Message from an Angel

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Chapter 16 Unsettled Feelings

"No son, you made a choice, you are human and live with Beth or you return." Zaphreal’s voice echoed in his head.

"I don't seem to be able to find anything." Rhydon was feeling slightly deflated.

"Son, you are doing things the human way, of course it is harder." Zaphreal started chuckling. "And you know inviting Armaron up to play, you are lucky you aren't being whisked up here straight away."

"Sorry, the lowlife deserved it, and it wasn't like it was bad, I didn't do anything… much."

"Behave Rhydon otherwise you may find yourself back up here."

Rhydon rolled his eyes and felt the back of his fathers hand across his head.

"Owww, I felt that." Rhydon smoothed his hair back down.

"So stop thinking and start doing."

Silence hit the room and Rhydon plonked himself down on the sofa and groaned, he was becoming frustrated with the job hunting but he had said he wanted to make it work for him and Beth. Picking up the paper again he scanned the jobs, circling any which he thought he had a vague chance of doing.

"Nope, no, maybe, definitely not." He threw the paper down again then booted up Beth's laptop.

He tapped his chin, could he? No to many apps on dating down here, he was pretty good around a computer so he started to focus on those types of jobs. After what seemed like hours of searching he came up with a possibility of three jobs which he could do. Spending the next couple of hours typing up some sort of resume of his 'past jobs' and experience he thought he had done a good job. He laughed at his own ability to make a joke about finding a job.

With his applications in, it was a case for him to sit and wait. Something Rhydon was not very good at. Beth arrived home relieving his loneliness and boredom.

"Hi baby, how did today go?"

"Good, how about you?"

"I found three possible jobs and put in my application for them."

"That's great Rhydon, you are really trying." Beth stroked his face, she could tell he was feeling down about the job hunting process. The whole change for him had been a lot harder than he had first thought.

Rhydon had hope that one of them would work out as his time was nearly up before he had to make the final choice on staying or leaving.

The rest of the evening they spent together cooking, Rhydon was learning all the new things he had to do, cooking was trickier than he had thought as well. He learnt not to take things out of the oven without protective gloves on. He was lucky he was an angel still, or it would have been a trip to the A&E.

As they settled into bed Rhydon turned to Beth.

"I've got less than a week left here before it becomes permanent."

"Are you saying you don't want to stay?" She could hear a waiver in his voice.

"No it's not that, just, well… it has been harder than I thought it would be."

Beth turned on her side and shuffled closer to him. She ran her fingers through his now floppy hair.

"It will take time, you are so used to waving your hand and things are done." Beth does the action with her wrist making Rhydon smile.

"I love you Beth, totally and utterly in love with you, I’ll make this work." He leant down and nibbled her lips as he gazed into her eyes. "We were made for each other."

A rush of euphoria came over Beth, her pupils dilated and she swallowed hard.

"Rhydon, can we try making love again?"

They had attempted it a few times and it always ended up with Beth having to ride him, he couldn't control what happened to him and ended up convulsing when his orgasm took over and starting an earthquake. It was an amazing experience for Beth every time and stars fell from the sky each time they came together. Rhydon's problem was he wanted to make love to Beth take her to heaven and back himself but every time was like the first for him.

"Beth, I'm scared I'll hurt you if I can't control it, lose myself." His sad eyes stared into hers.

"Maybe when you truly are human then you won't have this problem."

"I hope so, I want to make love to you, know what it is like to feel you, feel everything without the unexpected earth shattering quakes. Don't get me wrong, I love the sex as it is, but I want to be able to show you, give myself to you."

"If I have to ride you each time and have orgasms that way for the rest of my life I will still be the happiest woman on earth." Beth’s smile beamed.

Rhydon moved over her as he kissed her. "I want you Beth." His breathing had accelerated already, she did things to him.

Beth parted her legs so he could lie between her, he hooked one arm around her neck, resting it on his elbow.

"Take me Rhydon." Beth was ready for him,

She could feel his cock growing, pulsing between her legs. He nudged it against her opening. Electric currents were shooting down his cock already.

"Oh fuck." His mouth was open breathing quickly as he pushed it in slightly.

Beth thrust her hips upwards, sinking him into her. His whole body stiffened, Beth continued rocking her hips under him, she held his ass and he sunk all the way in.

"Move your hips Rhydon." She tried to guide him but all he was experiencing was fireworks, he tried to listen to Beth's voice and move his body, he thought he had lost it and shot his load for a minute.

"Yes, Rhydon keep doing that."

"I'm going to cum for you." He grunted in her ear.

"Faster Rhydon." Beth crashed her lips against his.

Managing to thrust faster, Rhydon closed his eyes and grunted loudly and she grasped him tightly. As she came, her insides clenched his throbbing cock and he lost it firing his seed into her. Earthquakes and fireworks went off for them both.

Rhydon dropped his head down and caught his breath back before looking at Beth who lay panting with a huge smile across her face.

"Well I think I may be getting the hang of it." Rhydon’s smile met his eyes which were gleaming brightly like the sparkling stars.

"Oh, that was well the try, I'm still shaking under you." Beth gasped again as a shot of ecstasy fired through her body.

Finally recovered Rhydon lay down pleased he had managed to continue this time and fuck his beautiful woman.

"Goodnight beautiful."

"Goodnight Rhydon, thank you, you were even more amazing."

With one last kiss Rhydon fell asleep happy that maybe things would work out down on earth for him.

There are 2 chapters left after this. I will write and post both together as each one will be a different ending so I hope you will like them both. 😇😍❤

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