Forbidden Memories (Complete- revising soon.)

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BOOK 2. After the Bloodborne Alpha, crashes Carly’s birthday party, Chris is more determined than ever to find out his true identity. He refuses to give in to this unknown threat, even if he is her self-proclaimed Mate. Once the shock wears off, Chris reevaluates his feelings for Carly, realizing he wants more. Their relationship begins to blossom when the two grow closer over the summer. Despite all of Chris’s fears and anxiety surrounding being in a relationship again, he allows himself to fall for her. Can Chris and Carly find a way to navigate their newfound love, or will the ghosts of Chris’s past come back to haunt him, preventing him from moving forward with Carly?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Additional summary

Do you remember your safeword Caralina?”


Good.” Chris started using long slow strokes, churning up my insides. I tried to bite my lip, quieting myself. “I want you to be as loud as you want. I want to hear all of those sweet little moans, growls, whimpers, gasps, cries, and begs. You can beg me all you want. I won’t listen unless you’re asking for it deeper, harder or faster. All you have to do is, be a good girl, lie there, enjoy, and appreciate every orgasm I’m allowing you to have. I want you to come for me. Squirm for me. Cry out for me.

You’re going to thank me after each orgasm, and I’m going to keep giving you them until you plead for me to stop, begging for a break for your poor insides. I won’t give you one, no matter how much you beg. When this is over, you’re going to be so overwhelmed by pleasure. You’ll be so sensitive it hurts. The night before your birthday will be nothing compared to this.

You’re going to come for me until you can’t anymore. And even then, I won’t stop fucking you. Your legs are going to be extremely sore tomorrow. Your body and core muscles will ache. You’re going to feel me in the morning and all throughout the day. If you utter your little safeword before the game is over, you’re not getting another orgasm for a month.

You might be wondering, what happens if you manage to last the night? Well, Princess, you get to lie here feeling me fill you up with my cum, the way you like. Afterwards, I’ll run you a nice hot bath, and snuggle with you in bed. Then In the morning, you’ll wake up with my head between your thighs. By the time this is all over, you are never going to defy me again. At least not before thinking of this night and how much your muscles are going to ache in the morning.

What do you say, Princess? Do you want to play?”

“Y-yes Alp-ha,” I panted submissively, grasping at the sheets.

“Good girl.”

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