teasing voice that said "That ones definitely going in the scrapbook."

As quick as lightening April shot up only to find Kimberly starring back at her, with a teasing smile gracing her face. April made to grab the camera only to be grabbing at air, for the camera was now raised above Kimberly's head.

Someone coughed which sounded suspiciously like a laugh, coming form the right alcove. moving out of the shadows revealed that Jack was the culprit of the sound.

A scowl graced Aprils face as she continuously jumped to grab the camera but only to come back down empty handed. After fifteen minutes of jumping April finally admitted defeat and said in a quite out of breath voice "Fine you win but it's only because you're wearing those ridiculously high death traps" She said in a huff crossing her arms across her chest.

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