Message from an Angel

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Chapter 11 Zaphreal's gift.

The other gods had been watching and there was a lot of muttering going on between them. It had been a number of years when an angel had such a connection to a human. They were there to guide certain people when needed. Rhydon had always been a bit of a loose cannon and getting himself into trouble for playing pranks on the others. Zaphreal could see how much his son had fallen for Beth and he wanted to give him a chance in a possible life to prove himself. He had to make sure the others agreed to let him carry on with the relationship.

Beth and Rhydon had arrived at her house, the first thing Beth wanted to do was bag up James’s stuff and dump it outside the front door for him. Rhydon took Beth’s hands in his and stopped her from doing anything.

“He is not worth your effort of spending the next hour or so packing up his stuff.”

“I’m not letting him in my house.” Beth was close to tears again.

Rhydon smiled before bringing his lips down onto hers, sliding his hand round the back of her head his other one cupped her ass and brought her in close to him. As he slid his tongue into her mouth Beth’s whole world disappeared, her eyes closed and she was floating in the clouds. Rhydon deepened the kiss, both of them were breathing heavily through their noses as they devoured each other’s mouths. Beth held on around his neck afraid to let him go, he had taken hold of her pain and kissed it all away. A shimmering light shone above them both.

“Hold onto me Beth.” An amused expression came across Rhydon’s face.

Beth tightened her hold around his neck as he pulled her in closer to him. Swirls of winds circled them both and Beth felt like she was floating for a second when a man appeared inside her home.

“Beth I’d like you to meet my father, Zaphreal.” Rhydon beamed.

“What… how is this possible?” Beth was feeling dizzy.

“You are a special lady Bethany, I have watched you grow since you were a child. I’m sorry about your parents, there was nothing I could do to save them.” Zaphreal let his head drop slightly. “I know your suffering was great at times, as angels we cannot stop things from happening no matter what powers we may have. I just hoped on those nights where you cried your eyes out alone that the warmth of my arm around your shoulder gave you enough love to carry on.”

Beth’s eyes went wide and filled with tears as she remembered those nights well. She had a warm fuzzy feeling which surrounded her, giving her strength. She always believed it was her mother as it reminded her of the warmth she received when she got hugs off her.

“That was you?” She reached out to touch him.

Zaphreal stepped forwards and held her in his arms for the first time. He inhaled a deep breath, he thought he would never do this. He took all the love he had and poured it into her filling her with a new purpose in life. Zaphreal turned to his son.

“You are being granted one chance to live down here with Beth, make a life with her, be human if that is what you wish for?”

“Yes it is, I love Beth, I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” There was no hesitation in his voice. Rhydon took Beth’s face in his hands. “Will you be my forever valentine?”

Beth had never been one for taking risks, but Rhydon had changed everything for her. The last couple of weeks chatting online to him had opened her eyes up to a whole different world, and now she was standing in her own home with two angels on valentine’s day.

“What does this mean Rhydon?”

“It means I am totally in love with you Beth, my father is granting me access to come live as a real person, share my life with you.”

Beth hesitated, she did have feelings for Rhydon, she just wasn’t sure what they were yet as she had been dealing with her emotions from all the deceit and lies which James had been hiding. As if Zaphreal was reading her mind he rested his hand on her shoulder.

“You don’t have to rush into love, Rhydon has one month down here and if after that time you are still not sure he will leave and come home. We will always be looking after you and if you choose a different path then he has to respect your decision.”

Rhydon was swallowing hard as his father spoke, He had never felt this way before in his life, it was as if he was destined to be with Beth. Everything had drawn him to her especially the last two weeks. He knew it would be hard for Beth as she undeniably loved the piece of shit James for the last six years. Rhydon rolled his eyes at the thought of him, he hadn’t even looked bothered that he had hurt Beth one bit.

Zaphreal gave one last nod to them both then a sprinkle of light covered him before he disappeared his voice trailing off in the distance as he did.

“I will be watching and waiting for you both.”

Leaving both Rhydon and Beth together on their own He disappeared into the nothingness that was above them.

“Does he always do that?” Beth wondered if angels could really just drop in whenever they wanted.

“No, he was coming down no matter what.” Rhydon smiled and caressed her face.

“Tell me more about yourself.” Beth took his hand.

Rhydon inhaled deeply. “Just wait one minuet.” He closed his eyes and imagined everything which had been touched by James to disappear.

Within seconds with a wave of his hand there was a commotion and things disappeared being replaced by something new. Beth was left with her mouth hanging open. Anything and everything that James had any kind of encounter with was removed.

“Why have you changed my couch? I liked that one.”

“You don’t want to know.” Rhydon threw her a look.

“OH please no… he didn’t?”

“Sorry sweetheart, he did.”

She hadn’t even gone into the bedroom and she covered her mouth. Rhydon gave her the sorry eyes before taking her in his arms.

“Everything he has touched with another woman has gone.”

Beth gripped onto Rhydon. “You mean there has been more than one woman in my house with him?” She broke into tears at the thought of someone she didn’t even know being in their bed.

“Everything of him has gone. Been changed for you.”

Beth took the time out to wander about and everything she owned was replaced by something she loved even more. She ran her hand over the new bed, Rhydon smiled.

“Was this not the bed you always wished you had?”

Beth flopped down on the tempur mattress. She had always dreamed of it but thought it was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a mattress. She moaned as she sunk into it.

“Come join me.” She bit her bottom lip and smiled at the sexy angel who stood in front of her.

Rhydon lay down next to her and faced her. “I love you.” He truly did, he knew this now.

“I like you Rhydon, fuck I like you so much, but in my mind I’m still mixed up, still hurt.”

“I know honey, I'm here for you, whenever you need me."

Rhydon was disappointed but held his place. They linked fingers and lay on the bed together enjoying the closeness between them, Beth was smiling and that was all what mattered to him.

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