Message from an Angel

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Chapter 17 Earth (Ending 1)

Rhydon walked Beth to work the next day, he had plans to try harder in finding a job. He kissed her and said he would meet her for lunch again. Beth's heart was aching for him, she could see how sad he was when he left her.

She walked into her workplace and sat down in her office. Starting her day thoughts of Rhydon wouldn't leave her. He had given up everything to be with her and she felt guilty, she loved him, she knew that much. She tapped her pen on her chin thinking.

"I'm going to take him out and we will have a good time this weekend." Beth smiled to herself, she checked her watch and realised the time. "Oh shit, Rhydon will be wondering where I am."

Beth grabbed her bag and shot out of the door. Rhydon was standing outside waiting with a huge bunch of red roses.

"Rhydon." Beth teared up.

He smiled a sweet smile, cupped her face and devoured her lips. Beth looped her hands around his neck, their tongues danced together, he dropped the flowers down and held her tighter in his arm as he continued kissing her until their lips were sore. Rhydon picked the flowers off the ground, they had been wrapped nicely so they didn't get too much damage.

"What's brought this on? You don't have to do this, there are no special dates today."

"Every day is special with you, I saw these and your face came into my mind. To tell you the truth, you are always on my mind Beth. Sorry I think I damaged a couple when I dropped them." He took her hand and led her to what has become a favourite place to go for lunch.

Inside it was reasonably busy and the two staff who were on duty were rushed off their feet. Rhydon watched them working. He was in a daze when Beth asked him what he was having to eat.

His eyes lit up and he smiled, He had a wave of emotions go through him. Beth wondered if he was alright.

"I'm fine baby, I think I might have found something I'd like to do, that's if they are hiring?"

Beth beamed at him, this was the first time he had gotten excited about work. The staff already knew him as he would come back after seeing Beth and sit having a coffee. Rhydon was a talker and had got to know the staff over the last couple of weeks. He was now kicking himself at how he hadn't seen it before.

Thay ordered lunch and ate chatting away. After Beth had gone back to work Rhydon went back to the cafe and asked them about work.

"Well the boss isn't in today but if you come back tomorrow."

Rhydon jumped up thanking them, he took the roses home to put them in water and placed them around the living room and kitchen. It added to the collection of yellow tulips he had got a couple of days ago.

The next day Rhydon went over to the cafe and spoke with the manager. He hummed and harred as Rhydon was quite a big guy and he wasn't sure if it would suit him.

"Give me a chance, please?"

"Okay, you can start next week, it will be quieter at the beginning of the week so you can do some training with Marie, and we will see how you get on."

"Thank you." Rhydon went off singing. Things had turned for him and he was finding his feet, he finally felt he was making it work.

Beth took him out to celebrate at the weekend as she had promised, going to a club both of them danced the night away. Rhydon loved the atmosphere and the music and he could see it being a firm favourite Saturday night outing. He lit everything up for Beth, her heart was thumping with joy as she watched her beautiful man enjoying himself.

Leaving the club they walked back home catching the freshness in the night air and cooling their bodies off.

"I loved this evening, thank you Beth, I think everything is going to work out. Rhydon looked up into the night sky and smiled.

By the time they reached home both of them were ready to crash. Their bodies were still sticky from all the sweat but both of them were so tired.

"I'll change the sheets on the bed in the morning anyway. Let's just go to sleep." Beth started stripping off.

Rhyden quickly joined her and they crashed out, sleeping till late Sunday morning.

Beth was first up, her legs ached from all the dancing she did, hoping under the shower she washed her hair and body. Her loud moans of pleasure as the water felt so good against her skin had Rhydon in the shower next to her. It was a squeeze as he was big, his chest was huge, Beth was sure he had been working out in secret. He let the water run down his body and closed his eyes for a second.

"Oh now I get it." Rhydon moaned.

Beth had to giggle as he continued to make noises. She pushed her wet hair back out of the way and Rhydon took the opportunity to run his hands down her beautiful body.

"You were made for me Beth." He brushed his thumbs over her erect nipples and took her breasts in his hands caressing them.

