Message from an Angel

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Chapter 2 The naughty Angel

Up in the heavens Rhydon had been messing about with several humans in his game. Tiivs came up to him shaking his head.

"You know you are going to get into trouble when dad finds out what you have been up to."

"What, I'm making loads of women happy."

"Into believing they are falling for you?"

"Hey it's not just me, you're in here as well."

"What... you can't just add us in there."

"Hey, you are popular, take a look."

Tiivs shook his head in frustration as Rhydon was always messing about with the humans. Taking a look at what Rhydon was doing he was shocked when he saw he had over a thousand people had logged into the game.

"You have got the demons in there as well? Do they know you are messing about with them?"

"It's only a game, and I'm sure they won't mind if they have humans wanting to date them and be naughty."

"So who are you dating in the game then?" Tiivs asked

"Someone has just accepted me to go out on a date with them." Rhydon beamed, flashing his white impeccable teeth.

"Do you look at who these people really are and how you affect them?"

Rhyden looked up from his screen, he hadn't really thought about seeing who the real people were as It was just a fantasy game, they didn't know angels and demons were real. Tiivs buried his head in his hands, Rhydon never thought about how things would affect the real people down below them. Like last time he did play a game on the gods which caused them to disrupt the earth below with thunderstorms and lightning.

"So who is this date you are going to take out?"

"She is a 26 year old female called Beth."

"Bit young for you isn't she?"

"If I was human I would be about the same age, so no she is perfect for me."

"Do you have a picture?"

Rhydon shot Tiivs a cheeky grin and brought up her picture to show him.

"Wow, she is a stunner, what's wrong with her?"

"Nothing, I think she had a boyfriend though, she is reluctant to go any further than a kiss."

"Bring her up on your screen, see what she is up to."

Tiivs settled down next to Rhydon as he brought up the real time footage of her. The clouds cleared on the screen and she came into focus. She was sitting at a desk working away, occasionally checking her phone.

"She is cute, why didn't I think about checking out all my dates in real life?"

"Because we're not allowed to."

Yet both of them sat and watched her. Rhydon sent her a message on the app and they studied her as she pulled out the phone and checked her message. Her eyes widened and she chewed on her finger as she read the message.

"What did you send her?"

"That I thought she was sexy."

"What you can't do that..." Tiivs was ready to pull his hair out.

"How not? She thinks it is just an app and none of it is real."

"Well you better not let dad find you out."

"Pffft... It's only a bit of fun."

Tiivs sighed and left him to it, he was not going to be caught up in the aftermath when Rhydon was found out. He continued to watch Beth as she pondered about the message he sent her. She had been sitting thinking in her office, ever since starting to use the app she had a couple of weeks ago she was enjoying it more and more. Now she had the gorgeous angel she had selected to "get to know" was sending her messages, making her feel good. She didn't know why some silly app was affecting her like it was. Shaking it off she got on with the rest of her work.

As her day came to an end she packed away her things and straightened up the files ready to continue them the next day. She headed upstairs as she would normally and knocked on James's office door. He shouted her in after a few seconds and Beth was a little surprised to see Laura in the office.

"Hi babe, we're just going through the plans for the valentine party." He cleared his throat.

"We were about to call you up to see what you think?" Laura moved away from James.

James pulled her down so she sat on his knee and they showed her the plans, there hadn't been much change, but they chatted about the dress code and what everyone should wear.

"Who are you bringing?" Beth asked Laura.

"Erm, not sure yet, I might end up bringing a friend."

"Well I definitely like the red and white theme for outfits. I can imagine you in a white suit looking all sexy." Beth bit her bottom lip and gazed into James's eyes.

"Right well lets pack it in for the night and head home, I'm tired."
Laura linked her arm with Beth and pulled her out of the office.

"If he is tired do you fancy a drink tonight?"

"No it's only Tuesday, and James is right, I'm tired but I was hoping to go to the gym as well so I'll head home with him.

"Okay, well the weekend is the party so we will have a good time then, we need to do some serious drinking girl, when was the last time we got really pissed?"

"I don't like to get too drunk, I always end up with a hellish headache after."

"Hey how did it go for you at the interview?"

Beth was puzzled for a second until she remembered the chat she had with Thomas in the morning, as that is what it felt like to her instead of an interview.

"Oh yeah great." Beth's mind was wondering.

James caught up with them both and linked his arm with Beth's.

"Are we ready to go home?"

"Yes, I want to go to the gym before I settle down for the night so I'll grab my bag, are you coming as well?"

"You know what, yeah that might boost my energy levels, especially after the lunch we ate."

Saying goodbye to Laura they both headed home, Beth grabbed her gym bag as James sat down.

"You know what love, I'm just going to chill here."

"Okay, you don't mind me going on my own then?"

"No, I'll see you when you get back."

Beth bent down and kissed James, his hand went up into her hair and held her as his mouth opened deepening the kiss.

"I'll see you in a couple of hours."

Beth left and walked to the gym. It was a fifteen minute walk so was a nice warm up for her. On the way she checked her phone and she had a few messages from her pretend guy. She answered them, like she was getting to know someone and it was weird but nice at the same time. He would ask her how she was doing, what she was up to, what she was wearing. The last one he sent her was cheeky she thought as he was trying to find out what kinds of underwear she liked to wear and would she show him. Laughing to herself as she thought she was being ridiculous chatting to a make believe guy. She put in a good work out at the gym and showered before leaving and walking home. She arrived and James was in the shower, he had left a plate on the side ready to microwave and heat up.

"Thanks for dinner." She shouted through the door at him.

"Thought you might need it when you came in." His muffled voice came back over the running water.

Eating her dinner she sat down to watch the tv for a little bit, catch up on the news and what was happening in the world. She had just finished her meal when her phone went again with another message.

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