Message from an Angel

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Chapter 18 Heaven (Ending 2)

Rhydon walked Beth to work the next day, he had plans to try harder in finding a job. He kissed her and said he would meet her for lunch again. Beth's heart was aching for him, she could see how sad he was when he left her.

Making a point to take him out at the weekend and cheer him up Beth smiled and finished up her work meeting Rhydon at their favourite cafe for lunch. It was busy when they turned up and had to wait five minutes to get a seat. They sat and ordered their food, Beth suggested going out for the weekend, take some time out so Rhydon wasn't so stressed. He had been worried about not finding a job even though Beth said it wasn't a big deal as she made enough for them both. It was more so Rhydon didn't become bored and lonely.

Saturday night and they were getting ready to go out. Beth put on the red dress Rhydon had for her when he took her out on valentine's night. Rhydon wore a blue shirt and a pair of smart black trousers. He gave Beth a twirl.

"What do you think?"

"Wow, where did you get the shirt from? I love it." Beth bit her bottom lip and ran her finger down his chest.

"I got it from a shop." Rhydon shrugged his shoulders as he couldn't remember any shop names, just that he went into many.

"Come on, I'll grab my purse and we can go, I've ordered us a cab so it should be here any minute."

Closing up the door Rhydon smiled at Beth and kissed her, he threaded his hand through her hair holding her in place as the kiss became heated and tongues dived into each other's mouths, kissing deeply.

"I love you Beth. Thank you for doing this and cheering me up."

"I love you to Rhydon, thank you for giving this a try."

"Anything for you Beth."

He was about to kiss her again when the cab pulled up. Climbing in they held hands as they travelled to the club.

The driver was pulling away at a junction after the lights turned green for his when a truck came smashing into the side of them crumpling half of the cab. Everything went black for Rhydon as his head hit the side of the car.

The crunching of metal and noises of machinery woke Rhydon from his daze. He blinked several times trying to recall what had happened.

"Beth?" His voice was crumbling as a pain seared through him.

"Stay still sir, we are having to cut you out." A firefighter calmly spoke to Rhydon.

"Beth, where's Beth?" Rhydon started to panic as he couldn't see her.

"Sir can you tell me your name?" A medic was at Rhydon's side talking to him.

"Where's Beth." Rhydon kept repeating her name, he tried to move his head to look. Then he saw her... "NO...please no, help her please help her, you've got to help her." Tears flowed down Rhydon's face.

"Sir can you tell us your name?"

Rhydon was lost, the pain hit him so hard, he stared at Beth lying squashed under a heap of metal.

"This was not how it was meant to be, Beth didn't deserve this, not after everything she had been through, we never got the chance properly together." Rhydon kept on repeating.

After a good fifteen minutes of cutting, the fire brigade cut them out, Rhydon was able to walk with only scratches. He had been trapped as they couldn't open any doors with the way the car had been hit. The side that Beth was sitting at was struck by the truck and Beth was killed.

Zaphreal appears beside Beth and takes her hand leading her away.

"We will go get him, he has some things he will have to sort out first down there for you."

"What happened?" Beth was confused.

"You are now an Angel my love." Zaphreal put his arm around her.

"Rhydon..." Beth cried out for him.

Rhydon went to the hospital to get checked out, he broke down again in the hospital when he was told that Beth hadn't made it. He sat crying his eyes out when Zaphreal appeared down beside him.


"Dad, she's gone, my love has gone, I feel so much pain."

"I know son, but you have to do something first."

Rhydon wiped his face trying to clear the falling tears.

"You have to stay down here and sort everything out for Beth, she has made arrangements with a lawyer, you have to stay and see this through for her. "

Rhydon nodded his head, then he looked at his dad, who gave him a smile and patted his back.

"She's waiting for you."

"She's an Angel?" New tears fell down his cheeks.

"She is crying for you too, you know new angels can't come back down."

Rhydon stood up and took a deep breath. Zaphreal hugged his son and gave him instructions.

A week later Beth's funeral took place, it was a shock for everyone. Rhydon kept it a closed funeral so there was only him and the lawyer who dealt with everything. Beth's house was sold and all her possessions went to those who needed them. All of her money and assets was split between charities which she had supported.

The rain poured down from the sky and Rhydon was left with one one place to go. He walked to the place where he first met Beth, his heart thumping in his chest, he was going home and Beth was going to be there with him.

Tears fell from his eyes as he looked up into the sky.

"I'm ready Beth, I'm ready to hold you for the rest of my life."

Zaphreal appeared behind him, with a nod of his head Beth walked around to face Rhydon.

"Take my hand, let me help you." Beth spoke the same words which Rhydon had the very first time they met.

Rhydon took her hand and pulled her into him. He ran his hands over her body and face before crashing his lips against hers.

"You have plenty of time to do that when we get back up there." Zaphreal grunted.

Holding her hand as he wasn't going to let her go, Zaphreal put his arms around them both and in a flash of lightning they were up in the heavens.

After a week of settling into being an angel, Beth enjoyed her new powers she was given. Rhydon had spoken to his dad who gathered everyone close. Rhydon got down on one knee.

"Beth, I'm not going to wait any longer, will you become my wife up here?"

"Yes Rhydon, I love you."

Rhydon slipped a sparkling ring on Beth's finger before taking her in his arms and kissing her.

Tiivs hugged them both and whispered in their ears.

"Do you want a laugh?"

The three of them stood over the clearing which Tiivs had made on the tablet. There stood James and Laura at the foot of Beth's grave crying. A lump formed in Beth's throat, Rhydon put his arm around her.

"Watch this." Tiivs waved his hand and a flock of birds flew over, releasing themselves all over the pair of them.

Rhydon and Beth both fell about laughing till tears rolled down their faces. Beth thanked Tiivs for the laugh.

As it reached valentine's day, up in the heavens Rhydon and Beth got married, declaring their love for each other. Beth became pregnant with their first child.

She was born on valentine's day the following year. Skylar - Angel of eternal life and strength.

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