"Oh, you were definitely made for me." She took hold of his growing erection and stroked it back and forth.

She bit her lip and gazed at him, she hadn't tried to give him a blow job yet, Rhydon's face flushed red as he could read what was on her mind. Beth crouched down and licked her lips before taking his throbbing cock into her mouth.

"Jesus Fuck..." He hit the shower wall as her lips wrapped around his cock and went down on him.

Beth moved slowly to start with letting Rhydon find things to hold onto, her hair being one of them. His legs shook as she continued, now this was way better than he had ever imagined. He looked down to see Beth devouring his cock and he couldn't think, he thought he was going to pass out as he reached the peak of his orgasm. Stars burst behind his eyes and he held onto anything he could as he shot his load into the back of Beth's throat.

The power it came out at had Beth choking, she spluttered and coughed till she recovered. Rhydon ran his hand through her hair as she stood up blinking and smiling at him.

"Wow, I've never experienced anything like that before." Beth had tears in her eyes from coughing still.

"Well I thought I was going to break the shower screen for a second there." Rhydon chuckled.

Beth rinsed out her mouth with the running water before pecking Rhydon on the lips, she wanted to brush her teeth before kissing him properly.

Drying off and changing they settled down to a late breakfast together when Zaphreal made an appearance.

"I see you are settling in now."

"Dad, I thought tomorrow was the last day?"

"It is son, but you start a new job tomorrow and your new life as a human, if that is what you want?"

Rhydon took Beth's hand in his and kissed her cheek. She squeezed his hand back. He took a deep breath.

"Yes, it is, I want a life here with Beth."

"Very well." Zaphreal walked up to Rhydon, placed his hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes before kissing his forehead. "Tomorrow you shall wake up human. Goodbye son, I'll be keeping an eye on you."

"Hopefully not too close I hope?" Rhydon chuckled at his dad before giving him a hug. "Thank you dad for this chance, I love Beth with everything I have."

"I know son, this is why you are being given this chance. It's not often an Angel gets a chance like this so don't fuck it up." Zaphreal slapped him on the back before moving away and flicking his wrist making himself disappear.

Rhydon took Beth in his arms and cuddled her, this was it, no going back for him now. They spent the evening talking, Rhydon was excited to start his new job the next day.

Monday morning Rhydon woke up not feeling any difference, he glanced down at Beth who was just stirring awake. She had her hair across part of her face and Rhydon tried doing the motion with his wrist and nothing happened. He tried a few other things which also didn't work. His powers were truly gone.

He leaned over a pushed back Beth's hair and kissed her lips.

"Mmm, Rhydon." Beth turned to face him.

"Morning my beautiful."

"So do you feel any different?"

"No, but I definitely don't have any powers."

"We don't have time to find out do we?" Beth wiggled her eyebrows at him.

"I want to save it for tonight, be able to take my time with you, enjoy every second."

"That's understandable, okay let's get up and ready for work."

Rhydon bounced off the bed excited, wearing something comfortable but smart and a pair of trainers he was ready. Both of them walked together hand in hand to start their new lives together.

Rhydon enjoyed the cafe and learnt things quickly, being a perfectionist with the way he did things and presented the food he was certainly a big hit. Beth enjoyed the service she received from him every lunchtime. No matter how busy the place was whenever Beth came in a table freed up and she got Rhydon's full attention. He absolutely loved it. He got to see Beth everyday and spend his weekends with her.

As time passed and life settled down for Rhydon and Beth. The following Valentines day Rhydon had laid out all the red roses he could get his hands on and bent down on one knee and proposed to her.

As valentine's day had become a special day for them they decided to get married the following year on valentines day.

Rhydon was the most romantic and loving husband to Beth so when they started trying for a child, Beth couldn't believe it when she fell pregnant and that the due date was valentine's day. Yes, baby Skylar Strong appeared on valentine's day.

Rhydon was sitting holding his beautiful baby girl in his arms, tears rolled down his cheeks at the little miracle he had helped create. Rhydon kissed Skylar on the forehead, he was sure he caught a glimpse of golden sparks.

"Hi my little baby girl, you are so special to us and one day you are going to become a beautiful Angel."

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