Message from an Angel

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Bethany Strong has been in a relationship with James for six years. In her eyes everything was perfect with them. One day she stumbles across an app for a silly dating game for angels and demons. It was only a bit of fun she thought. After a couple of weeks chatting with one of the angels, things start to unfold and all is not what is seems in her relationship, and her angel is there for her when she needed him the most. (This story is not fully edited and only a rough draft.)

Fantasy / Romance
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1 The Beginning

Bethany Strong, picked up her life after an unfortunate event which left her devastated when her parents died in an accident whilst travelling. Having to deal with the authorities to be able to get her parents home so she could bury them at only 20 years old at the time it was a lot to cope with.

As her apprenticeship was accepted within a company for accountancy she battled on through the heartache which affected her. She met her now boyfriend James Reed on a rare night out and they hit it off.

As Beth turned 21 James got her a position within his fathers company and their relationship blossomed. Five years later along with her best friend Laura Micheals who joined the company three years ago the three of them were a trio of fun when they were out together. Beth and Laura both worked together as accountants for Reed's finances, Thomas Reed, owner of the company and James's father.

After a long weekend off Beth was back at work on the Tuesday, her and James had been away together for a romantic weekend which Beth had organised ages ago to go on. With long romantic walks and lakeside dinners Beth was hoping that this was the weekend where James was going to propose. She came back slightly disappointed as he made no proposal. She was in the office talking to Laura and telling her all about the weekend and letting out her frustrations that he still hasn't proposed to her.

"Maybe he is just waiting for the right moment?"

"Well when will that be? I thought by now he would have proposed, we've been together for six years."

"Look it's coming up to valentine's day soon and you know there is the big party he was organising, maybe he plans on doing it then?" Laura shrugged her shoulders.

"Yes your right, thanks babe you are always there for me when I need you."

Laura blushed at her words, they had been friends for so long and she had been there every time but Laura also held a secret which Beth could never know about. Giving Beth a hug they went off to their separate offices to start work for the day. Beth received a phone call, asking her to come through to Thomas's office. Picking up her notepad just on case she headed upstairs to his office. With a soft knock on his door he shouted her in.

"Take a seat would you Beth."

It wasn't often you got called into the bosses office so Beth started thinking something was wrong and her stomach churned. She sat twiddling her fingers waiting for him to speak.

"Okay Beth, I've called you in here this morning as I'm looking to promote someone to senior accountant."

"Oh thank god." Beth let out a loud breath of air in relief.

Thomas let out a chuckle.

"Now I could never get rid of you Beth. You are amongst one of my best workers here and you also date my son. I'll give it to you straight, I want to give you the position but I also have to go down the proper channels and give everyone else a chance. We have you, Laura and Heather up for the position. I want to have a private meeting with each of you to lay down the outlines of the job and find out who would be best suited to the job. So I'm about to call up Laura and Heather separately and hold an interview with them."

Thomas kept talking and ran through the position to Beth. There are four accountants within the company and Thomas was looking at making a new position, so any arising problems in the future could be dealt with by one person instead of them all coming to him or James. Then only the serious problems which couldn't be sorted would then be brought to them. It was a huge step that Beth was wanting, she had worked hard within the company for the last five years.

When Laura joined three years ago Beth hit it off with her straight away and they became best friends. Beth left the office excited at the possibility of being the senior accountant for the company. James came sauntering in as he usually did, Laura had been summoned up to Thomas's office for her on the spot interview.

"Hi babe." James placed the three coffee's down on her table and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't you ever do work?" Beth had left him sleeping when she got ready for work.

"Of course I do babe, just had to bring you a coffee before I started."

James was a bit lazy when it came to work especially in his dad's company as he thought it was boring. He knew his stuff and was good at what he did, but James liked excitement in his life. Beth always wondered if that was why they were always going off doing crazy shit at the weekends, that was until James found a love in mountain biking but Beth found it too much for her and wanted to chill sometimes, so James went off mountain biking on his own.

"Thanks honey."

"Well I better get to work I suppose."

He picks up the two other coffee's and takes one to Laura's office to drop off. Beth thought it was sweet that he brought one for her as well because they were all friends. He dropped it off for her as she wasn't in her office and headed off upstairs to his. After an hour Laura came back down, her coffee was cold but she didn't really care and still drank it. After a long morning they all got to break for lunch and headed out together, ending up at one of their favourite places. They are just finishing up when Laura heads to the toilets.

"I might quickly go to the toilet before we leave as well babe."James gets up and heads round the corner to the gents.

He peers back around the corner to check on Beth who is looking at her phone. Laura comes out of the ladies and spots him.

"What are you up to?"

"Just checking she wasn't going to follow." James ran his eyes up and down Laura's body.

"Oh and why was that?" Laura smiled.

"Are you fucking teasing me today or what?" He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh to her panties.

"Mmm, well I'm wearing the sexy undies you got me from last week." She gasped as he brushed over her tingling center.

"I can't wait to have you again." He took another quick glance to see Beth still on her phone before kissing Laura.

"I better go back, you take an extra minute so there are no suspicions."

"I'll see you later." He slipped his finger under her panties and pushed it into her wet center giving her a quick finger fuck before she left.

Laura and James had been seeing each other behind Beth's back for the last two years, the mountain biking he went off on was really him going to see Laura. They had been sneaking off at the workplace when they also had a chance, Beth was so engrossed in her work she never noticed when Laura would disappear from her office for half an hour here and there. Laura slid into her seat and smiled at her best friend.

"Where is James?"

"He went off to the toilet, he shouldn't be too long and we can head back."

"What are you looking at on your phone?"

"Oh it's just a silly game I started playing." Beth cracked a grin.

Beth had recently downloaded a game on her phone, she thought it was silly to start with but she got into it and had already fallen for one of the fictional characters. It was a silly dating game with angels and demons, you chose who you would like to date and how naughty you could be with them and they sent you messages. She showed Laura it and ran over a few of the characters.

"Oh Mr demon number three looks nice." Laura laughed.

"Like I say it's just a silly game."

James came back up to the table and Beth put her phone away in her bag as she stood up and they all wandered back to the office. James gave Beth a peck on the cheek before heading back to his office. He had told Beth he didn't want to give her too much attention when at work so it didn't make anyone else think Beth was getting preference for things because they dated. Beth understood and they kept it as professional as possible.

A ping went on Beth's phone and she checked it. It was her fictional character requesting to take her out on a date. Beth had to smile as she looked over his profile, his short dark hair and stubble of a beard across his face stood out against his piercing blue eyes.

"Do I want to go out on a date with Rhydon, god of the sky? He is definitely cute, why not, it's only a silly game and I'm happy with James it doesn't mean anything."

Pressing the yes button she accepted the request.
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