Message from an Angel

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Chapter 9 Office Blowout.

Rhydon left her office with his back to the stares of the nosey parkers who stood waiting to find out who sent Beth the flowers. Both Laura and James rushed into Beth’s office who was picking out the little card from the flowers.


Kisses in the wind,
Tears in the rain,
I have fallen from the heavens,
as I have fallen for you,
Will you be my Valentine?
Be my little Angel?

Rhydon, X.

“Who the hell got you that many flowers?” James’s voice was annoyed.

“I don’t know, it seems like I have a mysterious admirer.” Beth smirked to herself. She wasn’t going to let either of them get to her.

“They are beautiful.” Laura softened her voice.

Beth held onto the card Rhydon had put with the flowers, she thought he was really sweet, she tucked it away so they didn’t see it. Was guilt running through her for lying to them? A little but not enough to make her feel like she should be sent down to hell for the kiss she just shared with her angel Rhydon.

James came over and searched the flowers looking for the card which is normally sent with them. Beth shook her head, the one time she has some attention and James is jealous as hell.

“As you can see it is a mysterious admirer, who would send me this many flowers anyway? I have no idea myself.”

James started being rough with the flowers knocking a couple of the heads off.

“Hey, be gentle with them, I don’t care who sent them but you don’t get to destroy the lovely flowers because you are jealous.”

James gritted his teeth together, turned and left before he said something he shouldn’t, not in the six years he had known Beth had she ever received flowers from anyone else. Laura shrugged her shoulders and ran after him.

“That’s how it is… you can do who the fuck you like but you don’t like it one bit when someone shows an interest in me.” Beth held her hand out in a fist at him then walked up and slammed the door.

She didn’t care if anyone heard her, in some ways she hoped that they did. She sat back down at her desk and cleared her head before she did the scheduled work for the day in the time she had before lunch break. A knock came at her door.

“Come in.”

“Hey there, just wondering if you were coming out for lunch?” Laura stood in front of James, Beth wondered why he was hiding.

“Oh, you know what, why don’t you both go on ahead, I've got some things to finish up here, I’ll catch up with you.” She said it nice enough for them to believe her.

“Come on babe, we always go for lunch together.” James had pushed the door open wider and stepped past Laura.

“Sorry I’m busy.”

“Busy waiting for your secret admirer?” James snapped at her.

That was it, Beth was hoping to do this out of the public eye but he had asked for it. She was just about to explode when Rhydon walked in and Beth’s heart thumped loudly in her chest.

“Who the fuck are you?” James snapped.

“I am her secret admirer.” Rhydon beamed as he pushed past them both.

Rhydon looked even more beautiful than before. Beth even heard Laura let out a groan as he walked past her and stood next to Beth. He knew it was going to blow up and Beth needed the support.

“I’m here for you my little angel.” Rhydon took her hand and gave her the support she needed.


“You mean to say you have nothing to say to me?” Beth kept her calm.

“What do you mean?” James even looked puzzled.

Laura tried shrinking away discreetly and Beth pointed a finger at her.

“YOU CAN STAY THE FUCK WHERE YOU ARE YOU PIECE OF TRASH.” The words didn’t quite come out the way she had thought but Rhydon was giving her all the strength she needed.

Laura stood still, afraid to move after Beth’s raised voice. Hell the whole place was afraid to move.

“I think you need to explain yourself.” Beth stood tall and waited for the poor excuse to follow.

“Beth it is valentines day why are you spoiling it?” James squinted his eyes at her.

“Really James… Really.” Beth could hear the steam sizzling in her ears ready to blow.

“Beth what is this about?”

“If I have to spell it out that you are fucking her behind my back then you live in a different world.”

“So who the fuck is Mr posh guy, are you fucking him?” James snapped back quickly.

Beth knew James would turn everything onto her.

“No I am not fucking him, but I wish I was.” Beth swallowed a lump in her throat.

Rhydon's heart felt like he had a shockwave to it. He had to take in a few deep breaths to recover. James was still attacking her without answering, which he knew was normal in this sort of situation. He stood behind Beth and held her waist firmly, she was breathing rapidly as he felt her anger surge through her body. He lent down to her ear and whispered in it.

“I Love you Beth.”

Beth felt her knees give way, Rhydon held her up by her waist. It was not what Beth was expecting either, but he was doing something to her, Is this what angels do to you make? Make you feel? She wondered.

"You still didn't answer me… how long have you two been fucking behind my back?" Beth glared at them both.

She actually dreaded the answer that was still to come. Having Rhydon next to her gave her the strength. He stood behind her holding her just in case. James had his glare held on Rhydon, for one he wondered who the fuck he was and second, when did he meet Beth, as James was always with her.

Beth stood waiting for an answer he was avoiding. She started to get impatient.


"You are questioning our relationship when you have… him next to you?"

"Go for your lunch James, maybe even give Laura a quick finger fuck whilst you are out." By the blush on Laura's face Beth was not wrong. "Oh and when you are finished working tonight you have half an hour to get whatever shit you own from my house and get the fuck out."

Beth had wanted to wait until they had finished work but he gave her no choice. James glared at her.

"So mr posh comes in and suddenly you are dumping me?"

Beth was about to fucking punch him and his ignorance. Rhydon held her back.

"He is not worth it sweetheart " Rhydon was careful not to call her baby as he knew that is what he called her. He linked his fingers with hers. She turned to gaze into his gorgeous blue sky eyes.

"Rhydon…" He covered her lips with his finger, afraid to hear the words she was about to speak. She blinked several times at him. Beth closed her eyes briefly and inhaled the sky air which surrounded Rhydon.

"I think you had better leave." Rhydon had never felt so protective of someone before.

James glared at Beth. "This is not over." His eyes sent chills down her spine before he walked out taking Laura with him.

"Well that went better than I thought." Beth tried to lighten the mood.

Rhydon took her face in her hands and stared into her eyes.

"Have you done everything necessary?"

Beth nodded, she understood what he meant. His gleaming teeth beamed at her.

"Let me take you out on our first date then." His smile met his ears.

He held out a hand. Beth grabbed her bag and took his hand and he led her along to the bench where she sat before. With a wave of his hand a small lunch appeared in front of her. She smiled and gazed into his eyes.

"I have fallen from the skies for you Beth."

Beth wasn't sure what she had felt earlier on, the flutters in her stomach, the pounding of her heart, Rhydon made her feel all the good in life. She sat gazing at him as he sorted out a magical lunch, Rhydon was aware she was watching him and a smile crept across his lips, as his eyes reached hers, he spilled all his warmth and love he held for her.

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