A werewolf love story (lesbian)

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Chapter four

It had been two days since that whole ordeal with the camera, and certain things had popped up, like the fact that Juniper had been locked up in her office the whole time. Only coming out for meals and to use the restroom, or the fact that whenever someone said something like "we've heard some much about you" or "I'm glad you've finally joined us" the whole room would grow eerily quite. Unsure glances passed between the participants.

It was strange because every night April had had the same dream she had upon first arriving at her mate's pack. Something wasn't quite right, so she made it her resolution to get to the bottom of things before she had to leave, if she ever will leave.

The shopping trip with Kimberly and Jack had been like any other shopping trip, it was the normalcy she need after such a stressful few days.

The most strangest thing of all was, that her mate was being the loving, kind and caring mate, April had only dream to have. Which was completely different from the first time they met, for the first time they met Juniper had been anything but nice. What with threatening the remaining members of her pack and killing the unfortunate ones to have been in the ballroom at the time.

April so desperately wanted to hate Juniper but she couldn't bring herself to do so, what with Juniper being the ideal mate all the time.

Shaking her head she focused on the conversation before her, she was seated besides Kimberly, with Jack facing her on a small but comfortable lounge chair.

"So I was thinking maybe I would dye this part pink or should I just have pink streaks like Aria from Pretty Little Liars? I can't decide, you know what I'm just not going to it, I wouldn't be able to pull it of anyway." Kimberly rambled, over the past couple of days the three acquaintances had become quite close. Kimberly was the chatterbox of the group while Jack was quite reserved but still knew how to crack a jock from time to time. Quite like herself, reserved but kind.

"Kimberly just do whatever you think looks best." April replied, which in turn was meet with the stink eye.

"That's no help at all, augh I don't know what to do." Kimberly pouted, which made both April and Jack chuckle at the girls childish behaviour.

"I've got an idea, why don't we write the ideas on a piece of paper and Kimberly throws a dart. So whatever idea it lands on then that's what you do." Jack said for the first time since the conversation had started.

"That's probably the most stupid idea I've ever heard, lets do it." Amusement shone in Kimberly's eyes as she spoke.

In a matter of minutes everything was set up and ready to go, the dart ready and waiting in Kimberly's hand, while all the ideas had been written out and were spread out on a table with a cork board underneath to protect it.

Jack went to grab a piece of cloth to tie around Kimberly's eyes, everything was set and ready the only thing they waited on was Kimberly.

"ok on the count of three, one, two, THREE." they all shouted in unison. With that the dart was set a flight, zooming through the air and heading straight towards the cork board.

Kimberly ripped off the blindfold, as they all watched in wonder and anticipation as the dart flew towards the many ideas. What the group didn't predict was, that the dart flew straight past the many a few ideas and straight towards a painting, which unfortunately landed on the unknown person's arse.

The room was filled with hysterical laughter, resulting in all three of the musketeers rolling around on the floor, clutching their stomachs as they laughed.

A throat clearing caught their attention as they sat up and glanced towards the now open door way, only to find Juniper leaning up against the side wall watching the episode unfold. She looked tired for the dark circles under her eyes spoke volume. Shaking her head she spoke, "well it seems you three have managed to same amount of destruction as an elephant on roller skates."

The image of an elephant on roller skates made the group chuckle, especially April who returned to rolling on the ground, clutching her stomach while laughing.

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