Message from an Angel

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Chapter 15 Mischief and mayhem.

Rhydon sat watching the two of them with thoughts of how he could annoy the fuck out of them. A smirk came over his face.

As they sat there with their grins on their faces Rhydon flicked his wrist and their drinks turned into a revolting mush of rotten fruit. He watched as both of them took a drink and their faces changed.

“What the fuck?” James’s voice spat out.

“Ewww.” Laura scrunched up her face.

Both of them couldn’t understand why their drinks tasted funny after they had just taken a drink. Laura took a sniff at it and it seemed fine, only when she drank it did either of them pull a face because it tasted funny.

Rhydon was sitting chuckling away when Beth came out and wrapped her arms around him.

“So what is so funny mr?” Then she spotted them. “What are they doing here?”

“Don’t worry I’m sure they won't stay long.” Rhydon chuckled.

Beth smirked. “What did you do?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

“ME…” Rhydon stuck his tongue out at her and laughed.

Beth bit her bottom lip and straddled herself over him, taking his face in her hands so his eyes couldn’t avert hers. He ended up staring at Beth, smiling. Nibbling her lips she repeated her question as it didn’t bother her anymore.

Seeing them together, she originally thought she would be heartbroken but with the Rhydon being with her she felt nothing, just disgust. Any feelings of love which she once held for James was gone, nothing… absolute zero feelings for him.

Rhydon grabbed her hand. “I love you.”

“I know, you have been amazing and patient, I think I have fallen deeply in love with you Rhydon.” Beth held onto his hand.

“Shall we?” He squeezed it back. A smile formed on Beth’s face, she couldn’t help it. Rhydon joined her with his. “I think they deserve a little visit from the devil?”

Beth’s eyes went wide as she didn’t think devils were real, that was until she met Rhydon, who gave her a smile that left her wondering what he was up to.

Food came out to them and they started to eat it when their face changed and Laura started convulsing as if she was about to throw up. She ran to the toilets and threw up. Beth covered her mouth holding back the laughter. Rhydon’s eyes were creased at the edges as he held back tears.

“What did you do?” Beth muffled out.

“I only asked if Armaron from the underworld would like to have some fun with a couple of idiots.”

Beth had tears of laughter in her eyes as she watched James, who was now gagging on the spaghetti bolognaise he had ordered. Armaron had made it into worms as he ate the food. Even Armaron found himself laughing at the pure crap he had given out. Usually this happened after a breakup at dinner, but to have this happen at lunch was funny to them all.

Even Beth could hear the chuckle from Armaron. James was still gagging as he tried to recover. As Laura came back the two of them had passed on food and pushed it to the side. Beth and Rhydon were sitting in fits of giggles when someone appeared.

"Armaron." Rhydon grumbled.

"Mr Angel, what do I owe the pleasure of having this opportunity?" The heat radiated off him.

"Mr Demon, you already know the reasons." Rhydon held Beth closer to him.

"Do I get to play?" He flicked out his tongue in excitement.

"Oh you get to play as much as you want." Rhydon chuckled.

Armaron rubbed his hands together. He sauntered over to where they were sitting, they were talking as they couldn't understand what had happened. The plates still had the food on what they ordered and nothing looked wrong with it. Only as soon as they tried to eat it did the food turn disgusting.

"Good afternoon ladies." Armaron wet his lips.

He was a good looking man and could easily make any woman drop her knickers for him. James screwed his face up at him as Armaron slid his arm around Laura and sucked in air as he visually took in her body. Nothing discreet about it at all, Laura was biting her lip, this man was hot. Literally steam was coming from him and she started to feel all sweaty.

"Excuse me, who the hell do you think you are?" James pushed his arm off Laura's shoulder.

"Oh I just think she is delicious and is up for a good time isn't that right Laura?" Armaron beamed his devilish smile at her.

James was mystified as to who this person thought he was. Laura was completely absorbed by him and was literally drooling as he flung himself at her.

"I think you should get your hands off her."

"Ooo… are you a jealous man James? I didn't think you got jealous? "

James squinted his eyes at the stranger, where did he know him from? He started looking about and then he saw her, Beth was sat snuggled up on the guy she left the office with looking damn good.

"Ah ah ah…" Armaron wiggled his finger at James. "You had her once and never again, you lost that opportunity when you were doing her." Armaron glanced at Laura.

"Did she set you up to this?"

"Oh no not at all, I just wanted to come and have some fun with you two lovebirds, see how you are doing." Armaron squeezed James's leg.

James was finding this man very strange by the minute. He grabbed Laura by the arm and hauled her out of her seat.

"James, what are you doing?"

"We're leaving, NOW."

Armaron flung his arms around them both. "So where are we going?" He was there to annoy the fuck out of them.

Beth and Rhydon sat laughing together as Armaron kept at the two of them.

"What will he do?" Beth ran her hand through his hair.

"We're not really allowed to do anything horrible or endanger someone but Armaron loves women and will easily take Laura up against that wall if she let him."

"Are you allowed to have sex?"

" Well I'm doing you aren't I?"

"Yeah but you're real, been allowed to be here."

Rhydon smiled and kissed her. "Armaron will just pester them till James gets sick of him." He looks back around where they can hear a raised voice.


"Mmm, do you want me to leave you alone Laura?" Armaron licked his lips before flicking his tongue out over Laura’s making her visually go weak at the knees.

"Err, what's your name?" Laura shuddered out in pleasure.

"Oh I can only tell you that if I take you, bend you over and fuck you." Armaron ran his finger up her back and pulled on her hair. He knew what she liked and she would let him take her now the way she was reacting around him. "I bet you're fucking soaking between your legs ready for me?"

The gasp and shudder told him everything he needed to know. James was getting really annoyed with this fucker, not only was he a very handsome man but his alluring charm got him more. How could a stranger walk up to someone and hit on them the way he was. The glance over at Beth and her new man told James it was something to do with her. He took one look at Laura who had her tongue hanging out at the stranger and stomped over to Beth.

"You, you have something to do with this." James pointed his finger at Rhydon.

"Me…" Was all that Rhydon said.

Beth held her lips together and tried not to snigger, Rhydon's eyes gleamed the way they always did.

"Looks like you better go rescue your girlfriend, I think she quite likes him, and if you are not careful he will have her knickers off any minute." Rhydon stared James down. "Armaron I think he wants his girlfriend back."

"Damn I thought I was going to get a new friend to play with." Armaron flicked his tongue out at Laura as she was dragged away by James.

Rhydon and Beth burst out laughing, it was loud enough that James could hear it and he was pissed off that he had been made a fool of. Beth was sparkling, almost a golden glow radiated off her, he had never seen her so happy and it irked him for some reason. Laura linked her arm with his and brought his thoughts back to her. They started arguing as James flew off the handle at how easily she had been influenced by a stranger. Laura bit him back with that James still had feelings for Beth. They continued arguing as they walked back to the office.

Beth and Rhydon enjoyed a meal with Armaron who told Beth a little bit more about himself before he disappeared off. Beth headed back to work and Rhydon continued his search for jobs, he wondered if he was ever going to find something? What could he really do? A strange pull from above had him wondering if it was a possibility to do both, could he help out up there and the rest of the time be with Beth?

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