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Fighting For What's Mine

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Chapter One

[Alina’s POV]

I was up before everyone in the Packhouse as usual. Even the Omegas were still asleep and they were always the first Wolves awake. I usually helped them in the kitchen before running off to school. I was up before the sun, running and training alone behind the Packhouse as usual. I didn’t want to be seen by anyone else. They would have probably tried to mock me or beat me or both and I didn’t want to deal with that today.

Today I just wanted to get through the day unnoticed by everyone. Please, Moon Goddess, please let them leave me alone today. I felt myself blush a little at my thoughts. Most of the kids of the Pack would tell me that their Goddess only listens to the prayers of the Weres not to weak Humans like myself.

Victoria, the biggest slut in school, would be the first to tell me such things. She was convinced that when the Alpha’s son came home from Alpha Camp on his 18th birthday, she would be his Mate. True they had been close before he had left but, I doubt very seriously that Alex will like having a slut for a Mate. When he left for Alpha camp, Tori went after every Male Wolf that would fuck her sideways. All the while she claimed to be only for Alex and the future Luna of this Pack. Pft, I think not.

My brother Damien was Alex’s best friend, they had been close since they were pups, and he will be the Pack’s second in command when Alex becomes the Alpha after finding and Marking his Luna. Meaning Alexander had spent more than enough time around me and our parents than most others had. I knew more about my Alpha than most others. Alex had always looked after me with Damien, they were like my Guardian Angels. My best friends, when I had no one else to run to. Until they had to leave me for training.

When Alex left for Alpha Camp, Damien had to leave too for his own training to become a better and stronger Beta for the Pack, unfortunately that had left me alone to fend for myself against the she-wolves of the Pack. The future Pack runners. I had been left alone for two years, facing the Pack alone. The adults of the Pack adored me and found me to be cute and adorable most of the time but not their kids or grandkids. For some reason all the ones my age or younger hated me. They despised the fact that a lowly Human had found their way into the ranks of the Wolves to live. Victoria Kane and Wyatt Jones were the ringleaders and lead the popular kids in bulling me, beating on me in and out of school every chance they got. They were the ones to make my life hell for the past two years, and the ones I had wanted to avoid the most today of all days.

After my quick breakfast, I ducked out of the house before anyone could catch me out in the open. Any of them catch me and I knew I wouldn’t have a good day and today was a special day for me. I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin this day for me. Hopefully.

******Time skip – After School *******

WORST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything was going just fine until lunch when Victoria, or Tori, and her bimbo squad caught me in the bathroom. They decided to beat me until I bled. I had to go to the nurse’s office and then I just ditched the rest of school, not wanting to deal with anymore of the bullshit. I snuck out to one of my hiding spots and just stayed there for the rest of the day I wanted to be left alone. For once I didn’t care that my phone was almost dead or that I was still bleeding a little. I just wanted to be left alone. My brother and Alex hadn’t kept their promise to me this morning by being here and then this shit in the afternoon. Whatever. I laid my head down and closed my eyes, hoping to just be forgotten. It would have been so much better that way.

My 18th birthday was fully ruined. :’(

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