Message from an Angel

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Chapter 13 Earthquakes.

Rhydon swept her off her feet as they danced the night away, Beth was laughing as he spun her around, she had never had so much fun as she was having with Rhydon. When they finally stopped he gazed into her eyes and smiled.

“I hope you have enjoyed tonight?”

“I loved everything you have done today, you have turned what could have been the worst valentine ever into the best one, I love you for that.” Beth bit her lip and swallowed.

Everything in her brain was exploding for him.Every moment spent with him she found her feelings growing. She was trying to understand what they meant, was it love or was it lust? From the first moment they touched he awakened something in her, a strength and a love of a different kind. She enjoyed his company and how he made her feel, her heart was beating faster the longer he gazed into her eyes.

“I could make it a night to remember.” His smile widened as he watched her face blush.

He was making it impossible for her, his smile made her melt and she was sure he knew what he was doing to her. He moved around so he stood behind her, pushing her hair to the side so he could gain access to her neck, placing soft kisses along her shoulder. He was aroused, it was painfully pressing against the inside of his trousers and the thoughts of sticking it into her wet pussy had him groaning.

Her breathing became ragged as his hands had worked their way around to her front where one went to her breast and the other further south. It was as if she was under a spell and couldn’t move, well that is what she tried to tell herself. She could feel him pressing up against her, she wanted to but didn’t at the same time.

“Rhydon.” She turned her face slightly to him, a mistake for her.

“Beth.” He captured her lips and spun her round.

She was losing badly her whole body was defying what her brain was trying to get her to do.

“Tell me to stop and I will.” He whispered into her ear before kissing down her neck.

Her hands rested on his waist as he walked her backwards into the bedroom. He let her go so he could remove his shirt. Her chest was heaving as she watched him, his muscular torso was sculptured, this was the first time she had seen him partially naked and she loved what she was seeing. She reached out and touched her fingers over his naked skin. He closed his eyes for a second, Beth felt amazing, the way her fingers glided over his skin, her nails just enough pressure as they skimmed down his back. He was now fit to burst out of his trousers.

“You're still not saying no?” Rhydon licked his lips as he unbuckled his trousers and let them drop.

“You are making it very hard for me.” Her breathing quickened and she tried not to look down.

“Oh I think you will find that you have made me very hard.” He grabbed her hand and slid it down, Beth gasped. "Tell me Beth, tell me you want me as much as I want you?"

She still held his hardon, which was throbbing in her hand, Rhydon had removed the rest of his clothes and stood naked for Beth, a little bit nervous as he had never done the deed before.

He unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall and groaned even louder as she moved her hand up and down his shaft.

"You will have to tell me now Beth."

"Yes Rhydon." She moaned out under her breath.

He moved closer still. "What do you want Beth?" He gazed into her eyes.

"You, all of you." She watched his eyes light up and his smile beamed she was sure rays of the sun shone through his teeth.

He brought his lips down onto hers, softly at first, sensations ran through them both as their connection sparked again. Rhydon flicked his wrist and Beth stood naked in front of him.

"That's not fair." She tweaked one of his nipples.

"Totally fair when I get to see my beautiful woman naked for the first time." He stood back a little and took in the sights of her beauty. "Beth." He groaned and his cock bounced in agreement.

She licked her lips wondering if she should make the next move. He reached out and grazed his fingers over her nipples before taking his tongue moving and flicked it over them in turn, Beth felt her knees weaken. Rhydon held her and guided her over to the bed till the back of her knees hit the edge and she fell backwards.

Rhydon was confident but nervous about what he was doing. He was breathing heavily and paused for a second whilst he wet his lips. Beth was shuddering with ripples of pleasure as his eyes devoured her body. The anticipation of what was to come had her on the edge of a climax.

"Rhydon, please I need to feel you."

He took hold of his throbbing cock, as soon as he touched her wet core a pulse shot through them both then Beth had to grip the bed sheets as a shockwave hit her when he entered her.

Rhydon grabbed hold of her legs as he sunk in deeper, his head went back and a continuous string of obscene words came out of his mouth. He knew it would be good but nothing like what he was experiencing right now. He had hardly moved and had to pull out, his whole body was shaking. Beth jumped up.

"Rhydon what's wrong?"

He couldn't talk, his mouth was open and his body shaking. Beth wondered what was happening and she started to worry.

"Lie down on the bed."

Helping him down she straddled over him rubbing her hands over his chest, she felt a little bit panicked now as she didn't understand what was happening.

His breaths were short, shallow sucks in as he caught the air and his eyes wide.

"Rhydon, what do I do?"

The panic in her voice brought him back from where he was.

"Fuck me Beth, I need you to fuck me." He was shaking under her.

Biting her lip, Beth took hold of his cock and moved over it, lowering herself down, she gasped as his girth seemed even wider and his length longer.

Moving up and down on him, his eyes were shut and loud grunts came from him as she kept bouncing, speeding up the rhythm between them, she was hit by a wave of euphoria only to be seized by spasms of delight.

"I'm cumin for you Rhydon." She bounced even harder and he thrust his hips against her.

"Beth I'm going to…"

He didn't finish as the roar that followed started an earthquake beneath them and he fired deep into her, he was sure his cock had exploded. Beth tensed up and her body shook as her orgasm was so overpowering she thought she was going to black out. She felt his warm liquid hit her insides again and again as he kept firing.

He was still going, he couldn't breathe, a bright light burst above them and a rain of stars began to fall around them. As they faded out so did their orgasms and they were both able to breathe again. Beth collapsed on top of him.

"Fuck me, that was something else." Beth managed to say between her panting.

"Sorry, I didn't know what to expect, I've never done it before."

Beth picked her head off his chest and gazed into his eyes.

"You mean you haven't had sex before?"

"No." His cheeks flushed red.

"Well I can say hands down, that was a soul shattering orgasm." Beth kissed his lips.

"My father always joked about starting earthquakes when you came for the first time." Rhydon chuckled.

"Did we really cause an earthquake?" Beth bit her lip.

"In here yes, out there, no." His eyes were sparkling with happiness.

"Does it happen every time?"

“I have no idea, but I think I am going to enjoy finding out.” Rhydon pulled Beth down onto his chest and they lay together talking until Beth slowly drifted off.

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