Fighting For What's Mine

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She thought she was alone and different from her family, but when Alina turns 18 she finds that things are not what they had seemed.

Fantasy / Other
Heather Punko
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The trees were daunting to say the least but my family had kept me from them for so long that now I was more than interested in them. They had a special place for me because I was never able to go into them with the ones who raised me. Compared to my family I was too small and too weak for the forest that had held far too many dangers for me to go into them alone.

Well I am going to be turning 18 soon and I wanted to not only leave my family but I wanted to leave this world in so many ways it wasn’t funny. I had never wanted to be a burden to the ones who had brought me into the world or the ones who had raised me. That was all I had ever felt like, a burden to all around me. I had never felt like I had ever done anything right in my life.

My name is Alina Kinshra and I’m Human, sort of, but I’m special because I was raised by Werewolves. I knew there were supernatural creatures in the world so I knew there were real dangers in the world while most Humans just chose to ignore or just plain not believe in the facts in front of them. I on the other hand knew about it all, and it had driven me insane.

In school, I had been bullied by those who had thought I was worthless to the Pack because I was nothing but a lowly Human. My adopted family had tried to protect me from their fellow Wolves but my older ‘brother’ could not always be right next to me. I was by far not weak but I was not a Wolf either. I was always going to be weaker than the supernatural beings surrounding me and that was just a simple fact I had come to accept in my life. I was just the oddball.

Damien, my adopted brother, would train me at night and I could hold my own in a fight. However, I was not a violent person, I was a bit of a wimp and didn’t really want to hurt anyone. I tended not to want to fight others. I didn’t think it ever got me anywhere, what was the point? It never solved anything for me.

I was never expecting to find out that the real reason why my parents had left me behind was to save my life and the world of the Weres days after my birthday.

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